Where to fly on May holidays: 4 budget journeys

Good practice is to plan a trip a few months in advance. The beginning of February is a perfect time to look for tickets for May holidays.

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Prague in May: the weather, what places to visit and how to navigate the city

In Prague, the weather is warm in May, the air can warm up to 19 ° C in the afternoon. It’s easier to get to the city, if you take a bus 119 at the airport and get off at the last stop, which is Nádraží Veleslavín, and then get on the metro line A. If you want to get to the Old Town, get off at the station Staroměstské náměstí. To navigate the Czech Metropolitan is simple, because there are only three branches.


If you want to see the best of Prague, get ready to go on foot and by public transport. Many tourists buy a three-day ticket, which covers three types of transport: a bus, a tram, a metro. The cost of a public transport ticket is CZK 310 (12 EUR). A single trip will cost 32 CZK (1.24 EUR). By the way, in Prague, you can pay for the fare in public transport via a smartphone. You just need to download the application sejf.


What can you do in Prague within a short weekend?

old town

- You can see the Old Town Square and the performance on the Prague Astronomical Clock, the Orloj. A medieval tower clock, installed on the Town Hall, is run every hour from 8 am to 8 pm. The upper windows on the both sides of the stone angel are opened, and wooden painted figures of 12 apostles appear in pairs one by one. During the apostles' procession, the dial also starts to move. The figure of Death nods its head, tolls a bell with one bony hand and turns over an hourglass with the other. Vanity turns its head and looks in the mirror from different sides, and Avarice shakes a bag of money. The show ends with a rooster crowing, and after that the cymbals beat off the next hour.

charles bridge

- You can take a stroll on the Charles Bridge, dine on the terrace, looking at flowing waters of the Vltava.


- You can go up the funicular (20 CZK = 0.78 EUR) to Petrin Hill, take a walk in the park and climb the Petřín Lookout Tower.

- You can dine at the Peklo monastery restaurant (Address: Restaurant Peklo, Strahovske nadvori 133/3). It is located in a cellar, it smells a little damp, but it has a very colorful interior and excellent cuisine. You need to taste the boar knee there, roast duck with cabbage and dumplings and their own monastic dark beer - this is very tasty. An average dinner check is 16 EUR.

- You can visit the museum of miniature railways Railway Kingdom (Království Žtraeleznic). The museum consists of models with moving trains, where the arrows are switched, and the computer controls train traffic. Day becomes night, the lights are switched on, and windows are lit in miniature houses, street lights appear on the streets. The spectacle will be interesting for both adults and children. Ticket price for adults - 200 krowns (7, 76 EUR), for pensioners and children - up to 15 years old - 120 krown (4.65 EUR). Kids, whose height is less than 1 meter, pay only 30 crowns (1.16 EUR), they are the most welcome visitors.

vltava river

- You can go on a ferry trip on the Vltava. An hour trip with an audio guide will cost 12 EUR. The ferry departs from the pier at the Chekhov Bridge (Čechův most).


A journey to Berlin on May holidays: Reichstag and graffiti

The weather in May is almost like in the summer here. The air warms up to 23 degrees during the day.

The peak of the tourist flow in Berlin falls in the summer, that is why this month is a great time to visit the city.


How to move around Berlin

The fare will cost 7 EUR a day by bus or 2.80 for more than 3 metro stations. Or you can spend for 46 EUR and buy the Berlin WelcomeCard: Museum Island & Public Transport for 72 hours - a tourist ticket, which allows you to visit museums for free and us all types of transport.

In Berlin, you can also use mobile payment fare. The main thing is not to forget to punch the ticket at the counter after the purchase. Otherwise, you will pay a fine of 60 EUR.


The minimum program for a weekend in Berlin:

1. To see the heart of the city - the Brandenburg Gate. There are usually a lot of tourists here, it is better to take a couple of photos and move on.

How to get there: Unter den Linden metro station (line S1, S2).

brandenburg gates

2. To visit the Berlin Wall. By the way, the surviving part of the wall became an open-air gallery. It is called the “East Side”, and that's where you can see the mural with kissing Brezhnev and Honecker, and a hundred of other intricate graffiti.

How to get there: Ostbahnhof metro station (line S5, S7, S9, S75).

berlin wall

3. To go for a walk along the main street of Berlin - Unter den Linden. On the Unter den Linden Boulevard, there are many important institutions, palaces and historical buildings: Humboldt University, the Crown Prince's Palace, the Crown Princesses' Palace, Berlin State Opera, the Zeughaus.

under den linden

4. To visit the Reichstag. This place is a must-visit and must-see in Berlin, so do not miss it. Sign up in advance and do not forget your passport.


In the Bundestag, everything is thought out to the smallest detail. The building is divided into levels according to the principle of transparency and expediency. On the ground floor, there is a parliament, above is the level for visitors. And even higher, there is a roof-terrace and an impressive transparent dome. Transparency in everything is a symbol of greatness and unity. High technologies are used in the building: special mirror panels are equipped with filters, controlled by computer programs. With their help, the amount of daylight, that enters the plenary hall, is regulated. Inside the funnel, there is a ventilation shaft. When leaving it, the air passes through a special heat exchange system, which reduces energy costs.


You will figure out everything inside, as you will be given an audio guide at the entrance, which automatically turns on, when you approach the desired object. Altogether, high technology is all around.

How to get there: Platz der Republik 1

Entrance fee: you can get inside for free, but sign up in advance on the Bundestag's official website.


