Germany in winter

German Weather in Winter 

• Winter averages +3° С / humidity 90%

• highest was +18°С 

• lowest was -23°С 

• expected – +3°С

It is windy, snowy, frosty and sometimes rainy in German winter. The warmest is in the northern areas, the coldest is in the east of the country. January is the coolest month with icy roads and temperature drops. 


Downtime in Germany in Winter

The high season in Germany starts closer to Christmas and lasts until mid-February. Ski season is opened. January White Sales time. Prices for amusement are high.


Tourists visit the magical Christmas markets in December:

o Emder Engelkemarkt – water market in the Emden old harbor, in northern Germany 

o Weihnachtsmarkt in der Ravennaschlucht – located in the gorge near the Schwarzwald city in Baden-Württemberg

o Weihnachtsmarkt Dießen am Ammersee – medieval market in Dissen, Bavaria 

Travelers choose sightseeing tours on buses while the weather is bad. There are 2 main companies in the country:

o City Circle Tour Sightseeing. Price starts at €20 

o Sightseeing Hop-On Hop-Off. Price starts at €19

Popular Berlin tours are:

o Sightseeing. 2 days – €24 

o Fashionable blocks. 1 day – €15 

o Combined tours. 3 days – €35 


o 19 languages Audio guide +children's channel

o Traffic interval 10-15 minutes

o Full range of excursion ~2 hours

o On and off anytime, as many times as you need and at any time.


Fans buy tickets for the Berlin International Film Festival in February. Online booking charges extra €1.5. Ticket selling by the following addresses: 

o Mall ‘Potsdamer Platz Arkaden’ at Alte Potsdamer Str. 7

o Cinema ‘Kino International’ at Karl-Marx-Allee 33

o Theater ‘Haus der Berliner Festspiele’ at Schaperstrasse 24

o Car dealership ‘Audi City Berlin’ at Kurfürstendamm, 195

Most rush to the exclusive ski resort of Berchtsgaden. Skating areas: Jenner, Rossfeld, Gutshof, Obersalzberg and Hochschwarzeck. Pistes of different complexity, including:

o International level trails for pre-Olympic training

o Trails for lovers of flat skiing

o Fan park and a natural half pipe for snowboarders in Rossfeld

Prices: 6-day long all areas ski-pass– €115, 1 area per 1 day – €13

Visit country in carnivals sake. Preparations for the event begins on November 11th at 11:11 am. The main events fall on the week before the Lent and begin on Thursday. 

The biggest carnivals are held in Koln and Munich. The program of events is about the same:

o Festive processions through the main streets of cities. Free admission. Seats in the stands cost €55- €175

o Fancy-dress balls and parties. Admission fee starts at €6


Packing List Items

To German winter pack warm clothes: gloves, hat, snood, waterproof winter jacket, sweater, pants and steady shoes.

To the ski resort one needs: sunscreen, not to burn on the slope, sunglasses with UV protection, a hat with a windstopper, anti-fog ski goggles and mask.

In mountains always have with you: ski insurance to get timely help if necessary; a skiing scheme; some protein bars and container with a drink, for example, tea with sugar or coke

In the bus sightseeing tour, mind it is warm in the bus and better to take off outerwear; fetch appropriate medicines in case of motion sickness; it is always good to have antibacterial wet wipes. 

Winter is a time to find your own story, which can be on the snowy slopes or in the carnival crowd, in Rothenburg ob der Tauber – the most Christmas city or in amazing medieval castles. Juice up – buy tickets to Germany today!