Hey, hi, Boracay!

Boracay became famous as one of the world's most beautiful islands. The beach capital of the Philippines.


What you need to know before visiting Boracay

  • The length of the island is 7 km, the width in the narrowest part is 1 km. The total area is 10 sq km. You can watch sunrise on Bulabog Beach (this is a windy, less inhabited side that is interesting for surfers and water sports enthusiasts), and sunset on White Beach (all hotels, bars, restaurants are located here).
  • You can get to the island not only by plane, but also by ferry from Batangas port to Caticlan port. It will take 9 hours (45 minutes by plane), but it is a great experience to ride the ferry with beds, restaurant and bar, especially if you travel with a company. Also, this method is ten times cheaper.
  • Accommodation must be booked in advance. At least, for one night. Without reservation, you will simply not be allowed to the island. The best option is to book a hotel for 1 night, and then on the spot, find the one that suits you in terms of price/quality ratio. The price of a room per night can vary from $ 5 to $ 200.
  • There are no historical sites, museums (except for the shell museum), architectural monuments on the island. This island is interesting for its unique nature.
  • The island's name Boracay means white cotton, most likely due to the soft white sand on the beaches.
  • Until 1980, Boracay was not a tourist destination. There was no one here at all, except for the local residents. Now Filipinos, Chinese, Russians, Ukrainians, Koreans, Italians, Indians and other nationalities live on the island.
  • If you find yourself in Boracay, make sure you try ice cream - Coco Mama and HaloMango. This is really something incredible!
  • If you want to eat your fill of seafood, do not go to restaurants. Go to the bazaar a little in the depths of the island, buy yourself whatever your heart desires, and find a place with the inscription Paluto, which means asking someone to cook for you. A delicious lunch can be prepared for a small fee. You will get a big meal, which will also be cheap.
  • Ladies, pack a lot of bright flying dresses with you. The photos will be just amazing! 

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  • Boys, if you see a beautiful local girl with make-up and pretty legs and cleavage in the evening, then this is a guy in 90% event. Real Filipino girls don't like to dress up provocatively.
  • The best exchange rate is near the police station.
  • Here you can and should bargain - for a hotel, boat, taxi or fruit.
  • Watch your money and children. There were cases of kidnapping and wallet theft on the island. 
  • It's prohibited to build sand castles on White Beach. The police carefully monitor this. Moreover, local children build castles with the names of tourists for money. After the photo is taken, the castle collapses immediately. 
  • Smoking, eating, drinking alcohol is not allowed on White Beach. This is why it is incredibly clean. So fans of beach parties definitely shouldn't go here. 
  • There are many water activities on the island - diving, snorkeling, surfing, banana boat rides, jet skis, parachutes.


What is actually the island of Boracay  

"Truth in Travel" is the slogan of Condé Nast Traveler, an American travel magazine that voted Boracay the world's best island back in 2016. And some twenty-five thousand years before the editorial board of the magazine made this decision, the Ati tribe from the ethnic group of the Aeta, who believed the same thing, moved to the Philippines from Africa, Ethiopia. It is not at all difficult to identify the representatives of the tribe, they clearly stand out among other peoples of the Philippines with their dark skin and curly hair, which is so characteristic of African peoples.


One can only envy, imagining the life of the tribe over the centuries on this amazing island, in complete seclusion from everything that happened in the rest of the world. Tourism became an invention of the last quarter of the 20th century, and until then, separate groups of travelers had traveled around the world, obsessed with the discovery of new lands. The rest of humanity had something different on their mind - working for their daily bread took up all their time, and as for rest from work, there were feasts, picnics in nature and trips to neighboring villages and cities or to relatives. Right there, on Boracay, Ati lived in conditions that today only super-rich people can afford - coconuts, rice, poultry meat and the freshest marine life were served on the table every day, stunning white beaches served as a place of rest around the clock without any restrictions, and emerald sea waves gave the necessary boost of energy in order to enjoy the incredible living conditions in the life-long all inclusive mode.

Пляжи на острове Боракай, Филиппины

Then the Spaniards came, but little changed on Boracay - the small islands were of interest to the colonialists insofar as they were attached to the largest ones. They had enough of a beach holiday in Andalusia as well. And the sea, as a matter of fact, was a place of work for sailors, and therefore they rested in a completely different way. But what the Spaniards did exactly was that they brought here the Catholic faith, which, mixing with local animistic beliefs, found an absolutely amazing resonance in the legends of the Aeta peoples, who are also called negritos, according to the features described above - curly coarse hair, dark skin color and specific facial features.