5. To spend 16 EUR for an excursion to Charlottenburg Palace (Spandauer Damm 20-240). A walk through the beautiful residence of Prussian kings awaits you: you will enjoy palace architecture and paintings by French and German artists of the 18th century, as well as a large green park.

 Charlottenburg Palace


A journey through Amsterdam on May holidays: canal tours and cruises

Holland widely celebrates Labor Day. Every year on May 1, peaceful rallies are held in Amsterdam, and they gradually turn into parades and mass folk festivals. The holiday goes on funny and peacefully.

And on May 5, people of Amsterdam will celebrate Liberation Day of the Netherlands. On the banks of the Amstel River, there will be a large-scale concert, which Queen Maxima of the Netherlands will honor with her presence.


First time in the city? Do not miss our tips:

- You can start exploring the city with a 3-hour walking tour (15 EUR), where you will learn, how Amsterdam was built and developed, and how it grew from a small village into a beautiful city, and will try a wonderful Dutch herring, unsurpassed in the world (1 portion = 2.5 EUR).

- The historical center of Amsterdam is quite small, so you will not have enough time to get tired during the tour. But the next day, you can rent a bike (3 EUR a day and a deposit of 50 EUR) and ride to places, that you are particularly impressed with. Bicycle rental can be found at every metro station.


- Buy a cruise ticket through the canals of Amsterdam (16 EUR). It doesn't cost you much, and it is not tedious at all. And the weather is also beautiful: the average daytime temperature in May is 18 degrees.

amsterdam chanal

- Earmark one day for Vondelpark, Amsterdam's city park, which is located near the Museum Square and the main museums of the city - the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum and the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.


- Make sure to check out the oldest district of Amsterdam - Jordaan. Quarters were once inhabited by simple hard workers, and nowadays, it is one of the most prestigious districts of the city. People in Jordaan live their quiet and measured life, different from the metropolis. There is another big plus: this place is atmospheric and not a tourist spot.

red light district

- You should visit the Red Light District in the evening. Consider, that you were not in Amsterdam, if you didn't see the Red Light District. That's one thing to read about it, and quite another to see it with your own eyes. What shouldn't you do? It is strictly forbidden to take photos of girls, somebody can even break your camera. By the way, there is a booth there, which is prescribed by psychologists to local patients, who suffer from complexes. They say, having spent just one evening in the booth, you can increase your self-esteem at times.


May holidays are the best time to fly to Istanbul: Tulip Festival and the Grand Bazaar

Travelers consider May to be one of the best months to visit Istanbul: the air warms up to 23 degrees, which contributes to long walks around its cozy quarters. Spring Istanbul is filled with the scent of flowers and fresh bakery products.


In May, you will find a large-scale tulip festival. This flower is one of the symbols of the country, the image of it can be found in any Turkish house.

In May, a Museum Week takes place in Istanbul (May 18 - 24). The world famous Hagia Sophia Museum, the Museum of Islamic Art and the Istanbul Archaeological Museum are very active in this event. On these days, most of the country's museums will be free to enter.


How to get from the airport to the center of Istanbul

To get from Atatürk International Airport to the center, you need to take metro M1 and get off at the station of Havalimanı. At the metro station, there is an Istanbulkart vending machine. You need to go 6 stops to Zeytinburnu, then take T1 tram in the direction of Eminönü or Kabataş and go 16 stops to Sultanahmet.

To use public transport in Istanbul, you have to buy an Istanbulkart at any kiosk for 6 lire (1 EUR) - just attach it to the device on the turnstile. A single trip costs 2.6 TRY (0.44 EUR).


What else to see in Istanbul:

- Hagia Sophia

(Address: Sultan Ahmet Mahallesi, Ayasofya Meydanı, 34122)

hagie sophie

People call it “the biggest” and “the most ancient”. Definitely, the Cathedral can be compared in size only to St. Peter’s Cathedral in Rome. We should thank the Muslims, that they didn't raze the Byzantine temple to the ground, but only built their minarets around it. And they perfectly preserved it!

Entrance fee: 40 lira (6,73 EUR)


- Süleymaniye Mosque

(Address: Süleymaniye Mah, Prof. Sıddık Sami Onar Cd. No: 1)

suleymanie mosque

It is the mosque, where Sultan Süleyman (Süleyman the Magnificent) and his wife Roksolana are buried. A huge plus for a budget trip is the fact, that the entrance to Süleymaniye is free. Just be aware, that this is a functioning cathedral, and get dressed properly.


- The Basilica Cistern

The Basilica Cistern

The Basilica Cistern is a large underground water storage, that supplied the palace with water 15 centuries ago.

It is a very impressive, mysterious place. The water drops calmly, when it runs down the eight-meter underground columns. In a pure and transparent water, there are large outlandish fish, who have never seen the sunlight. You can walk around the Basilica for hours, thinking about the frailty of life and the ruthlessness of time ... Only moist underground cold, that has gotten under your jacket, will return you to reality.


-     Kapalıçarşı

("The Grand Bazar", Beyazıt Mh., Kalpakçılar Cd., 22)

grand bazar

If you are not afraid of a large crowd of people, noise, shouting and pushing, then you're in here - see the real Istanbul. The streets are crowded with goods, women in burqa, loud barkers. To get lost here is not a big deal. But it does have its own charm.

To cut a long story short, you have  a very large number of options, where to go on May holidays. And where would you like to go? Post your comments below, and Travellizy will surely find air tickets for you!