On a yacht to Croatia: top places, what to expect and when to fly

Croatia is a country of thousands of islands, crystal-clear waters and dozens of magnificent bays. Travelers recommend watching the picturesque landscapes of Croatia right from the sea, the most beautiful part of it. Therefore, yachting is one of the symbols of this country. Seafarers admire the scenery of the Adriatic islands, where all new species amaze with their unique charm.


Since sailing in Croatia has its own specifics, Travellizy has calculated two convenient sailing routes, if you have one or two weeks for a holiday.


Seven days on a yacht: the coast from Split to Dubrovnik

A week is enough for a trip that starts from the city-palace of Split and ends with Dubrovnik via the nearest islands. Ancient cities and cute fishing villages will happen on your way. You will see cozy white houses on rocky shores, dense coniferous forests, quaint grottoes and mysterious coves, reflected in the water, as if in a mirror.


The Adriatic is known for its calm waters, but it is better to entrust the maneuvers around the islands to a professional. It is important to consider, that it is not allowed to stop or anchor on national parks and reserves territories of Croatia (otherwise a heavy fine awaits you), so you need to plan your route when parking in marinas, which are an hour or two from each other. It is better to plan short hikes - no more than 25 miles.


Why Split is a great place to start a journey

On the Marjan Peninsula, at the foot of the Mosor Mountains, between the Kastela Bay and the Split Channel, there is the ancient city of Split. It is the second largest city in Croatia after the capital. Walking through its streets and eating in the cozy fish restaurants, seeing the Palace of Diocletian with your own eyes and looking into the medieval temples - all this is worth spending an unforgettable day here.


Starting a journey from Split is very convenient due to the airport in the neighborhood and the largest selection of charter yachts in Croatia. Around Split, there are dozens of original islands.


Visit Dubrovnik too

Dubrovnik is considered as the center of sailing. All year round, yacht races are held here - both for beginners and professionals. For example, in August, you can catch the annual famous South Dalmatia Regatta and enjoy the view of hundreds of snow-white sails in the turquoise sea.

white sails


More places to visit in Croatia on a yacht 

In the north of the Adriatic Sea, there is a beautiful Istrian peninsula and Kvarner Bay, which you should visit during your trip. Depending on the sun light, waters off the coast of Istria play in dozens of shades - from greenish blue to deep blue. Water clarity is over 50 meters here!

It is interesting, that one of the largest Roman amphitheaters has been preserved in the main city of Istria - Pula.


Two weeks yachting. Route: Zadar - Kotor

If you are in luck and have a two-week holiday, we recommend you walk along the entire coast of Croatia, from Zadar city, which is in northern Dalmatia, to Kotor, the southern point of the country.


In Zadar, you can see a unique marine organ. Its pipes are located under the stairs of the city riverfront, and its holes, from which air flows out, go directly to the pavement. Sea water pushes air through the pipes, which creates outlandish music. Melodies are never repeated, because the sea creates sounds of new length and power every time.


The best time for yachting in Croatia

Croatia is located on one of the sunniest coastlines in Europe. Sailing is comfortable from May, but the high season is in July-August, and the cost of renting yachts increases. We recommend September for catching peaceful winds and enjoying the most out of the journey. This month is still warm, the number of tourists is decreasing, and prices for boats are going down.

You can choose a yacht from almost anywhere in the Adriatic coast. We recommend you to book a yacht in advance online from Sailica. Ferries circulate between the islands. To rent a yacht, at least one crew member must have a boating license, a certificate recognized by Croatian authorities.


What food to taste in Croatia

The visiting card of Croatian cuisine is certainly fresh fish and delicious seafood. More than 350 different species of marine life inhabit the Adriatic waters. Croatian restaurants serve delicious oysters, lobsters, navaga and pasta with cuttlefish ink.


The cost of lunch for two: 40-60 euros

By the way, if you are a fan of fishing, you can tell your captain about it, and he will direct the boat to the best fish places.


What costs should be considered on a boat trip

The average cost of renting a yacht for a company of 8-12 people is 2000-2500 euros per week. Additionally, you will have to pay for a captain and parking services in marines (approximately 30 euros per night). Also, an outboard motor, an additional gas cylinder and bed linen are paid additionally. At the end of the rental, you will have to pay for cleaning the yacht. You need to have standard travel insurance as well.


Daily expenses for a person are individual, Sailica always advises to plan spending as much money for a day, as the embassy of the country where you are going to recommends. For Croatia, this is 100 euros or 50 euros for those who have a place to stay. Many reserves and attractions of Croatia are paid, so determine in advance, which one you want to visit and how much you need to postpone.



A million-dollar trip

A yacht trip is a real relaxation for body and soul. You will not be the same after this bright adventure. The sea helps you to relax and immerse into the contemplation of landscapes. Just to catch the glare of the sun in the water, to feel the force of the fair wind stretching the sails, to hear the music of the mast and completely forget about time.