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What is Travellizy? is a service that helps you organize your trip "on a turn-key basis" on your own without leaving your home. Thanks to the topical and the most useful information gathered from all over the world, there is no need to look through dozens of thematic websites anymore.
Is Travellizy a travel agency?
We are not a travel agency. We do not press on you with ready-made solutions and secondary services, we do not dictate the terms and do not limit your choice. You decide, what your journey will be like. And even more! We work seven days a week and definitely have an exclusive approach to each client.
Where is the Travellizy office located?
Travellizy head office is located at Potsdamer Strasse 92 10785 Berlin, Germany . The representative offices network is spread all over the world for comfortable cooperation with our clients, agents and partners.
What countries does Travellizy work with?
We have neither geographical nor territorial borders. We work with all countries throughout the world. Now just imagine, how many tempting prospects and new horizons are opening ahead of you.
Technical issues
Is it safe to give your personal data on the Travellizy website?
Travellizy guarantees absolute confidentiality and security of your personal data when using our service.
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How to contact us?
For your convenience, several connection ways are available at in a 24/7 mode - a 24-hour chat for instant messages and consultations, phone numbers, and a mail support where you can send your suggestions and questions.
How to become a part of the Travellizy team?
Travellizy service is a treasure storage of current and useful information for travelers all over the world. If you have got unique knowledge about the sights of a particular area, you have your own hotel, restaurant or service, then you can state about yourself with Travellizy. Resumes are accepted by email
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If you have your own business in the restaurant and hotel or entertainment industry, or the tourists business, or you are the owner of a tour agency – apply to our support service. Do not miss the chance for your company to enter a new level of promotion and earnings quality. Go to the page "Partners" and contact us in any convenient way: by phone number +44 121 288 6585 or by email, where you can send your offers and questions.
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Before flight
Must have
  • Passport with validity period and type complying with the rules of entry/exit of those countries where you are heading.
  • Visa (if needed). You shouldn't forget about checking whether or not any transit visas are required.
  • Medical insurance. Take care of your travel comfort in advance. Despite the visa-free regime with some countries, the requirement to have insurance policy survived and you may be asked to show it while border crossing.
  • Fixed return date flight ticket. It's mandatory to have a proof of return ticket. It's mandatory to confirm a return ticket.
  • Hotel voucher or booking confirmation also may be asked for while passing the verification of documents.
  • Cash amount need to comply with travel expense rules of the visited country.
  • Vaccinations (if the countries of entry/exit apply such requirements or of your own accord).
Permits: For a pleasant journey with children, make sure that all necessary travel documents are available. You may need to have, besides the standard requirements (passport, visa, etc.), the birth certificate (e.g., if the parents have different surnames) as well as a notarized exit permit for the child specifying the trip details (if the child travels with one of the parents or without them). If you want to bring an unusual souvenir, it is necessary to get more specific information as to how to document such a gift to avoid misunderstandings at the customs office.
    Carefully read all the entry rules of the country you are traveling to.
Must do
Checking in for the flight is an integral part of your journey. Some airlines offer an option of checking in in advance and remotely (e.g., 72 hours prior to the departure). Directly at the airport, the registration opens in most cases 2 hours and closes 40 minutes prior to the departure. Untimely arrival at the check-in desk at the airport leads to airline's refusal from further transportation. In this case, the liability is borne by the passenger.

On-line check-in for your comfort.
If the airline offers such a service, you get a chance to choose more comfortable seats on the plane. For this purpose, all you need is to go to the “Flight check-in” tab and select the respective airline, enter the check-in details (it can be the ticket number, the surname or the booking confirmation code), select the seat and print out the boarding pass. Please note that for printing out the boarding pass at the airport, some airlines may charge an extra fee, which has to be paid before the departure, therefore, we advise you to print it out in advance. You don’t need to worry; your Travellizy team will be glad to do the flight check-in in good time and send the boarding pass to the e-mail address specified by you. Note that for certain airlines, even having the boarding pass available, it is still necessary to appear at the check-in desk at the airport and to go through some formalities, including the luggage check-in.

