Venice in August

Venice Weather in August 

- August averages is +28° С / humidity 65%

- highest was +42°С in 1965 

- lowest was +21°С in 1978 

- expected – +29°С

August is hot and stuffy. It is comfortable in the shade and warm in the evenings. Frequent heavy rains with thunderstorms. The water in the channels runs low.


Downtime in Venice in August

The Venice high season goes on in August. There are crowds of tourists. Less travelers in the afternoon. Prices are high.

A lot of small stores, restaurants and bars are closed for summer holidays from August 15 until the end of the month.

August holidays and events:

- Orthodox and national Ferragosto holiday is on August 15. Festivities in the central streets. In the evening, a concert at the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta on the Torcello island. Free entrance 

- Beginning of the Venice Film Festival falls on late August. Main location: Palazzo del Cinema di Venezia, Lido Island. Ticket price starts at € 5


August is time to enjoy Italian music, to ride the gondolas, feel the air of St. Mark's Square, relax on the beaches. Within the framework of the Biennale festival – explore the architectural pavilions and visit cinemas.


Packing List Items

In August you need: summer clothes, sunglasses, a swimsuit, comfortable shoes, sunscreen, a hat and a mosquito repellent.

Also get a rainmac or an umbrella.

Backpack is better for a suitcase – a lot of bridges in Venice are with ladders and no lifts in the houses.

If you are not afraid of the exhausting heat time with the crowds of tourists and want to get to the famous Film Festival – buy tickets to Venice even today!