Georgia in spring

Spring Weather for Georgia

• Spring averages +11-18°С / humidity 70%

• highest was +36°С 

• lowest was -1°С 

• expected – +18°С

Spring to Georgia comes in late March, when it gets much warmer and gardens are blooming. Frosts are possible in the mountains until the end of May; snow melting begins in the middle of the season.


Downtime in Georgia in Spring

Spring in Georgia is an off-season and low time. There are more tourists by the end of May. Fair prices for housing. Sightseeing tours and thermal spas gain the most popularity.

On March 3 – Mother's Day is a day off for general population: schools and most businesses are closed. 


Yoga tourists love Georgia and turn the country into a platform for workshops. Their favorite places are:

• Guli Mountains with the peak of Ushba, which is the most beautiful in the world

• One of the highest settlements in Europe is Ushguli village

• Beaches with magnetic sands in the village of Ureki

• Stepantsminda settlement, which is located directly at the foot of Mount Kazbek 

The average cost of a yoga tour is ~€ 600 for 8 days

Eco-tourists rush to the greening national parks of the country:

• Algeti National Park. Places of interest: the ancient Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Kldekari and Birtavi fortresses, Didgori Valley – the battlefield.

Location: Manglisi townlet. Free admission

• Borjomi – Kharagauli National Park. Places of interest: forest, ponds, rivers and waterfalls, 8 viewing platforms, 4 tourist shelters for the night, places for tents, picnics and campfires. 

Location: central part of Georgia, the region of the Lesser Caucasus. Overnight in the park costs ~€ 1 per day 

• Kintrishi National Park. Places of interest: forests, rivers, lakes and waterfalls, arched bridges: Kobalauri and Chkemovani, Nunnery. 

Location: Kobuleti town, Adjara region. Free admission

A lot of tourists choose monastery trips in Georgia:

• Vardzia is a cave monastery sight of the 12th-13th centuries, located in southern Georgia, in Javakheti historical province. Opening hours: daily 10am - 7 pm. Free admission

• Gelati medieval monastery of the Blessed Virgin not far from the Kutaisi city. Opening hours for tourists: daily 10am - 6 pm, Monday is day-off. Free admission

• Jvari is a monastery of the 6th century, stands on the rocky mountaintop at the confluence of the Mtkvari and Aragvi rivers, overlooking the town of Mtskheta. Opening hours: daily 8 am - 8 pm. Free admission


Tbilisi Young Wine Festival takes place in May. Location: Mtatsminda Park. Free admission.

As part of the event: wine tastings of big wineries and family wine cellars, entertainment program.

Those who failed to get to the wine festival in Tbilisi – taste Georgian wines in the wine cellars:

• The wine cellar of the ‘Khareba’ winery is in the rocks of the Caucasus Range. Address: Meurneoba region, Kvareli city. Tasting price is ~€ 4

• Chubini wine cellar. Address: Shilda village. Tasting price is ~€ 7

• Iago's Winery. Address: Chardakhi village, Mtskheta. Tasting cost is ~€ 9.5 

Rainy days travelers spend in the museums:

• Moma Tbilisi. Opening hours: daily 11 am - 9 pm, Tuesday is day-off. Ticket price is ~€ 2.5. Address: 27 Shota Rustaveli Ave., Tbilisi city

• Adjara Art Museum. Opening hours: daily 11 am - 6 pm, Monday is day- off. Ticket price is ~€ 1. Address: 8 Zurab Gorgiladze str., Batumi city 

• Chavchavadze House Museum. Opening hours: daily, 11 am – 9 pm, Tuesday is day- off. Ticket price is ~€ 1,5 and ~€ 7,5 with a guide and wine tasting. Location: at the entrance to the Tsinandali village, Telavi city direction, to the right of the highway


Packing List Items

In early spring, warm clothing is up to the minute: a waterproof jacket, jeans, sweatshirts with long sleeves and warm shoes.

In the middle of the season it will be comfortable in a windbreaker with a hood, a sweater with a V-neck, with a shirt or blouse under it; no heels waterproof shoes.

By the end of the season, feel free to take capri pants, a T-shirt, a panama hat and sunglasses.

Always carry an umbrella or raincoat.

To the mountains dress warmer: bring a sweater, hat and snood with you.

Buy tickets to Georgia to get wine tastings clue and no longer try thin wines, to receive the soul philosophy and sincerely toasting workshops, and later make plans for the next trip to the country of mountains and yearn for Sakartvelo!