Five “Wow” Winter Adventures to Try in Finland

It is one of the smallest countries in the world, with little subsoil recourses and the harsh climate. At the same time United Nations’ General Assembly researches say the Finns is the happiest nation on the Earth. Locals think the possibility to enjoy the nature views is one of the happy sources: picturesque lakes, thick wooded land and unique North Lights that is the Finland key landmark.

Travellizy gathered up five “wow” winter adventures to try in Finland.


Amuse in One of the National Parks

Country of Thousand Lakes is another name of Finland. Moreover, there are 40 National parks in total. The winter in Finland is snowy: fir-trees with their white hoods on create the fancy winter arts. 

Travelers recommend visiting Riisitunturi Park. It is one of the most magnificent parks in Europe. The park is situated on the South of Lapland by the Posio town. The parkland area is 77 square kilometers.

The Riisitunturi Park lies on the mountainous areas and comes with the amazing slope bogs. Certainly try to call round one of the biggest spring-fed lakes in Europe, Kitkajarvi Lake.


One can go skiing and snowmobile in the park, take part in the deer sleigh safari, actually even to stay overnight in one of the dreamy wooden houses. They are like from some Christmas card with their meter-deep snow layer over.


The entrance to the park is free. The fare for the single room in the hotel starts from 64 euro per night.


Finland Sauna and Ice-hole

In Finland, the early snow comes in October and lays till March, so the Finns are great sauna admirers. Taking the Finland sauna is one of the must activities in the country visiting, but be ready to ice-hole after the hot running. And when there is no lake close to the sauna house, the Finns recommend… falling into the snow. 

finnish sauna

There are certain rules in the sauna house and no wonder as it is a special practice in Finn’s life. No arguing or even talking in the hot room, it is a place for relaxation and meditation. The important thing to remember: usual dry steam raises a heat level to 100 centigrade. 8 minutes is more than enough for the first time visit.


Put off all metal embroidery to be safe from the skin burn. Take the body shower but leave the hair dry. Use the loop towel to rest on the sauna shelf. Protect the head by the special hat. Try not to overeat and do not take any spirits before.


Become a Santa’s Guest

santa's village

Real Santa Claus lives in a sweet gingerbread house in Levi town. He and his little-elves are busy all the yearlong, they read the kids’ letters from all over the world. Santa not only reads the letters but also answers. By the way, the mail address of the main New Year’s Miracle Man is:

Santa Claus Main Post Office

Arctic Circle

96930 Arctic Circle

In the Santa Claus village you may have a day full of impressions: become a guest and see how Santa lives, talk to him and make a picture. Peep on the deer farm and hand gently over the cuties. Best of all is to get on the deer feeding ceremony. Santa Claus all the time treats his dear pets gathering around the giggling audience.

santa finland

Also try to drop in the Lapland History Museum, it is in the village. You will know about the Saami life features, that is Finland native people.

santa's ski

Free village entrance, walk and meeting with Santa is also of no cost. Payment is for the picture with Santa (30 euro, no use of own camera) and 25 euro is for deer sleigh rides.


Night in the Glass Icehouse and North Lights Hunting


Only in this travel, you have a chance to stay in the roundhouse with the glass ceiling, so-called igloo or icehouse. Wait in it for the North Lights Play. Some oddity for you may become the lack of showers or bathtubs in such hotel rooms. It is made so to prevent the glasses wetness which may hide the beautiful view. For the first look, igloo seems flimsy, but it is cosy and warm even in heavy frosts.

aurora borealis

North Lights Hunting is not an easy thing to do, not everyone and far from always manage to see incredible flashes on the starry sky, and no guarantees of course.

Much depends on the cloud coverage, sun place and magnetic activity. The chances are increasing in the igloo: as a rule on the reception is posted the everyday North Lights forecast. Moreover, when the North Lights dance becomes bright special beep sound alerts to the guests, it is heard in each icehouse.


Payment for the igloo accommodation is 400 euro.


Ice-breaker Voyage and Fishing


Vivid adventure is a voyage on the shipboard, which breaks the ice of the Baltic Sea. The crew supplies you with the protective overgarment and shows the best places and fantastic views. You will never forget this extreme sea trip: the full metal crashing the ice and speedy ship rocking on waves. 

Take part in the winter fishing. By the way, there is an annual competition for the biggest perch in Finland. The winner gets a new Ford car. 


The Finns go fishing in the absolute silence not to scare away the fish. But sometimes one may hear a shrill yell “Kala!” meaning that some fisherman caught the fish and pulls it to the shore, the other fishermen need to twist their lines urgently not to get in the way.

Ice-breaker Voyage will cost you 460 and 230 euro for the kid from 3 till 12 years. The four days VIP fishing tour will cost you 350-500 euro (price includes accommodation, transfer, boat and tackles rent).