Two tickets to Paris for Travellizy opening

Travellizy is online travel platform, following the launch of the unique service (featuring booking the range of services for the travellers), announces the prize draw. The winner will get an awesome prize – two roundtrip air tickets to Paris, the most romantic city in the world to spend the unforgettable Saint Valentine's Day with one's soulmate. Any person may take part in the prize drawing, regardless of the country of residence.

The participation terms are extremely simple. The only thing needed is to:

  • "Like" the official Travellizy Facebook page:
  • share drawing post to your Facebook page
  • in the comment to the post on Travellizy Facebook page specify the name of the beloved one you are going to visit Paris with (use @ tag or tag people in your post with you)
  • make your profile public for the entire time of the prize drawing

The prize drawing will be launched on November 7, 2018, and will last to December 19, 2018.

The winner will be selected on December 26, 2018 through the random picking, using service (we will specify the exact time later).

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Rules of the promotion Campaign

1. General Provisions.

1.1. The Promotional Campaign Arranger - LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY «ALB GROUP», 140/1, Lustdorfska road Str., fl. 53, Odesa, 65114, Ukraine (hereinafter - the Arranger).

1.2. Everyone wishing to take part in the Promotional Campaign "Two tickets to Paris in Tribute to the Opening" (the Campaign), should take the following steps during the Campaign Drawing period:

1.2.1. Like the official Travellizy Facebook page:

1.2.2. share this post to your Facebook page

1.2.3. in the comment to the post on Travellizy Facebook page specify the name of the beloved one you are going to visit Paris with

1.2.3. make your profile public for the entire time of the Campaign

1.3. Timelines of the Campaign shall be held without limitations of the participants' geo location from November 6, 2018 (upon placement of the campaign post on the Facebook account of the company and on the campaign landing at Two tickets to Paris for Travellizy opening to December 19, 2018, inclusive (the Timelines of the Campaign).

1.4. Participation in the Campaign is free of charge and voluntary, providing no option of receiving any prize in the monetary form. The campaign is not a lottery, nor promise of any public award, gambling or any other risk-based event.

1.5. The Campaign results shall be published on the official page of Travellizy in Facebook ( December 26 2018, not later than 7 (seven) calendar days upon the Campaign's reporting dates, as specified in these Rules.

1.6. The Campaign shall be held for the purpose of promoting airline services of Travellizy.

2. Qualifying the Campaign Participants and the Requirements

2.1. People at least 18 years old as of the date of taking part in the Campaign shall be qualified for the Campaign, subject to compliance with all the rules and terms of the Campaign.

2.2. People of any ethnic origin and confession may become the Campaign participants, provided that they have specified in their personal Facebook profile their full name in line with the passport details; namely, in line with the civil passport issued and identifying the Campaign participant in the country/region/area.

2.3. Every participant may take part in the Campaign using the only personal Facebook account to be filled according to clause 2.2. of these Rules, i.e., one Participant – one account.

2.4. The following individuals may not be qualified as the Campaign Participants and may not take part in the Campaign, regardless of compliance with the terms of these Rules: employees of Travellizy and the other legal entities taking part in preparing and holding the Campaign, as well as any other people under 18 years old as of the date of taking part in the Campaign.

2.5 The Campaign Participants for the time of the Campaign shall:

2.5.1. Comply with the requirements set forth in the Rules and regulations of the applicable laws of Ukraine;

2.5.2. Cause no deliberate inconvenience to and create no obstacles to the other participants of the Campaign. Take no actions challenging legitimacy of such Participants' participation in the Campaign;

2.5.3. The Participant of the Promotion recognizes and agrees to provide the Organizer (his contractors) with his personal data necessary to identify the Winner, as well as to issue a flight document in case of the Victory. Also, in the case of the Victory, the Participant grants free and unconditional consent to posting his own surname, name and patronymic as the Winner of the Promotion on the website and also Travellizy social networks.

2.5.4. The Campaign Participant's personal data shall be processed under the laws of Ukraine. The Campaign Participant shall entitle the Contractor (contractors of the same) to process the Participant's personal data for purpose of securing participation in the Campaign and giving the guaranteed presents, including that for the purpose of withholding and paying all the taxes and duties. Whereas, the Participant's personal data is processed in compliance with the agreement executed on the terms of these Rules, no additional consent is required for such Participant's personal data processing. The consent for the personal data use is given for indefinite term. The Campaign Participant hereby guarantees (and shall bear responsibility for) that the personal data was provided voluntarily. The Participant may revoke one's consent for personal data processing by deleting the comment under the campaign post and contacting the support service on

2.5.5. The Arranger reserves the right to reject Participants violating these Rules.

2.5.6. The Campaign Participant failing to comply with / fulfilling improperly the terms of these Rules, shall be deprived of one's right to further participation in the Campaign.

3. Definition and Description of the Campaign Prizes

3.1. The Campaign Prize shall be understood as the capability to purchase two roundtrip air tickets to Paris for 1 UAH (each) complying with next rules:

3.1.1. Purchase period of the air tickets: from December 27, 2018 to January 10, 2019.

3.1.2 Travel period: from February 14, 2019 to February 28, 2019.

3.1.3 The minimum and maximum stay in Paris: from three to seven days.

3.1.4 Class of service: economy. In the absence of an economy class, an alternative option will be offered on the indicated dates.

