Where to go for the weekend: a romantic walk in Vilnius

Would you like to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, change the scenery and breathe in a piece of happiness called travel? For this, it is not necessary to plan such a long-awaited vacation. Arranging an unscheduled weekend and collect memories that will be kept for a lifetime is an amazing idea!

The Cathedral Square

One of the best destinations for making this dream come true is definitely Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania. The flight cost to Lithuania is quite budgetary, it takes not long to get there. Vilnius offers a wide variety of hotels for every taste and budget. Vilnius is rightfully considered the most affordable capital of all the Baltic countries.

Vilnius, Lithuania

Don't miss the opportunity to plunge into the amazing atmosphere of a mosaic city that combines the best features of all European capitals. Vilnius offers its guests an unforgettable walk through quiet medieval streets with magnificent Baroque facades, countless cathedrals and museums. Joyful celebrations and festivals are often held here. It is the city with the largest historical center in Europe.


Where to stay

The choice of hotels in Vilnius is huge. If you are planning a budget trip, you can stay at a hostel. Prices for a double room in a hostel located in the very center of Vilnius start from € 15 per day. For those who love comfort and chic, city hotels offer 5-star rooms with a cost of 80 € per day. It is also possible to book apartments, prices for renting a cozy apartment start from € 25 per day.

Old Town Of Vilnius


Where to eat

Food prices in the Lithuanian capital are also very reasonable. This applies not only to products on store shelves, dining in a restaurant here can also be budgetary. Lunch at an inexpensive cafe will cost you € 7. For fast food lovers, the price tag is even more pleasant: bagel costs € 3, kebab - € 3, kibinas (pies) - € 1.5. You will pay € 2 for a cup of cappuccino, and € 2.2 for a glass of beer. We would also like to point out that local supermarkets have excellent cooking sections.

vilnius sausages


What to try

Lithuanian cuisine is hearty and homemade. Its main ingredients are meat, cereals, potatoes and natural dairy products. We recommend trying the best dishes of the local cuisine:

  • Zeppelin (Didžkukuliai) - potato meatballs with juicy meat filling and sour cream sauce with crispy cracklings and onions.


  • Sriuba duonos kubilėlyje - mushroom, meat, cheese or vegetable soup in rye bread.

Sriuba duonos kubilėlyje

  • Zrazy - ground beef meatballs stuffed with cereals, mushrooms or potatoes.
  • Kibinai - pies with pork, lamb, mushrooms, potatoes or other hearty filling.


  • Kastinys - a snack based on thick sour cream, butter, garlic, pepper and other spices. Served in restaurants, this snack can also be found in the dairy sections of grocery stores.
  • Šakotis - a cake, sweet visiting card of Lithuania. Šakotis is a popular street food, so make sure to try this mouth-watering treat as you walk around the city.



Attractions and entertainment

It's time to get acquainted with the main sights of Vilnius. Travellizy Team has prepared a route through the most beautiful places in the city. An interesting walk awaits you, during which you will certainly feel the unique spirit of the Lithuanian capital.

  • Old Town - this is where the main sights of the city are concentrated. This is the place where the history of Vilnius began.

vilnius old town

  • Gediminas Castle Tower is one of the symbols of Vilnius. The tower is located on the Castle Hill 50 meters above the city.

Gediminas Castle Tower

  • Gates of Dawn (Aušros Vartų) - a historical monument, part of the city wall with a chapel that has survived to this day.

Gates of Dawn

  • Town Hall - the building of the city administration, located on the oldest square in Vilnius. The main historical museums are located on Town Hall Square, and the most beautiful medieval streets of the city also originate from here.

Town Hall

  • Stanisław Moniuszko Square - the main square in Vilnius, named after the Polish composer. The park often hosts fairs, cultural events and festivals. In summer, 30-minute concerts called Lunch Break Music are held promptly at noon on weekdays.
  • Saint Catherine's Church - was built in 1620 and is part of a large monastery ensemble.

Saint Catherine's Church

  • Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary has the famous sculpture of the Virgin Mary inside. The sculpture is considered to be one of the most revered shrines in the city.

Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary

  • Monument to the doctor Zemach Shabad, opened in 2007. It is dedicated to Zemach Shabad, the honorary citizen of Vilnius, physician, public figure and editor.
  • Užupis - the medieval quarter, which was previously a shelter for the poor and artisans, and is now considered the Lithuanian Montmartre. At the end of the 20th century, this trendy art district declared its independence from Vilnius and became a free republic. It is home to 7 thousand citizens who have their own anthem, flag and comic constitution. The majority of residents of the region are representatives of creative professions. Оriginal holidays, exhibitions and performances are often held on the territory of the quarter.


  • Bernardine Bridge is a wooden bridge over the Vilnia River. It was built in 1880. The bridge connects Užupis with the rest of the city and is a kind of border of the independent republic of Užupis.
  •  St. Anne's Church is a truly Gothic masterpiece of architecture. It was built out of 33 types of bricks in the form of mesmerizing towers, arches and spiers at the end of the 16th century.

St. Anne's Church

  • Cathedral Basilica of St Stanislaus and St Ladislaus of Vilnius is the main cathedral of the city, located in the very heart of Vilnius. The most important religious celebrations take place here. Its walls are decorated with frescoes and paintings of the 16th-19th centuries. Next to the church, there is a 57-meter bell tower with chimes.

Cathedral Basilica of St Stanislaus

  • Green Bridge - the first wooden bridge in the city, was built in 1536. During the restoration, in 1766, the bridge was painted green, hence it got its name.

green bridge

While walking through the central part of the city, you will be given a promotional brochure for the Hop-on Hop-off sightseeing bus. We recommend paying attention to it. This bus can be a great opportunity to explore the city comfortably and in detail. Buses run along the route of the city's most popular attractions, stopping near each of them. You can get off at the stop and take the sightseeing bus again after walking around the area. A 24-hour valid ticket will cost € 14.

vilnius roads

Taking a boat ride on the river and seeing the city from a new perspective is always a great idea. Prices for river cruises on the Vilnia River start at € 5 and depend on the duration: a 45-minute gondola ride will cost € 8.

river cruise

A weekend in Vilnius is an amazing opportunity to experience all the delights of travel in a few days. The Lithuanian capital serves the most delicious local cuisine and demonstrates delightful ensembles of medieval streets and architecture, undoubtedly delighting with the best European service and hospitality.