Flight with a child: rules for comfortable travelling

Only fifteen years ago, people preferred to take their child on a journey from the age of three. Modern parents actively fly with babies and even send their children on their own to a foreign camp. All this is possible thanks to the improved service on board the aircraft.


The plane is considered to be the safest mode of transport, although many parents are afraid of flying with their children, as they think that it is difficult and inconvenient. Travellizy declares: it is not. Our life hacks will help you to relax at the height and to perceive the flight with the same pleasure as the baby does.


Take note of current flight rules and our tips on how to travel with children without problems for yourself and others.


Flight Rules

A baby up to 2 years old is listed in aviation terminology as Infant, and special rules apply to this type of passenger.

In the first 48 hours of life, carriers prohibit transporting a newborn, and in the first week after birth, it is not recommended to take a baby on a plane. But they will make concessions for you, if the certificate from the doctor states that the flight is not harmful for your little chap's health.


Babies don't occupy a separate seat. He (or she) is usually in adults' hands (it's called “lap child” or “infant in arms”) and is fastened with a special belt. The ticket in this case will cost only 10% of the full fare, or you may ask to pay the fixed infant fee charge. On domestic flights, babies can often fly for free.


On board, you can be offered a special chair (a child safety car seat) for children up to a year and weighing up to 12 kilograms. It is necessary to warn, that you need it, in advance. Only during takeoff and landing, a baby will be in parents' hands, the rest of the time can be spent in a child safety car seat.


Starting from two years old (with the status "Child"), the child is entitled to own place.


There must be one accompanying adult for each child. From five (in some airlines from seven) years old, a baby can fly without an adult, but under the supervision of an airline employee. This service is paid and ordered 48 hours before departure time. Make sure to specify in the application, what language your child speaks.



Flight with a child: useful tips

If your ears hurt

During takeoff and landing, a baby may complain about ear pain. This is due to a sudden change in pressure. To help avoid unpleasant sensations, offer your child a drink — a bottle of water or juice will help babies, a cup or drinker is for older children.


What children can eat on board


By the way, despite the restriction of liquid transportation, it is allowed to take bottles of water, juice or breast milk for children on the plane. Put food for your child  into a separate package and inform the security about it during the inspection.


How to take a stroller on a trip

Any airline allows to have strollers on the plane, and most of them will do it free of charge. Each airline sets its own rules. It depends on the weight, size and folding method of the stroller, where would it go - into the luggage compartment or into the cabin.


As a rule, you will get your stroller after landing at the plane ladder, if you have warned the flight attendant in advance. In some cases, you can get the stroller on the baggage tape or on the rack for non-standard baggage.


How to avoid stress during the flight with a child

Choose morning flights. As a rule, children are calmer in the morning. Even if you are against gadgets, use them during the flight. Pre-loaded cartoons on your tablet perform miracles.


When checking in for a flight, if possible, do not let anyone sit next to you. Actually, feel free to ask for help. You'd be surprised, when you find out, how many responsive people are around. Ask a neighbor to switch seats. Ask a stewardess to heat up water for food.

security check

Check in for the flight as early as possible - you will get the best seats and avoid the queue. Don't hesitate to ask people to let you be the first at the customs control.


How to change baby’s diapers in an airplane

There are changing tables in the toilets of planes for long-haul flights. At airports, as a rule, there is a mother-and-child room, where they can feed a baby and change a diaper.

changing room

Figure out, what activity to give your child during the flight. It can be coloring, board games. Some airlines have special sets of games for small passengers. Thus, the child will remember the journey as a fascinating adventure.


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