3.1.4 Resource for the purchase of tickets:

4. Procedure for Finding the Winner and Giving the Campaign

4.1. The Campaign Prize shall be given by the Arrangers personally or via the following means of communication with the Winner: email, Facebook messenger, phone call, subject to the Winner's location as of the date of qualifying as the Campaign winner.

4.2. The exact dates and terms fare shall be agreed directly with the Campaign winner individually.

4.3. The Prize Drawing shall be held on or before December 26, 2018, using resource The Arrangers, in order to transparently identify the Campaign winner, fixes the process of selecting the Campaign winner on video and publish it in his account. The results of determining the Campaign winner are final. The Arrangers guarantees the objectivity of determining the Campaign winner of the Campaign.

4.4. The Campaign Winner shall be the Campaign Participant whose Facebook profile is fixed in the list of people that liked the official page of Travellizy, provided that all the Campaign's terms have been complied with.

4.5. Should the Campaign Winner/s refuse to receive the Campaign Prize, though winning the right to the same, the Arranger shall at its own discretion define the way of disposing the prize. No monetary compensation shall be paid to the winner rejecting the Campaign Prize. The Arranger is not obliged to select a new Campaign Winner. In this case, the Campaign shall be deemed completed.

4.6. Once the Campaign winners are selected, the Arranger shall notify the Winners with the Messages in Facebook, by phone, email or mail notice of the prize winning and the procedure for receiving the same. Moreover, relevant information is also published in the ad-hoc section of the Arranger's website and in the Company’s social media (Two tickets to Paris for Travellizy opening,,

4.7. The Arranger shall bear no liability for failure to notify the Campaign Participants of the allocated Campaign prize, where the relevant message/notice can not be delivered to the Campaign Participant. If the relevant message/notice delivery to the Campaign Participant fails for 7 (seven) calendar days upon selecting the Campaign Winner, the Arranger shall at its own discretion define the way of disposing the prizes. No monetary compensation shall be paid to the winner. The Arranger is not obliged to select a new Campaign Winner and to retain the prize.

4.8. The Campaign Winner shall grant a permit for the personal data processing by the Arranger in the advertising purposes.

4.9. All the details of the air tickets categories (the first class, business class, economy class) shall be agreed with the Winner following the Drawing completion.

5. Other Terms of the Campaign

5.1. The Arranger shall not be liable for the Campaign Participants inability to use the Campaign Prize under section 3 of these Rules, the winner having no requisite documents or the other circumstances for the reasons beyond the Arranger's control.

5.2. The Arranger shall not be liable for inability to comply with its obligations under these Rules, should any Force Majeure apply. Such Force Majeure shall include: fires, wars, floods, epizootics, acts by governmental authorities, strikes, riots and any other events beyond reasonable control that may be neither foreseen, nor prevented under the normal course of life.

5.3. Taking part in the Campaign, every Participant of the Campaign acknowledges that he/she has learned these Rules, the IATA Rules, one's complete and irrevocable consent to the same and shall comply with the same. Any breach by the Campaign Participant of these Rules or refusal to comply properly with these Rules and/or to receive the prize shall be deemed the participant's refusal from taking part in the Campaign and receiving the prize. In this event, such person shall not be entitled to any compensation in the monetary or any other form.

5.4. Taking part in the Campaign, every Participant understands that the partner specified by the participant in the comments under the post, is the Campaign Participant, as well, and shall consent to these Rules of the Campaign.

5.5. Taking part in the Campaign, every Participant understands the process of booking the air tickets in the international booking systems.

5.6. Every Participant of the Campaign understands that the air tickets booking is effected using service, against the documents delivered for the tickets purchase, and shall be responsible for providing the participant's and the chosen companion's passports.

5.7 The winner may at one's own discretion select a partner for air flight. It may be a person other than the one specified by the winner in the social media under the post.

5.8. These Rules constitute the only official rules of the Campaign.

5.9. Should any controversies occur resulting in ambiguous construing these Rules, and/or the matters not covered herein, the final decision shall be made immediately and solely by the Campaign Arranger. Such decision of the Arranger shall be final and may not be challenged.

5.10. Taking part in the Campaign, the Campaign Participant guarantees observance of the third parties rights, subject to informing of the Campaign results with different kinds of publications at the Arranger's discretion. Should any false information be provided, the Participant shall bear liability under the applicable laws.

5.11. The Arranger reserves the right to unilaterally amend the Campaign terms. The Campaign Arranger shall be entitled to amend these Rules through placing the new wording of the rules on Website.

5.12. When holding the Campaign or upon completion of the same, the Arranger must not maintain correspondence with the possible Participants and provide explanations in the verbal or written form as regards the matters concerned with the terms of holding or any other similar matters concerned with this Campaign.

5.13. Informing of the Campaign Rules and amendments thereto shall be effected on website and via the Hot Line phone numbers (Help center) during the business hours, Monday to Friday.