Check-in at the airport. Self-check-in.
You may come across special airline counters, where you can do the check-in on your own having scanned your passport and/or the boarding pass and even print out the luggage tag for transportation of your luggage. However, availability of such check-in counters depends on the airport and the specific carrier. Classical flight check-in at the airport is a check-in desk with the indication of your flight number where the airline representative welcomes you, checks your documents necessary to cross the border, issues a boarding pass and checks in your luggage.
Must know
Hand luggage.
When purchasing air tickets and opting for a certain tariff, you should pay attention to what is included in the price and whether there is a list of services paid for additionally. To expand their customer base, many airlines have introduced the tariffs allowing taking only the hand luggage on board. The requirements for such type of luggage depend on the carrier but most often, it is 1 place weighing 5 to 7 kg, the maximum size is 115 cm (55х40х20 cm) for the economy class of service and 9 to 12 kg for the business class (which depends on the specific carrier). If after paying the fare for transportation of the hand luggage only, you have nevertheless decided that you need to take the normal luggage, it is possible to arrange purchase of such a service in advance or directly at the airport before the departure. But sometimes you might be better off formalizing the purchase of this service at least 24 hours prior to the departure and our team members will be happy to help you with it.

Registered luggage.
I​f you have purchased a ticket, which price includes the luggage transportation, you can find the following designations:
  • Piece concept which means transportation of one or several luggage pieces (depends on the fare you paid and the carrier, the quantity is additionally specified in your air ticket). It should be noted that there are also weight restrictions in this case. Most often, it is a bag weighing 20 to 23 kg for the economy class of service and 32 to 40 kg for the business class.
  • Weight concept means that in your air ticket you will see the weight restriction in kilograms at once.
If your luggage has slightly exceeded the luggage allowances shown in your air ticket (the weight of one bag can't be more than 32 kg), you have an opportunity to pay in addition for the excess weight according to the tariffs fixed by the carrier or to check in an extra piece of luggage for transportation.

Luggage for the younger members of your family.
Babies and children under two years are entitled to the luggage up to 10 kg (if it is included in the air ticket price) and on top of it for the comfort of all family members, you can take with you 1 small collapsible stroller or 1 cradle or 1 baby car seat irrespective of the class of service and the tariff (also, if the ticket doesn't include free luggage allowance). Details should always be clarified with the airline of your choice. Even if you have used the services of a certain airline before, prior to departure, it is worthwhile checking whether or not the luggage transportation rules have changed.

Children of two and more years old are allowed to carry the same amount of luggage as an adult passenger.

Registered luggage.
When doing a check-in at the airport, the airline employee weighs your luggage, issues a special luggage tag (that you can track its location with, if misplaced) and accepts this luggage for transportation. Some Self-check in counters allow to weigh the luggage on your own and to print out the luggage tag automatically. In that case, you should attach the luggage tag to the handle of your suitcase and pass to the counter of luggage self-check in. Make sure that exactly your destination is specified in your luggage tag.

Packing and safety of your luggage.
For a pleasant beginning of your journey, it is worthwhile to consider packing the luggage. Such an opportunity is available at the airport for some fee which varies from one point of departure to the other. Otherwise, you can buy standard wrappers (protective covers) for suitcases in advance which will preserve cleanliness and appearance of your luggage.

Luggage and hand luggage allowance.
If you find yourself in such a situation, you shouldn't be upset; you need to clearly understand those actions which must be undertaken to resolve the matter as soon as possible. Right after you have found out, that your luggage is missing, or discovered, that it is damaged, before leaving the airport control zone, you should go to the LOST & FOUND counter. An employee of this service will help you to complete a Property Irregularity Report (PIR), inform about the terms and nuances of your luggage search, and provide the contact details. Pay attention to the code with which you will be able to keep track of your luggage. Such a procedure usually takes up to 3 days, but it depends on the specific carrier and the locality, where your luggage was delivered to.
Must check
If you doubt, whether all the necessary documents are available, whether it is necessary to vaccinate, what exactly can be carried in your luggage or any others thoughts are bothering you...
You can get the answer using the following official sources:
  • Visas, vaccines, customs office: prepare a trip for you with individual information from the IATA travel site. iata travel centre
  • Luggage: Make sure, everything is done correctly. Check the devices in the cabin and in the luggage. And in particular, study carefully everything you need to know about the dangerous goods, such as lithium batteries and electronic cigarettes. Baggage and DGR guidance
  • Are you traveling with a pet or planning to take it with you onboard? Check on the IATA website the recommendations for animals’ transportation and a special container designed for a particular kind of animal. Live animals
  • Passenger Rights. Flights delay, luggage loss or damage, refunds or changes, etc. In other words, all you need to know about your rights according to international standards. Consumer protection