Germany in November

German Weather in November 

• November averages +8° С / humidity 90%

• highest was +20°С 

• lowest was -3°С 

• expected – +10°С

Germany is damp and cold in November. Cloudy, rare sunny days. Heavy rains. Frost and snow are in the Bavarian Alps.


Downtime in Germany in November

German November is low season with reasonable prices for accommodation. The beginning of the ski resort. There are few tourists.

November 1 is All Saints Day. Day off in Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saar and North Rhine-Westphalia.


Big festivals and events in German November:

• Hamburger DOM festival opens in Hamburg on the second weekend of November. Duration: 30 days. Location: Glacischaussee 1, Heiligengeistfeld. Free admission. Amusement ticket price starts at € 5

• Christmas markets start in mid-November. Operating hours 10 am – 8 pm. Free admission. The most famous are:

o In Berlin:

- Alexanderplatz and Gendarmenmarkt squares

- Unter den Linden boulevard 

- by Charlottenburg Castle at Spandauer Damm 20-24

o In Koln: 

- Open-air market on Roncalli Platz Square near the Cathedral at Domkloster 4 

- Angels Market by the metro Neumarkt

o In Stuttgart: Weihnachtsmarkt on Schloßpl.

o In Neubrandenburg: Weberglockkenmarkt on Weberplatz square 


Most of the November tourists rush to the mountains to ski. Some choose spa resorts. A lot of travelers visit museums, wait out the rain in cafes or bus tours. Others take part in meetings with modern writers in bookstores and museums.


Packing List Items

In November clothes should be warm and waterproof: a jacket, a hat, sweatshirt, long-sleeve sweaters and padded boots.

Choose travel-size but strong umbrella and always carry it with you. 

Christmas miracle is in the air already in November, delicious Christmas stollen, almond cakes, marzipan and waffles, as well as live music and a lot of stage performances and concerts are held in all cities of the country. Join now - book tickets to Germany today!