7 Places to Escape the Tiresome Winter

Ski resorts do not inspire anymore. True exotic is to emerge into the other hemisphere away from frosts when dreaming about summer days. Let others get warmer, while you can have a beach holiday and ocean enjoyment.

Travellizy found 7 best tropical countries, which are even better to visit in the winter months.


Fly Away for Cuba


Cuba is a vivid island in the northern part of the Caribbean with a year-round summer. With its one day per a week raining from November till April. The average daily temperature is +27 degrees; water is +25-26 degrees.


Cuba is also known as a Liberty Island: love and sex are in the air. Travelers share their impressions about the Cuban Varadero beach with admire. In fact, this 20 km of the seaside is a country visit card. Just imagine fine white sand, an open-armed ocean full of colors from opal to emerald and of course magnificent palms hanging over the shore. 

The postcard-perfect Saturn's cave with grot is placed not far from Varadero. Want to get there? Swim under the rock. Interested in history? Visit Ernest Hemingway Manor House or Che Guevara Mausoleum.


Diving in Egypt


Winter Egypt is more comfortable for the Europeans than summer one. The hot days with +45 are changing for comfortable +27 and Red Sea stays still warm for diving and snorkeling.

It is here the divers from all over the world arrive for The Blue Hole sake. A marvellous underwater cave 130 meters depth is connected with the sea. The water in the Blue Hole is of rich blue, colorful corals and school of fish are settled in its underwater rocks. 


Sunspot in Dominican


Try to get out from the dull winter views and chilly colds to the paradise – island of the blue lagoons, all-white beaches and coconuts, far from civilization. In January it is +21 in the morning and rising till +30 and higher during the daytime. Water in the Atlantic Ocean is +31, by the evening it is +34. Feels like swimming in the thermal spring. 

Soft and fine sand fluffs under your feet. By the way, due to the breeze, white sand never burns. Things to do in Dominican? Enjoy sprawling palm’s whisper, tasting tropical fruits and watching funny crabs on the beach. Here time is getting slower and making sense.


Relax in Thailand


Winter in Thailand – a travelers’ dream. Time of dry and warm weather and monsoon season is passed. It is +27 from December to February.

In Thailand, skyscrapers live nearby ancient temples, discipline nearby lawlessness, and low prices nearby beautiful views. Always leaving with a desire to get back, feeling like you missed something. 


Get impressions to the fullest? Go to the most southern part of the island Phuket – cape Promtep, to enjoy an amazing sunset. Find your way to the very cape edge further the observation deck. 


Feel Paradise in Sri Lanka 

sri lanka

Spaceless sandy beaches and picturesque coral reefs attract travelers to the exotic island in the Indian Ocean. Ever summer in Sri-Lanka, and +28 in winter. Dry weather from November till March. Nature surprises with the variety of the flowers.

To the southern shores, hundreds of turtles come to off eggs in January. The eye that interesting process is recommended in the moon nights. The animals come out of the ocean and move slowly along the beach.


Get Lost in Emirates


A country in a lifeless desert with its luxury beaches amazes. If something is built in UAE, it is always luxurious and grand. The highest building in the world, they biggest aquarium, the most expensive fountain in the world, all here!

A winter trip to the Emirates is comfortable: the temperature drops from +50 to +30, and water in the Persian Gulf is +25.


Be ready for the national peculiarities. On the most famous resort, Sharjah runs prohibition: no alcohol and no chance to get it with you. In other parts of Emirates no alcohol only in specific places. But if spirits are not must for your vocation, you are going to enjoy the trip. Visit UAE for its opulent Arabian culture, shopping and silk velvet beaches.


Enjoy Mexico


No tropical showers in December, January and February. These months weather in Mexico is dry and not too hot. It is +30. The Caribbean Sea is +27, and the Pacific Ocean is warmed up till +25.

Close your eyes and dream: you are surfing on the crest of a turquoise wave facing a lily-white beach. Or happen in the jungle and scaring off a couple of colourful parrots, or touching Maya hieroglyphs in the Temple of the Inscriptions in Palenque. Or in a diving suit find your way to the wonderful underwater cave full of colourful fish. Or dancing till the very sunrise in one of the nightclubs in Acapulco, tasting endless tequila varieties. And no salt or lemon, but with tomato juice and pepper, like a true Mexican feeling that heat inside. This is the essence of the Mexico trip – wild, passionate, sincere. Catch the happiness.