Albania: the hidden treasure of the Mediterranean Sea

Every country fights for its popularity and fame. The more travelers visit this country, the more information everyone has about it and its attractions. Thus, the country attracts tourists, and then almost everyone wants to put their own traveler tick by visiting these places.

durres city

Should we go all the time on well-trodden paths? Are the countries with crowds of tourists and, accordingly, with prices above the clouds the best for vacation?

As before, Travellizy shares the most useful information and is ready to introduce you Albania, the hidden pearl of the Mediterranean Sea.


Why is Albania interesting?

This country is not a bit inferior in beauty of landscapes to its famous resort neighbors. Locals are not spoiled by tourists and host them with the most sincere hospitality. And in order to see all the sights and beauty, you do not have to wade through the crowd of vacationers. The cleanest sea and a lot of unexplored places - everything is yours! Isn't it a true vacation?


Sunny Albania offers its guests a lot of entertainment. Nature enthusiasts will be delighted with the azure sea, clean beaches and picturesque cliffs. Here you can plunge into the waters of the Ionian and Adriatic seas, sunbathe, and enjoy delicious dishes.

Albania is a country with interesting cultural features and many architectural monuments. Its sights are surprising and fascinating.


Albania is a little-known by the wide tourist community Balkan country with a 430-kilometer coastline. It is located in the southeast of Europe. Albania is conveniently located by the Adriatic and Ionian Seas. It is surrounded by Greece and Montenegro, which are its more popular neighbors. There is a mountain range on the territory of the country - the Albanian Alps.

albanian alps

For many years, Albania was isolated from the world, in this regard, few people know about its rich cultural heritage and beautiful nature with picturesque canyons and magnificent clean beaches.


The capital of Albania: the city of Tirana

It is the largest city in the country. Tirana is a real city-kaleidoscope, as different styles and cultures are combined here. When walking along the streets of the capital, you can observe the modern European-style buildings. When you go a little further, you will be fascinated by the colorful neighborhoods of oriental architecture. You will not be mistaken, if you say that you heard about the fact that Tirana is devastated, there is a lot of garbage and a depressing infrastructure. However, there is one amendment: it was earlier. Over the past 400 years, Tirana has transformed and can be definitely called a modern city. The 21st century and the identity revival program have transformed Tirana into a vibrant green city that continues to evolve. The city offers tourists entertainment for every taste. There are chic restaurants, as well as an active nightlife.

tirana mosque

Most of Tirana's attractions are concentrated in the center. All of them are within walking distance to each other.

We advise you to visit the main attractions of Tirana:

● Skanderbeg Square, the main square of the city.

● Clock Tower, whose height is 35 meters.

● Efem Bey Mosque, built at the end of the eighteenth century.

● The Pyramid of Tirana, a former museum, which was conceived as the most expensive building in the city.

● Tomb of Kaplan Pasha, built in honor of one of the Turkish governors in Albania.

● Tanners' Bridge, a stone pedestrian bridge built in the 18th century.

● The Park on the Artificial Lake, the main city park with a botanical garden and a zoo in its southern part.

lake park

Special recommendation from Travellizy Team:

● Sky Tower is a 70 meter high building with a hotel inside and Sky Restaurant & Panoramic Bar on the top floor. By elevating to the 17th floor, namely to the open area of the bar, you can enjoy the most beautiful views of the city. You will see a charming Tirana surrounded by mountains. But this is not all, the main advantage of the bar is the spinning floor. The restaurant rotates around its axis 360 degrees in 40 minutes. While you enjoy your favorite drinks, you can watch different views of the city. It is worth noting that this pleasure will cost quite inexpensively. Even having ordered one cup of coffee, you can relax in comfort while admiring the views. The prices in the panoramic bar are very pleasant, just as in the whole of Tirana. For example, the same cup of coffee will cost you $ 1-2. Note that you will definitely like dishes and drinks in the restaurant, as the cuisine is excellent.


Weather in Albania

In Albania, there is still no large influx of tourists, which means that you will enjoy a very comfortable beach holiday.

albania street

Officially, the beach season begins in mid-May and lasts until the end of September.

In summer, the average daily temperature is about +30 degrees on the coast, nights are warm. In winter, the air can cool to +8 degrees by the sea, and in the mountains, there can be frosts of up to - 20 degrees. The temperature of sea water reaches +26 degrees in the summer.


What to try in Albania

In the shops of resort towns there is always a large selection of fresh and natural products. Gourmets will definitely not be bored here, you will have the opportunity to taste sea delicacies, cheeses, fish.


We recommend you to try the national delicacies of Albania: chomlek (stewed beef), tave Elbasani (lamb with yogurt), and also fergese (a dish made from fried meat, liver, eggs and tomatoes).



Food Prices in Albania

As we have already mentioned, prices in Albania are very reasonable and much lower than in neighboring resort countries.

Prices per day in a standard three-star hotel start from $ 20 per double room. As for food, lunch for one will cost around $ 6, and dinner for two with alcohol - $ 23. The cost of a ticket for public urban transport is $ 0.40. In cozy cafes, you can drink a delicious cappuccino for $ 1.4. Having come to any of the establishments, you will definitely pay attention to how kindly and hospitable its visitors are treated.


Albanians are always very happy to see tourists. They do not expect big tips from you, it is really important for them that the guests are satisfied with everything.


The best resorts of Albania

● Durres is the second largest city in the country. The wide sandy beach of Durres is located in a quiet bay, near the border with Montenegro. It is washed by the Adriatic Sea. People go to Durres not only for a relaxing holiday. Outdoor enthusiasts also won't get bored and will be able to rent a jet ski, a boat, as well as go diving or snorkeling.


● Vlore. It is an incredibly beautiful resort with stunning, untouched civilization and nature. It is located at the junction of two seas, the Adriatic and the Ionian, in the southern part of Albania. The resort is well-maintained, with excellent infrastructure. Everything is thought out here for a comfortable stay, and those, who love privacy, can always go for a walk in the wild.


● Saranda. It is a vibrant youth resort. Charming Saranda is famous for its very beautiful promenade. The beach is washed by the Ionian Sea.

Opposite Saranda, at a distance of 12 km, you can see the Greek island of Corfu, where ferries with tourists depart daily. The port of Saranda is considered to be the southern gate of Albania.


● Ksamil. This is a bay with a white sandy beach, washed by the Ionian Sea. The resort is famous for its 440 meter long Ksamil Beach, which is covered with fine white sand, and the color of the water is bright blue. For its stunning nature, this resort is also called Albanian Seychelles.


● Himara. This resort is perfect for families with children. Himara beach is sand and gravel, washed by the waters of the Ionian Sea. It is also worth noting that Himara is the top place for scuba diving.


An exotic country with paradise landscapes, excellent service and affordable prices is quite real and it's all about Albania. While this amazing country has not yet been spoiled by tourists, hurry up and see for yourself!