Georgia in July

July Weather for Georgia

• July averages +22-27°С / humidity 70%

• highest was +40°С 

• lowest was +12°С 

• expected – +22°С

It is warm, but not too hot in July. It is cool at nights with a light winds and rare summer rains. In the coastline is hot, the sea water is warm. It’s cool in the mountains, and stuffy in the cities.


Downtime in Georgia in July

July in Georgia is the height of the tourist season. There are many visitors on the country's beaches, despite the scorching sun. Accommodation prices are the highest for the whole year.


Events in July:

• Authentic Kvirikoba Holiday falls on July 27-28. Location: Kala village, Svaneti region. 

Within the event: a church service, after which begins a generous tableful with many-voiced Georgian singing. Free admission

• 7-day Art-Geni Festival runs in mid-July. 1-day ticket costs ~€ 7, 7-day ticket costs ~€ 22. 

Location: Ethnographic Open Air Museum at 25 M. Berdzenishvili Str, Turtle Lake Road, Tbilisi city. 

Within the event: folk compositions of different regions of the country, performances of famous Georgian musicians, exhibitions and leisure areas

• International Art Folk Festival is in late July. Location: State Musical Center of Batumi on Odissei Dimitriadis Street. 

Within the event: songs and romances, folk dances, craft exhibitions.


July in Georgia is for a beach time and boat trips in Batumi, Sarpi and Kobuleti towns, for health improvement at the thermal resorts of Borjomi and Nabeglavy towns. Tourists skillfully combine original culture insight, beach relaxation and sightseeing programs, visiting the famous karst caves of Tskhaltubo. Camping, jeep tours, and mountain biking are popular in the mountains. A lot of travelers join the helicopter and gastronomic Sakartvelo tours.


Packing List Items

In July it will be comfortable in summer T-shirts, dresses, shorts and sleeveless vests, also one needs a cap or panama.

To boat ride, take: a towel, a swimsuit / swimming trunks, sunglasses, sunscreen and sun hat.

To the mountains dress autumn-like: a windbreaker, closed shoes and extra-long trousers.

Feel lost in the Tbilisi Old City and come across a real waterfall or stumble upon an unusual crisscross building and be surprised to know that is Rezo Gabriadze Theater! Tasting wines with Georgian cheeses and later singing Georgian songs in karaoke – this is the best way to cloud nine! Buy tickets to Georgia – you will be right in time for a feast!