Loyalty program

Travellizy loyalty program is a long-term bonus program that allows you to save on travel.

For every purchase on the Travellizy website, authorized users receive bonuses called wandermarks (w.marks).

W.marks are credited to your bonus account at the rate of 1% of the purchase amount made on travellizy.com. The amount of w.marks is rounded to entire numbers. The more often you travel with Travellizy, the more w.marks you accumulate. Bonuses can be used at the time of any purchase at your own discretion.
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What are wandermarks?

Wandermarks are conditional units that are credited after making purchases.

In the future, they act as virtual money, which you can use to pay for purchases in Travellizy platform online services (flights, hotel rooms, car rental, etc.). Bonuses cannot be received in monetary terms.

Bonuses are expressed in the internal currency called wаndermarks.

You can learn more about the w.marks exchange rate for other currencies via the link.
Silver wandermark

Silver coin


  • How to get wandermarks?

    W.marks are automatically credited after a successful payment. The option is available for authorized users of Travellizy.
  • How many bonuses do you get?

    With each payment on Travellizy website, you get 1% of the amount as a personal bonus.
  • How to check the number of your w.marks?

    Information about the number of wаndermarks is displayed in your personal account.
  • Bonus Activation

    W.marks are credited immediately, when you pay for online services provided by Travellizy platform.
  • Are wandermarks saved if your ticket is canceled?

    When returning or canceling a ticket, bonuses received as a result of this purchase will also be canceled.
  • How to use miles and wandermarks?

    Travellizy bonuses can not be summarized with bonus programs of airlines or other suppliers. However, miles will be credited at the time of purchase, if there are mile cards.
  • Payment from the bonus account

    You can pay with w.marks for future purchases on Travellizy website using them as a discount when booking air tickets, hotels and other services of our platform. To do this, you must specify the number of w.marks you want to use to pay for the order.
  • Bonus expiration date

    W.marks can be used within a year from the moment they are credited.