Where To Have A Rest In October: TOP 5 Travel Ideas

October makes you happy with sunny days and good weather less than other months. It's time to miss the summer and ... go on a vacation. You are not mistaken, Travellizy offers you to plan a comfortable and budget holiday in October. We will tell you about the benefits of holiday resorts in the fall.


Madeira, Azores, Portugal

Airport: Aeroporto Internacional Cristiano Ronaldo (previously Aeroporto Internacional da Madeira)

Weather: In October, Madeira continues to delight guests with warm days and pleasant weather. The air temperature in October is +24 .. + 26 ° С, and water - +22 ° С.


What to visit: There are no beaches familiar to us because of the rocky coastline on Madeira. However, you can enjoy the nature and tranquility of this amazing resort. No wonder that this place is called the Pearl of the Atlantic and the Slice of Paradise.

Funchal, the main city of the island of Madeira, will delight with comfortable equipped beaches and lots of attractions. But on Porto Santo, there are almost no monuments. The main tourists are fans of active water sports.


Natural attractions of Madeira: Mount Cabo Girao, Botanical Garden and Orchid Garden and the volcanic caves of São Vicente. Worth a visit is the large water sports center. In Funchal, you should see the Se Cathedral, the Monastery of St. Clara and Saint Lawrence Fortress and Palace, visit the colorful Lavradores Market and take a walk in the parks and gardens. Must-see places in Porto Santo: Christopher Columbus House Museum, Largo do Pelorino Church, Town Hall, Windmills and the Quinta Das Palmeiras Botanical Garden.


The main public transport of Funchal is buses. A day pass costs 4.5 €.

A room in a guest house or apartment can be rented for 23-30 €.

Breakfast in the cafe will cost 3-5 € (a cup of cappuccino - 1.2 €, pastries 1-2 €).


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Airport: Dubai International Airport

Weather: The official holiday season in Dubai begins in October. You can enjoy the turquoise waters of the Persian Gulf, incredible architectural structures, shopping in malls, snowboarding in the desert and generally admire the fact, that only 60 years ago, there was a desert in the place of this megalopolis.


Another advantage of visiting Dubai in October is a thermometer, which will show up to +35 ° C in the afternoon and indulge you after sunset with +22 .. + 23 ° C. At the same time, the water temperature remains up to 28 ° C.

What to visit: 

To get to know this futuristic oasis closer, you can take a Guided Tour, that will show you:

● Twin Towers

● Gold Souk Market

● 7-star Burj Al Arab, that resembles the sail of a ship

● Spice Souk

● Palm Jumeirah artificial island, the 8th wonder of the world

palm dubai

● Atlantis, the legendary hotel

The tallest building in the world is Burj Halifa.

By the way, we recommend you to pay special attention to the last sight. Opposite the famous skyscraper, every day from 18:00 to 23:00, you will find an incredible dancing fountains show. Climb to the observation deck of the building, which is located on the 125th floor. Tickets can be bought inside the skyscraper itself or in advance on the website. Cost: from 35 €.


If you go on holiday with children, your beach holiday can be diversified by the aquarium in the Dubai Mall. The aquarium is open from 10 am to 11 pm, tickets cost from 25 €. The visit will take around 3 hours. With children, you can go to the Dubai Zoo, the Dubai Dolphinarium and the Dubai Children’s City center in Creek Park.

There is no way you can be bored here.

Beach holidays can be complemented by all sorts of activities: water skiing, bananas, catamarans, various yachts and kite/bodysurfing.


Getting to Dubai is quite convenient. Most of the airlines (among them: FlyDubai, Emirates, Qatar and others) offer direct flights to Dubai. You can find available flight options to Dubai in October on Travellizy online service.


The average cost of a public transport ticket to Dubai is € 1.25. By taxi - 4.10 €.

The price per overnight stay in a hotel with 3 stars will cost 130 €. For an inexpensive lunch for one you will need to spend about 7 €.

Dinner for two with alcohol will be about 35 €.


Ayia Napa, Cyprus

Airport:  Larnaca International Airport

Weather: In October, the velvet season begins in the famous Cyprus resort of Ayia Napa. The heat recedes, the thermometer shows up to +27 ° C in the afternoon, and the Mediterranean Sea is still warm - +24 ° C. This month, there are not so many tourists. The middle ground, which allows you to enjoy a budget beach holiday in October.

Ayia Napa

The beaches of Ayia Napa are municipal with free admission. But for additional benefits (a sun lounger or an umbrella), you will have to pay from € 2.5 per item.

What to visit: Going to Ayia Napa in October, you can relax on the best beaches.

  ● Makronissos Beach

This sandy beach is about 500 meters long. It is located 5 km from the city center. It is equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay - from the loungers and changing cabins to beach cafes.