Things to do in Boracay

The only thing to do in Boracay is a beach holiday, fortunately, everything here contributes to this. Nature, white sand, amazing sea, sun and extremely friendly Filipinos, honored by many as the best people on the planet.

Well, let's go over these amazing coasts of the most beautiful of the islands!


Beaches of Boracay   

White Sand Beach is a real calling card of the island. In fact, the history of Boracay began with it, from the very day when one of the numerous groups of hippies who roamed all over Southeast Asia in search of earthly paradise arrived on the island. Those who sailed here on a bang-boat in the 70s definitely found their paradise, staying here forever, of course, if you believe the tales of local farangs, that is, white people.


The four-kilometer beach on the western coast of Boracay with amazing white sand, which, by the way, does not burn the bare feet of vacationers, the emerald clear sea, a row of palm trees along the coastline and breathtaking sunsets, certainly falls into the category of bounty, and is recognized as one of the top five in the world. If you could just see the surrounding landscapes!


One thing here may not please too meticulous tourists - although the beach is public, that is, it has one owner, which is the state, White Sand Beach is quite crowded, but this is a direct consequence of its extreme popularity and extraordinary beauty.

Лучшие пляжи в мире. Пляжи на Филиппинах, Боракай

The beach is divided into three stations, and they differ from each other only in the width of the strip of sand, the number of palm trees and the high cost of apartments on the first line. At the first station, the northernmost, everything is more expensive, the strip of sand is wider, the entrance to the water is shallow. A little further from the coast, a low cliff rises above the water. It's called Willy's Rock here, and a statue of the Virgin Mary is installed on it. At the second station, the strip is a little narrower, and there are more people, since it is filled with all kinds of catering establishments. And in general, the whole nightlife in Boracay takes place here, in addition to other entertainments such as kiting, snorkeling, yachting, banana boat rides. The third station keeps pace in terms of beauty, whiteness of sand and the presence of palm trees along the coastline, except that the entrance to the water is a little sharper. 


Diniwid is a small two-hundred-meter beach in a bay closed by cliffs, adjoining White Sand Beach from the north with clear water without a hint of algae, to which a paved path leads from the southern most popular neighbor. Fishing boats, boulders, sticking out of the water here and there and giving a special charm to the beach, and an excellent infrastructure in addition to all these beauties. 

Take your mask with you, there is something to see underwater! 



If you move to the north of the island, right after Diniwid beach, you will find Punta Bunga, another amazing beach. Like all beaches, Punta Bunga Beach is public, but surrounded by expensive hotels, and therefore, getting to the beach is a rather difficult task. But the one who overcomes all obstacles - and for us, who have been generationally adapted to the principle of "Don't" for a hundred years, this does not pose any particular difficulty - will discover a wonderful place with the purest water, amazing white sand and an almost complete absence of people. 


Bulabog is a beach known all over the world as one of the best places for kitesurfing and windsurfing, so this is exactly what you should come to the east coast of Boracay for.


Ilig - Iligan Beach will undoubtedly delight those who seek privacy, purity and peace.

Balinghai, Puka, Tulubhan, Lugutan, Banyugan, Lapu Lapu, Manok-Manok, Tambisaan, Cagban are some more wonderful places to sunbathe/swim from more than a dozen beaches of the island. 



There are just a couple of them here, but something must be seen on this beautiful island.

Пляж Боракая, острова Филиппин, куда полететь зимой в тепло

Landmarks of Boracay 

Crocodile Island is located near the southeastern tip of Boracay and is a perfect place to spend time completely disconnected from civilization, enjoying the silence, clear water and the underwater world. 


Pangihan is a cave of stalactites and stalagmites on Panay Island. Right here, you will find waterfalls with crystal water, the mineral spring of Khurum-Khurum, and several towns, which can be visited both with a guided tour and independently.


Here are some more beautiful places of the island and its surroundings: Mangrove Forest, Butterfly Garden, Maritime Museum, Crystal Bay Caves, Saint Rosario Church, Golf Club. Well, if you're lucky, and you come here at the right time, you can take part in the annual Ati-Atihan festival in the neighborhood of Yapak, the Boracay International Funboard Cup or the Sand Sculpture Competition.

Что посмотреть и где отдохнуть на Филиппинах, авиабилеты на Филиппины из Украины

In Boracay, there is also a completely overwhelming number of offers for a variety of excursions - from kayaking to bungee jumping from a cliff into the sea on one of the neighboring islands. And there is no need mention spa treatments, massage parlors as well as incredibly tasty food!
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