Venice in summer

Venice Weather in Summer 

- Summer averages is +28° С / humidity 70%

- highest was +45°С in 1994 

- lowest was +8°С in 1987 

- expected – +30°С

Summer is hot since the second half of June. It is clear and cloudy. Sweltering heat declines by the end of August. It is comfortable in the shade. Rain showers with thunderstorms are typical for the whole season.


Downtime in Venice in Summer

Summer in Venice is a high season. It is difficult to walk outside because of the crowds. The day-trippers leave the city in the afternoon and it becomes less hasty. Long lines to attractions. Beach season on the Venetian Riviera. Prices are high.

Republic Day is a national holiday on June 2. A lot of stores, museums and restaurants are closed or have modified hours.

Contemporary Dance Biennale runs at the end of June. Ticket price starts at €5. Free short dance productions go on in the open-air zone on Via Giussepe Garibaldi. Locations:

- Alla Tese Theater at Calle Larga Rosa, 77

- Tese dei Soppalchi at Sestiere Castello Campo della Tana, 2169 / F 

- Piccolo Arsenal Theater at Campiello Tana, 2161

International Theatre Festival goes over in late July – early August. Ticket price starts at € 10. Locations:

- Teatro Goldoni at San Marco, 4650 / B 

- Ca’ Giustinian at San Marco 1364 / A 

- Teatro Piccolo Arsenale at Campiello Tana, 2161

The opening of the Venice Film Festival on the Lido island is in late August. Ticket price starts at € 5. Locations:

- Palazzo del Cinema di Venezia at Lungomare Marconi 30126

- PalaBiennale at Via Sandro Gallo 86

- Sala Darsena at Via Candia 18

For sea time tourists choose the beaches:

- On Lido island:

-- public beaches of San Nicolò, Alberoni and Bluemoon

-- Spiaggia des Bains is a popular beach. Entrance fee is ~€25, price covers an umbrella and two beach chairs 

- On Pellestrina Island: eastern shore of the island is a long and wild beach with no infrastructure

- On Sant Erasmo island is located a popular place for Venetian – a public beach, by the river tram stop

Venetian rowing workshops on wooden boats for beginners are especially popular. Prices:

- 2 participants – €60 per person

- 3 participants – €56 per person

- 4 participants – €50 per person

Excursions are always in demand:

- Sightseeing tour starts at ~€ 20, duration 2 hours

- Excursion on unusual places starts at €40, duration 1-2 hours


Packing List Items

In summer Venice, you need a light wardrobe: summer skirts, shorts, T-shirts, no-hill shoes, sunglasses, sunblock, a swimsuit and a hat, an umbrella or a raincoat.

A jacket for water riding in the evenings.

Casual style is recommended for visiting the Biennale events.

For Venetian rowing workshops wear comfortable shoes, light clothing with long sleeves and a hat.

Summer is an amazing time for combining a beach holiday, a guided tour along the Floating City and visit world-famous events. Book tickets to Venice today – become a Biennale part!