German Weather in September 

• September averages +19° С / humidity 80%

• highest was +27°С 

• lowest was +13°С 

• expected – +20°С

Germany is warm in September. There are rains in the western part of the country. Autumn-like coldness comes by the middle of the month. Strong winds on the coast of the North Sea and the Baltic.


Downtime in Germany in September

First half of September is calm: tourist flow is reduced, the same as the prices for accommodation and services. High season comes again with the Oktoberfest – prices show an upward tendency, there are a lot of tourists. Time of the velvet season.

Do not miss the September holidays in Germany:

• Wine festivals in early September:

 Wine Festival in Stuttgart. Locations: Marktplatz, Schiller-Platz, Kirch-Strasse. Opening at 6 pm in the Old Castle at Schillerpl 6

 Wurstmarkt in Durkheim. Location: Sausage Square. Free admission

• Yearly 16-day Oktoberfest in Munich runs in late September. Location: Theresienwiese in the center of Munich.

Tent entrance fee starts at ~€105, VIP seats ~€205, the price covers: 1-2 liters of beer and a snack. Price for 1 liter of beer ~€ 8-12

o You can get into the tents and take a table from 7 am or book online in advance. Beer is available only for those who sit at the table

o Holiday procession starts at 11 am from Josef-Spital-Straße to Theresienwiese

o Official opening is at 12 pm in the beer tent of Schotenhamel Festzelt

o Snacks discounts are available on Tuesdays till 7 pm


In September tourists are engaged in beach sports, cycling along the coast, fishing. Enjoy spa treatments at thermals. Participate in noisy German festivals, visit the famous beer restaurant Hofbräuhaus, stroll along the historical centers of cities.


Packing List Items

In September it is better to have with you: a demi-season jacket, a sweater and t-shirts, sneakers and sandals, sunglasses and umbrella.

To the Oktoberfest take warm waterproof clothes, as there is always the likelihood of rain, do not forget a passport or driver's license, pack all things in a small handbag – entry with backpacks and large bags is prohibited.

To have a wine tasting or gladly to drink beer in a huge cheerful company, and paying no attention whether it is raining outside – it is possible in September! Feel free to book tickets to Germany!