Italy in winter

Weather in Winter in Italy

- Winter averages is +10°С / humidity 74%

- highest was +20°С in 1973

- lowest was -9°С in 2017 

- expected – +11°С

Winter in Italy is cold, damp, foggy and rainy, especially in the south of the country. Storm winds from the sea. In the northern areas are snowfalls. It is sunny and frosty in the mountains.


Downtime in Italy in Winter

In the Italian cities winter is a time of slow season. Low time is changed for the peak season for big holidays and festivals: tourists arrive abruptly, and prices soar for just a few weeks. High season begins at the ski resorts.

Winter is rich for important events and carnivals: 

- For Christmas in the Matera city, the Basilicata region, the largest living Nativity scene is arranged on January 6. Religious installation begins at the church of Santa Maria di Idris on Via Madonna dell'Idris

- The winter sales season starts on the first Saturday of January. The shopping center is located in Milan, Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery at Piazza del Duomo

- In February, carnivals take place all over the country. For example, the carnival of Verona is held in Piazza San Zeno. In Venice, a masquerade ball is organized at the Palazzo Ca 'Vendramin Calergi Palace. Admission starts at € 150

Best time for comfortable Italian ski resorts with pistes of various levels:

- Madonna di Campiglio, Val Rendena Valley, Trento Province  

- Val di Fassa, the Dolomites, Trento Province  

- Breuil-Cervinia, Aosta Valley

A great time for Thermal Springs Resorts: 

- Bormio, Lombardy region 

- Montecatini Terme, Pistoia province, Tuscany region

- Abano Terme, Veneto region


Packing List Items

Tourists of activity need comfortable clothes to move around: a down jacket, an umbrella or raincoat, waterproof shoes, a hat, a scarf and gloves.

In the mountains you will need: thermal underwear, a special jacket and pants, a warm hat, a balaclava, protective glasses and sunglasses, rainproof gloves and ordinary gloves.

On the pistes will help: a thermos, smartphone waterproof case, sunscreen, a walkie-talkie and a small wallet on the belt

Add painkillers, bandages, throat lozenges, nasal spray and bruise gel to the first aid kit.

If you want an active holiday in the mountains, or cheap shopping in Milan, or just relax at the thermal springs – book tickets for the Italian winter today!