Halloween: let's fly to Europe for the most creepy holiday of the year

The Internet is already full of news about the most terrible parties and events. Ghosts and zombies pick up their terrifying looks and are ready to scare you to goosebumps. Welcome to the horror holiday called Halloween.

Travellizy will tell you, where October 31 will be truly creepy.


Romania: fun on the arm of Dracula

Romania is perhaps the most mystical country in Europe. Halloween in Romania is called New Year of the Vampires. Here is the castle of Count Dracula himself. How do you feel about spending the night of horror in the castle of one of the most popular vampires? Bran Castle (aka Count Dracula's Castle) invites guests to visit a costume party dedicated to Halloween. This year, celebrations will be held on November 2, beginning at 7 o’clock in the evening. It all starts with a tour of the castle, where children can also participate. And from 9 pm, celebrations turn into a grand party with a disco, where the entrance is strictly for 18+. The ticket price, which includes a tour of the castle + a slumber party is 38 euros.


How to get there from Bucharest. Count Dracula's Castle is located in Brasov. You can reach it from Bucharest by train IC and InterCity. Trains run from 6am to 10pm. Interval of movement is 2 hours. By a high-speed train, the journey takes 2 hours 30 minutes. Ticket price is 11 euros.


Czech Republic: a provocative party where only adults are allowed

Prague. Halloween cannot be called a European holiday, nevertheless it fits perfectly into the Gothic interiors of the Czech capital. Every year, on November 1, a large-scale procession called Prague Parade of Ghosts takes place in the city. This is a parade of witches, devils, monsters, mermen and other evil spirits. Loud festivities, accompanied by screaming and yelling, start from Charles Bridge and head to Kampa Island.

czech republic

On October 31, many clubs in the city throw parties, whose guests dress up in costumes of ghosts, villains and fantastic characters. The main party of not only Prague, but also the whole Czech Republic is called Bloody Sexy Halloween. It will be held on November 1 and 2. This is the country's biggest Halloween party. It gathers more than 5,000 thousand thrills every year. Ticket prices start at 10 euros.


Poland: All Saints Day by all rules

Krakow. Having visited one of the Polish cities, in the first week of November, you will get on two holidays. The first of them, of course, Halloween, is celebrated on October 31 -1 November. The city hosts theme parties and events. In Krakow, the main square hosts the Halloween Jazz Festival. Young people dress up in evil spirits. Restaurants and houses are decorated with pumpkins. The second holiday is All Saints Day. The Poles are faithful to their traditions and the All Saints Day in the Catholic Church is considered to be a very important holiday, no less significant than Christmas and Easter.

all saints day

On November 1, the country has a public holiday. In the morning, Poles attend church services, and after them, they gather for a celebration with their families.  On this day, it is customary to visit the graves of deceased loved ones. They put a special candle in a flask called znicz on the graves. Candles are also lit in the city. All this looks impressive.


Hungary: the scariest riverboat parties

Budapest. Hungarians celebrate Halloween magnificently. Preparation for the holiday begin a week in advance. The city is decorated with pumpkins, theme fairs are held. In stores, special offers of fancy dress, masks and makeup start. In Budapest, at the Belvarosi Piac market, master classes are held with the theme “How to gut and cut a pumpkin for Halloween”.


On the night of October 31, a carnival and a costume contest take place in the city center, at the Ferris wheel. Even from the Danube, there are terrifying screams and laughter. The motor ships, which host themed parties, ply on holiday. Restaurants and bars offer a pumpkin menu, while the interior is decorated with scary pumpkins.


Germany: party at Frankenstein Castle

Frankfurt The Germans are very fond of celebrating Halloween brightly. The grandiose performance takes place at night, on October 31, at Frankenstein Castle, and this is the largest Halloween party in Europe. It annually collects about 20,000 visitors. The castle is decorated with stuffed animals, werewolves and witches meet guests at the entrance. They offer a guided tour of the dark dungeons of the castle. The tour is accompanied by a light and sound show. Later, you can visit the performance, and when you get hungry, you can relax in the bar located in the castle. Opening days: from October 27 to November 3. Opening hours: daily from 9:00 to sunset. Performances and ticket prices can be viewed on the castle's official website.


How to get there from Frankfurt. Frankenstein Castle is located in Darmstadt, 38 km away from Frankfurt. You can travel by Rb train, the ticket price is 16 euros. Travel time is 20 minutes.


Austria: evil procession in Vienna

Vienna. On November 1, the Austrians celebrate a Christian holiday called All Saints Day. A public holiday is announced. Halloween is not forgotten here. Houses, shops and restaurants are decorated with pumpkins. And on the night of November 1, children want to go home demanding sweets with the phrase “Süßes oder Saures”, which in translation means “Trick or treat”. In Vienna, in the territory of the Prater amusement park, there is a large costume parade. The grandiose procession of evil spirits that has become a tradition ends near the Statue of Basilio Calafati. At the end of the celebration, the Black Empress sets fire to a Calafati straw doll. On Halloween days, pumpkin festivals take place across the country. And the largest of them is in Vienna; it is held annually in the 19th district. The exact location: Lebensbaumkreis Am Himmel , 1190 Wien, Himmelstraße 125 Ecke Höhenstraße.


Halloween traditions are quite interesting. They contribute to fun and at the same time to horror. This vivid experience is definitely worth the risk of succumbing to the general mood and spending the night on Halloween, so that it will be remembered for a long time!