Austria in April

April Weather for Austria

• April averages +12° С / humidity 74%

• highest was +20°С 

• lowest was +1°С 

• expected – +12°С

April weather is clear. There are gloomy and cloudy days, sudden rains and fogs. Night frosts are at the begging of the month. It snows sometimes in the mountains. High probability of snow breaks.


Downtime in Austria in April

April in Austria belongs to the low season. The final month for most ski resorts. Crowds of tourists thin out. Prices for skiing kit are reduced. Silence and quiet time.


April events:

• Mountain Festival of electronic music is held in early April. Location: Funzone Giggijoch, Sölden. Admission to the concert is free with a valid ski pass, price starts at € 54

• Snowbombing Music Festival in Mayrhofen runs in mid-April. Within the event: laser shows and parties. Locations:

o Racket Club on Zillertal Straße

o Arena Club at Hauptstrasse 470

o Europahaus Conference Centre at Durster Str. 225

• Ischgl Top of the Mountain Closing is on April 30. Concert is held with world celebrities. Beginning is at 1 pm. Entrance to the concert is free with a valid ski pass, price is € 115-149


 In April tourists enjoy the blues at the Vienna Spring Festival. They dance at the contemporary Dance Festival in Salzburg. Go to the ski resorts parties and events, where skiing tracks are still opened. Guests of the country take a wander through cozy streets and green squares, medieval sights and museums or the cities.


Packing List Items

In April Austria it is cozy in a thin coat or a between-seasons jacket, jeans and sneakers.

In the evenings it is better to warm up with a sweater and scarf.

Be sure to take winter clothes, sunscreen, skiglasses and sunglasses to the ski resort. 

What would you prefer: stroll through the Innsbruck manicured parks and flowering royal gardens or go snowboarding, skiing and freeriding in Zell am See, or maybe improve health on the lakes of amazing Carinthia? Make up your mind and book tickets to Austria today!