8 of the Most Unusual Colorful Beaches in the World

Is white sand and azure water enough to call the beach a paradise? Travellizy offers you an incredible journey through the most rainbow and colorful beaches of the world. Nature prepared so many amazing surprises for us!


Green Sand Beach

Country: USA

Location: Papakolea Beach, Hawaii

High season: from May to October

The nearest airport: Kahului Airport OGG

Papakolea Beach

Papakolea Beach is a true Hawaiian diamond, surrounded on all sides by rocks, and there is access to the ocean only on one side. It is located 4.5 kilometers from the southernmost point of the Hawaiian Islands. This is really a wild place, a place where you will be in private with the amazing beauty of nature. It is located in a natural protected area and is not equipped at all. Infrastructure is also not developed here, so it’s best to travel to the beach in a rented car. You need to go along the Mamalahoa Highway, and then you will see the exit to the South Point Road on the right side. Then you reach a small harbor with free parking. You should leave the car here, and there are still 4 kilometers to Papakolea Beach. You can walk on the road along the ocean on foot or take a drive with locals by car, it will cost you 10 € per round trip car.

Papakolea Beach

So why is the beach sand green? It received such a unique color thanks to chrysolite crystals. This semi-precious golden-green stone is also known as jewelry olivine, which contains iron and magnesium silicate. The ratio of these elements creates incredible shades from emerald to gold. It should be also mentioned, that taking sand from the beach is strictly prohibited. There is a strong possibility that, due to too the strong surf, sand may be eventually washed off into the ocean. Scientists say that it can happen in just some 100-150 years.

In sunny weather, the green sand of Papakolea Beach shimmers with all possible shades of emerald. On cloudy days, olivine crystals appear as golden-brown grains.


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Golden Sand Beach

Country: Malta 

Location: Golden Bay Beach, Gozo

High season: from June to September

The nearest airport: Malta International Airport

Golden Bay Beach

Golden Bay Beach, also known as Ramla Bay, is the largest sandy beach of the island of Gozo and the most unusual in the Maltese Islands. The sand on this beach has a rich orange-gold color. Ramla l-Hamra (Golden Beach) literally means red sand.

Golden Bay Beach

You can get to the island of Gozo from Malta in 30 minutes by ferry, the ticket price is 5 €.

The sea mouth is gentle, and the sand is very soft. The beach is well-appointed, you can rent a set of a chaise longue and an umbrella for 12 €. And for a delicious lunch or cocktail, go to one of the beach restaurants. Fortunately, there is plenty of them.


Red Sand Beach

Country: Greece

Location: Kokkini Paralia, Santorini

High season: from April to October

The nearest airport: Santorini (Thira) International Airport

Kokkini Paralia

Kokkini Paralia is a volcanic beach with red sand, surrounded by brick-red cliffs. It is located on the island of Santorini.

The beach is located near the archaeological site of Akrotiri. The descent to it is a bit difficult, but not very long - only 200 meters. In some places, it is necessary to wade between the stones. The observation deck in front of descent offers a marvelous view of the red beach.

Kokkini Paralia

The beach consists of copper dark red burgundy sand, because of the fact that in the composition of the soil, there is red limestone. Contrasted to the turquoise water, Kokkini Paralia looks amazing.

The beach is well-appointed, so if you want, you can rent a chaise lounge and an umbrella, the both will cost you 7 €. The sea mouth is deep, and the bottom is rocky.


Red Sand Beach

Country: USA

Location: Kaihalulu, Maui, Hawaii

High season: from April to October

The nearest airport: Honolulu International Airport


Kaihalulu is a red sand beach located on the island of Maui, the second largest in the Hawaiian Archipelago. In translation, Kaihalulu means "roar of the sea". Despite the fact that the beach is located in the bay, as well as it is protected by a coastal reef, the sea is really stormy. Red beach was formed after the eruption of the Kauki volcano. The sand got this fiery color due to the fact that it contains iron oxide, which falls here when the surrounding hills are destroyed.


Kaihalulu is located in a deserted part and can be reached by car. After driving 80 km along Hana Highway, you need to get to the signpost and you will see the beginning of the path, where you can walk only on foot. It is necessary to go down to the beach very carefully, as the path is very narrow, and it leads you through steep slopes. But you will forget about the long way, as soon as you see a wild bay with bright red sand in front of you.

