Italy in January: weather, events, recommendations

Weather in January in Italy

- January averages is +8°С / humidity 76%

- highest was +18°С in 1954

- lowest was -6°С in 1963 

- expected – +9°С

Italy is cold and damp in January. The northern regions are covered with snow; in the southern regions are frequent fogs, rains and sea chilling winds. The landscapes in the cities are grey and dull. It is bright, sunny and fresh in the mountains.


Downtime in Italy in January

January in the Italian cities is a low time, with reduced prices for accommodation. Mind a number of tourists’ infrastructures have shortened working day, and some are completely closed. The ski season is at white heat with high prices.

Museums and popular tourist places are closed on January 1. 

Events and holidays of the month:

- Epiphany is celebrated throughout the country on January 6. In Florence actualize the Magis’ arrival to the Holy Family by the Magi Equestrian Procession. The procession passes through the streets of the old town, starting on the Signoria Square.

- Winter sales start on the first Saturday of January. Best shopping is in Rome, Milan, Rimini and Florence

- Private function Men's Fashion Week in Milan takes place in mid-January. Held in various locations

january italy

Italy in January attracts by its snow-covered slopes and hot healing springs. Some tourists still choose excursion programs. The bulk of tourists come to the shopping.


Packing List Items

In January better pack a thin down-padded coat, an umbrella or a raincoat, waterproof high boots, a hat, a scarf and gloves.

Ski resort visiting requires: thermal underwear, thermal socks, two pairs of waterproof shoes, shoe dryer, ski jacket and pants, natural wool hat, protective glasses and sun glasses, snood, waterproof gloves and ordinary mittens, thermo cup, waterproof case for a smartphone.

Provide medicine box with remedies for sprains and strains.

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