England in July

July Weather for England

• July averages +16-19°С / humidity 77%

• highest was +29°С 

• lowest was +8°С 

• expected –+17°С

In July, England is warm and sunny, but no sweltering heat. High probability of weather changing to cloudy and rainy.


Downtime in England in July

July is the height of the tourist season in England. There are a lot of tourists. The lines at the sights are long. Beginning of the beach season. Prices for flights, rooms and fun time are high. 


Events in July:

• Upfest Graffiti and Street Art Festival runs in July.

Locations in Bristol city:

o Ashton Gate Stadium on Ashton Rd  

o Tobacco Factory market on North St

o The Malago restaurant at 220 North St 

Within the event: workshops, live music, street food. Free admission

• 2-day Liverpool International Music Festival is held in July. Location: Sefton Park on Mossley Hill Dr, Liverpool. Ticket price: ~€ 12 adults, VIP ticket ~€ 29, free for children under 12Y

• 5-day Music Henley Festival falls on July. Location: Floating Stage Henley Bridge, Henley-on-Thames. Parking time at 4 pm. Beginning 6 pm. Ticket price: from ~€ 66


In July tourists stroll, ride bicycles, do rowing, sailing, windsurfing, kayaking and fishing in the National Parks of Yorkshire Dales, Yorkshire county, and Lake District, Cumbria county. In Oxford, travelers rush to find tracks of Alice in Wonderland: they buy sweets at the Alice`s Shop at 83 St. Aldates Street, and drink tea at the "Treacle Well" cafe in the village of Binsey, prototype of tea drinking event in the famous book. Beach lovers have trips on yachts and catamarans, lie in the sun, walk along the Brighton coastline. 


Packing List Items

It is comfortable in T-shirts, shorts and sandals during July days. At nights it will be warm in a pullover or jumper. 

Though rains are short-lived this period, better to have an umbrella with you.

Black Tie dress code is for the Henley Festival:

• Gentlemen: navy blue or black dinner jacket, matching trousers, white shirt, unvarnished oxford or derby shoes, knotted black butterfly with right angles

• Ladies: evening dress, with sleeves or open, high-heeled shoes.

Desire outdoor activities during your vacation? You are welcome to golf, horse riding, tennis, football and rowing. Desire slow vacation? Highway to the picturesque Cotswolds area, viewing the native English landscapes. Buy tickets to England – take time for your desires.