Georgia in March

March Weather for Georgia

• April March averages +9-11°С / humidity 71%

• highest was +26°С

• lowest was -1°С 

• expected – +10°С

In March the weather is changeable: cloudy, cold and windy, few sunny days, frosts. It often snows with rain. Strong winds, heavy rains and the Kura River overflows in the capital.


Downtime in Georgia in March

March in Georgia is the off-season period. No tourist inflow. The ski season runs on in the mountains, the tracks are covered with fluffy snow. Prices for holidays in ski and balneology resorts are reduced. Nice discounts for excursion programs.


March events:

• Mother's Day is on March 3. Concerts and exhibitions are organized at the main squares of the cities. Free admission

• Sounds of Georgia – music in Tbilisi yards project is held in March. Duration: 40 minutes. Ticket price: ~€ 7 adults, 6-12Y ~€ 3, free for kids up to 6Y. 


o Tbilisi courtyard at the corner of 2 Turgenev str. and 37 Javakhishvili str. Every Wednesday at 5 pm

o Wine cellar at 9 Agmashenebeli Ave, New Tiflis, Wine Station Tbilisi. Every Saturday at 5 pm

o Tekla Batonishvili Garden at 10 Irakli II str, Tekla Palace Hotel. Every Friday at 5 pm 

o Sun-lounge with panoramic views at 2 Dutu Megreli str, Europe Square, Wine Rise, Hotel "Nata". Every Thursday at 5pm


March is time for mountain resorts of Goderdzi, Bakuriani and Gudauri. On rainy days tourists get acquainted with the religion and architecture of the country by car, visiting museums, theaters, exhibitions and concerts. Travelers join tastings and learn about wine making technologies in the Batumi Old Wine House. Guests of the country take part in khinkali and khachapuri workshops. They enjoy spending time at the Georgian tableful with the host.


Packing List Items

In March one needs: a windbreaker, a sweatshirt and warmed boots. Better to have an umbrella with you.

To mountains take: thermal underwear, fleece jacket, hat, scarf, ski suit and boots.

Dress sporty on the tours.

There are many temples in Georgia. Mind: women should cover their heads with a scarf to enter.

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