Georgia in February

February Weather for Georgia

• February averages +6/+9°С / humidity 71%

• highest was +26°С 

• lowest was -14°С 

• expected – +8°С

It gets a little warmer in February: the sun shines more often. The mountains are sunny, snowy and frosty. It is cold and damp on the coast, drizzling rain.


Downtime in Georgia in February

February high season goes on at the ski resorts. There are few tourists in cities. Prices for outdoor activities in the mountains are coming down by the end of the month.


Events in February:

• Lamprob high-day is celebrated 10 weeks before the Easter Christian holiday, usually in February. It is an Orthodox holiday in honor of St. George the Victorious.

As part of the event: holy processions to the cities’ churches in Svaneti, a bonfire in the courtyard of the churches, set tables, nightlong toastings. Free admission

• Maslenitsa holiday runs a week before Christian Lent, often in February. Location: on the main streets of all cities in the country. 

As part of the event: fairs, exhibitions, jolly songs, dances, games and delicious pancakes. Free admission


February in Georgia is time for ski resorts, such as Goderdzi, where tourists go freeriding, ice skating, sledding and snowmobiling, horseback riding and exploring the surroundings, paragliding and participating in heli-tours. In cities, guests of the country get acquainted with colorful national traditions and visit Georgian sights. Big time is for the balneological resorts of Shovi and Akhtala.


Packing List Items

Georgia in February requires: a winter twist, hat and gloves.

A lot of houses in Georgia are poorly heated, to a guesthouse one needs pajamas, socks and slippers, rubber slaps for the shower.

To the ski resort take: ski suit, thermal underwear, socks, boots, waterproof gloves, balaclava, hat, sunscreen and glasses.

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