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Travellizy is a portal for booking airline tickets, hotels, tickets for events and much more. The project is launching soon – subscribe to follow our updates! Don’t miss out – we offer discounts for pioneers!
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What we do?

We provide an ecosystem for you to enjoy your holiday and meet new friends. We will gladly take care of booking your airline tickets, hotels and concert tickets
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Fulfilling your dream journey is much easier nowadays than many years before. You and only you, you are in charge of creating your unforgettable holiday! Together with our Trаvellizy support, you can already enjoy your future journey while starting the planning and organising of your trip. Based on your specific wishes and requirements, we will offer you a well-tailored offer of your trip.

Enjoy your time and your comfort while planning or organizing your vacation together with Travellizy. You don’t even have to leave home, or monitor for months dozens of different travel-offer websites. All the top-notch information is collected in one place and is tailored to your needs. Your dream journey can be created in just a few minutes.

By being a member of Travellizy Club our service offers even more benefits. Either you travel by plane, relax in a hotel or go to concerts, bonus points are added to your Travellizy Club virtual account. Those points can be used for paying for your next trip services. Always keep in mind ongoing sales, discounts, prizes, and many many more special offers that will make your trip enjoyable by all means.

Community Travellizy is a company of active people, gurus of independent trips, people who give value to a high-quality relaxing time. It’s a community of passionate travellers. Join us and you will always enjoy the best holidays.