Swimming on the beach is quite unsafe due to the large number of underwater rocks.

The best time to visit the beach is dawn. It is in the morning when the sun rises, the bay turns into a fabulous place.



Black Sand Beach

Country: USA

Location: Punaluu Beach, Hawaii

High season: from April to October

The nearest airport: Honolulu International Airport

Punaluu Beach

Punaluu Beach is a black sand beach located in the southeastern part of the Big Island of the Hawaiian Archipelago. In fact, the beach has no sand at all, but a volcanic basalt crumb, which was formed during the eruption of a volcano. When falling into the ocean, lava cools and crumbles into small bits and forms black sand.

This black beach is located between the towns of Pahala and Naaleh, you easily reach it by car. Entry to the beach is free.

Punaluu Beach

Punaluu Beach is not very comfortable for swimming because of the fresh underwater sources flowing in this area. Consequently, this water is always cool and it doesn't exceed 18 degrees. One of the reasons to visit this beach is two species of turtles living here: Hawksbill and Green Turtle, who can weigh up to 230 kg. Turtles are seriously endangered and protected by law. Touching turtles is forbidden, but just watching these pretty beach inhabitants is a great pleasure. Punaluu Beach is situated within a national park area, so you can get to the beach strictly from 6.00 to 23.00.


White Sand Beach

Country: Australia

Location: Hyams Beach

High season: from September to December

The nearest airport: Canberra Airport 

hyams beach

Hyams Beach is the beach with the whitest sand in the world. It is located 140 kilometers south of Sydney in the Jarvis Bay of the Australian state of New South Wales.

A beach with white flour-like sand is listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

There is no evidence of exactly how this sand got here, but scientists assume that it is brought to the shore by sea currents.

hyams beach

When going here, don't forget about sun cream and sunglasses, because the white color greatly increases eye strain.

The beach is quite wild, you will not find shops and restaurants here. But if you dream of a white sandy beach, then you will find no better place than Hyams Beach.


Pink Sand Beach

Country: Bahamas

Location: Pink Sand Beach, Harbour Island

High season: from September to May

The nearest airport: North Eleuthera Airport

pink sands beach

Pink Sand Beach is truly a fabulous creation of nature located on Harbor Island. The entire east coast of the island is one big Pink Beach. Its length is 5 km, and its width is less than 2 km. This amazing shade of sand is created by corals, shells, as well as marine organisms living on the bottom of the reefs, whose shells are painted in bright red and pink colors.

The beach is perfect for swimming, as the coral reef protects it from the surf of the ocean, which means that the water here is warm and calm. Underwater visibility can be up to 60 meters: divers come here for a closer look to enjoy the underwater world of the Bahamas.


Black Sand Beach

Country: Iceland

Location: Vik

High season: from June to August

The nearest airport: Reykjavik Keflavik International Airport


Vik Beach is located 180 km south-east of Reykjavik, near the village of Vik. Another name for the black beach is Reynisfjara.

If you rent a car, then this will be the best option to get to the beach. If not, don't be upset, since you can purchase an organized excursion in Reykjavik for 50 euros.

The sand on the beach is coal-black, big and soft like a carpet. It was formed thanks to volcanic lava from a nearby volcano.

Swimming on a black beach is uncomfortable, since the weather reaches no more than 11 degrees even in summer time here, and it always feels like damp and cool.


An incredible impression on Vik Beach is made by basalt black rocks sticking out of the water, as well as basalt columns of the Reynisfjall mountain. They were formed during the eruption of the volcano, when the hot lava cooled and froze. You should be very attentive on the beach: the waves cover the bay suddenly and you may not notice how you will be carried away into the icy water.

In 1991, Vik was included in the list of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and in 2014, it was named one of the most unusual places on the planet by one of the most famous TV companies.

vik beaches

It is hard to believe that some of these beaches are actually real. If your soul is dreaming of an exotic holiday, and the body is craving to enjoy the clear sea and hot sand - feel free to go on a journey. The world is so amazing, everything is in your hands!