Italy in July: weather, events, recommendations

Italy Weather in July

- July averages is +30°С / humidity 68%

- highest was – +45°С in 2011г

- lowest was – +20°С in 1968 г

- expected– +32°С

In July the sun shines brightly. The sweltering heat begins; only the sea breeze and cool evenings recover. 


Downtime in Italy in July

In Italy the peak season falls on July: the city rhythm is increasing, crowds of tourists precipitate sights and prices rise to their highest.

july italy

Visit exciting holidays and festivals in July:

- On July 1, in Gradar, a gastronomic feast Tasty Summer. The day menu in local restaurants for € 15 each Wednesday

- In Verona at Piazza Bra 1, Arena di Verona Opera Festival goes on. Ticket price starts at € 40

- July 6, in Rimini, a Pink Night on the entire length of the beach. Free admission to open-air parties 

- On July 15, Testaccio Village Music Festival starts in Rome. Concert Hall “Auditorium” at Via Pietro de Coubertin 30. Admission price is € 17

July in Italy means the beach season: starting at diving and surfing up to cocktails on the beach and dances until the morning light. A long-awaited shopping spree starts. Most stand tourists still choose the excursion tours.


Packing List Items

In addition to T-shirts, swimsuits, light shoes and sunglasses, include to the July list: light clothes with a long sleeve, sunscreen and a headwear.

And yes! It is better to take two sunscreens; one obviously will not be enough.

If you are not used to scrimp on vacation, like sales and fun parties on the beach – right time to book tickets to Italy!