Best Valentine's Day ever: TOP places to fly on February 14

Valentine's Day is a perfect time for visiting the most romantic places in the world. And although there is no need for special reasons to express feelings to your beloved, a small bright journey on February 14 is an excellent holiday present.

Travellizy picked up a list of places where you can fly to, just for spending a fabulous Valentine's Day.


Paris, the City of Love


Paris fascinates its visitors. This is a mysterious and elegant city, which reminds you somehow of your first exciting date. Go on a trip by the famous Parisian boat "Bateau-mouche" on the Seine, and make a love declaration on Pont d'Iéna ("Jena Bridge") near the Eiffel Tower.


Barcelona, the City of Romance


The couples, who are going to visit the capital of Spain on February 14, will get into a city, full with entertainment. And if you're dreaming of privacy, try to avoid the Las Ramblas street and other popular tourist spots. Use your romantic weekend time for a hot air balloon tour over Barcelona. By the way, the cost of the flight includes a picnic at the bird's-eye view.


Venice, the City of Holiday


This is the most suitable city for February 14. Holding hands, take a stroll on the Bridge of Sighs, and discover the route of the streets and canals of Venice, where the famous Casanova used to walk.


Jamaica, the Island of Love


Jamaica is deservedly called the Island of Love. This is a sunny paradise, where you can take off all useless clothes with all the hustle and bustle of the city and simply enjoy intimacy with each other.


Amsterdam, the City of Free Love


Here is the perfect script for the perfect Valentine's Day:

1. Buy a bouquet with a record number of tulips, so that you have to embrace and carry it in your arms.

2. Get lost in the The Nine Streets area and make sure to visit a tiny pastry shop in order to watch the Amsterdam's life through a panoramic window.

3. Take a ride on a boat around the canals and watch the sunset on the A’DAM Lookout.


Ibiza, the City of Drive


Ibiza means "not to sleep until sunrise, and dance, fairly clinging to each other, in a hot dance". Yes, exactly dancing is necessary, because DJs in Ibiza charge everyone with a positive. And during breaks between fun, visit the Aquarium Cap Blanc, which is equipped in a natural cave. You will see a lot of rare species of fish and sea turtles there.


Fascinating Bangkok


Exotic Bangkok can meet you not only with its one-size-fits-all tourist side. Discover the city in a new way by taking a romantic stroll through one of the city’s canals and dine on the 83rd floor of the Baiyoke Sky Tower. Late in the evening, visit Soi Cowboy, which is also called the Neon Street.


Inspiring Batumi


A visiting card of Batumi is the 7 meter sculpture of a man and a woman. Two figures move towards each other to become one flesh, but later still split up. This city seems to be built for romantics. Ride the ferris wheel, visit the dancing fountains on the embankment and take a trip on the Ardo Cable Car. Wine, delicious food and the beautiful sea are literally right next to you ... This is Georgia, baby, what else do you need for happiness?