Where to fly with a child for the summer holidays: TOP popular destinations

Summer is a great time to go on a trip abroad with your children. And if the beginning of the summer vacation coincide with the holidays, you just have to choose the right direction and fly towards the sun.

Travellizy tips will help you make the right choice of a country.


The benefits of traveling with a child in the summer


The end of spring and the beginning of summer is not yet the peak of the resort season, cities are not crowded with tourists. This is the right time for sightseeing tours.

After spring, avitaminosis, a lack of strength and energy affect children most strongly. And fresh vegetables and fruits, grown in the sun, are available in countries with a warm climate. Your child will receive natural vitamins.

In warm countries, the coast is already warm at the end of May, but the sun is not so active yet. You can safely sunbathe and get the necessary vitamin D.


Where to fly with a child in summer: choose a direction


If you miss doing nothing and want to give more of yourself to relax totally and completely, go on interesting excursions and see new cities, then feel free to choose a country from the list below.


Holidays in Spain in June


In June, the ideal weather runs for a resort relax in Spain - +26 in the afternoon, +19 degrees at night. And water is already warm enough. You can comfortably sit on the beach or combine your relaxation with walks and excursions through the cities.


A getaway in Turkey in June


Turkey has long been firmly associated with family holidays. You can choose from beaches on a warm coast or ancient cities, mysterious Istanbul or wild mountains and dense forests. The air warms up to 30 degrees. One of the important advantages of traveling to Turkey is its proximity and short flight.


Holidays in Israel in June


The Biblical Land of Israel is heated to 30 degrees in May, it almost never rains. The cool breeze blows from the sea, so it is comfortable to combine excursions with a beach holiday. And a useful getaway for your mind, body and soul is twice as pleasant. Israel would perfectly fit these purposes.


Holidays in Cyprus with a child


In June, along the coast of Cyprus, the water is like a “fresh milk”: that's what you need for your child. For a holiday with a child, it is better to go to Protaras or Limassol. It is quiet, calm and beautiful everywhere in these towns. The water is of azure color and completely without mud, despite the sandy entrance to the sea. Plus, you'll get European service at a budget price.


Holidays in Greece with children


The warm climate and luxurious beaches automatically make Greece the perfect place to relax with your child. But your holiday on the shore is not everything. These are the ancient ruins and wild rocks burnt in the sun, the smell of grilled fish and the fruits, full of the  warmth of summer. These are also ongoing holidays and festivals, and these are family-run hotels with entertainment for children.


Tips for travelers with children

 Pediatricians recommend traveling with a child to a country that is not too different in climate from the usual.

 Before traveling, find out, what the weather is like at your destination. A simple search will help to avoid surprises: heat, prolonged rains or unpleasant winds.


 Don't choose long-distance flights, it should be up to 3 hours not to overtire the child.

 Take care of the transfer from the airport to the hotel in advance. Looking for a taxi often becomes tedious.

 Choose a kids friendly hotels, so as not to spoil your vacation with the noise of nightclubs.


 Don't take a lot of clothes with you. Only those ones, which you wear at home.

Taking children on trips is very important, and to combine holidays with the start of summer vacation is twice as pleasant. Children learn to get used to a change of scenery, movement, new people. The main thing is to focus on what is more comfortable for you and your child. Then unpleasant moments will be reduced to a minimum.