Makronissos Beach

Near the beach, there is archaeological zone, one of the attractions of the island. Visiting the archaeological site of the 19 tombs of the Hellenistic and Romanesque period is free.

  ● Golden Beach (Landa Beach)

A comfortable beach for families with children. In addition to having all the conditions (sunbeds, umbrellas, toilets, lifeguards), the beach will please you with a gentle entry into the water.

Landa Beach

  ● Nissi Beach

The most promoted beach of Cyprus, known for parties, discos, foam parties and DJ performances.

You can get to Nissi beach from the center of Ayia Napa by bus (ticket price is 1.5 €) or by a rented bicycle.

Nissi Beach

  ● Sandy Bay (Vathia Gonia)

A cozy bay with incredible turquoise water and soft sand.

The beach is equipped with everything you need, including beach cafes, cycling and car parking. By the way, if you want to do water sports, go here.

Sandy Bay

After a pleasant day on the beach, go for a walk around the evening Ayia Napa. One of the main attractions of the city is Luna Park with a ferris wheel and many attractions. And you can continue the entertainment program in one of the clubs or bars on Main Bar Street.



Ticket price in public transport is 1.50 €.

The price per night for a 4-star hotel is 80-100 €. The cost of living in a budget hotel 2 stars is 30-40 €.

Dinner for one will cost 8 €. But dinner for two with alcohol will cost about 40-50 € in Cyprus.


Rhodes, Greece

Airport: Rhodes International Airport "Diagoras"

Weather: October is a great month for a holiday on the island of Rhodes. The air temperature is +23 .. +25 ° C during the day and +17 ° C at night. The water in the sea doesn't have time to cool down - it's always about comfort + 25 ° C, only by the end of the month, it can drop to +22 .. +23 ° C. In the evenings, it can still be cool here, take warm clothes with you.


What to visit: The city of Rhodes is the capital of the island. The old city itself is included in the World Cultural Heritage list. Rhodes Fortress is the longest in Europe, it is 4 km long. You will pass through 11 fortress gates before you get to the city center.


Walk through the most popular among travelers Street of the Knights.

Visit the ancient town of Kamiros, where only the ruins of tiny houses, temples and some semblance of streets and squares remained.


Tsambika Mountain on Rhodes. At its summit, there is the monastery of the same name, where a staircase of 307 steps leads to. This is a pilgrim way, that great believers overcome on their knees.

Tsambika Mountain on Rhodes

The Valley of Petaloudes, or the Valley of the Butterflies, is a picturesque park with a narrow gorge, numerous walkways, bridges, waterfalls and streams.


Filerimos, where you can climb the cypress avenue. At the top of the mountain, there is a 17-meter cross, which could be climbed previously. Now, this rising is closed.


The snow-white ancient town of Lindos. A typical Greek city originated in the VI century B.C. and survived to this day.


Anthony Quinn Bay is a beautiful beach surrounded by cliffs. The water is turquoise in the bay, and it changes shades throughout the day. The beach is protected from wind and waves, and is fully equipped with amenities: there is a shower, a cafe, sun beds and umbrellas.

Anthony Quinn Bay

We advise you to visit an ostrich farm and a mini-zoo next to it. Especially if you have a holiday on an island with children.

The most convenient way to travel around the island is by car. Moreover, it is easy to rent it here. We share a life hack with you: the cost of booking per day is heavily dependent on the total duration of the lease. A car can cost 37 € / day, when renting for 1-2 days, and when renting for 3 days, it will cost 18 €.


The bus fare is an average of 2.20 € per ticket.

The price per night for a 3 star hotel is about 60 €.

Lunch for one will cost you 11 €, dinner for two with alcohol costs about 29 €.



Airport: Malta International Airport

Weather: After an impossibly hot summer, a perfect time for a vacation in Malta comes, it's autumn. In October in Malta, the air temperature during the day is +25 .. + 28 ° C. At night, it is +23 .. + 25 ° C. Only in the last week of October, autumn gradually comes to the island. The air temperature drops to +22 .. + 24 degrees during the day and + 19..21 ° C at night. At the beginning of the month, the water temperature is still warming up to + 25..26 ° C. In the last week of October, the water off the coast of Malta may already be + 22..23 ° C.


What to visit: The Grandmaster's Palace is located in the city of Valletta, the capital of the island of Malta. Another attraction not to be missed in this city is Saint John's Co-Cathedral.

Saint John's Co-Cathedral

In Valletta, you should also see Casa Rocca Piccola.

In the south of Malta, there is a unique cave called Ghar Dalam. Scientists and archaeologists from all over the world come here. Layers of bone remains of animals, extinct at the end of the last glaciation, were found in good condition here.

Ghar Dalam

The megalithic temples of Malta are the pride of the island. Temples are considered to be the most ancient man-made structures on Earth.

megalithic temples

If you like a noisy vacation and parties, feel free to go to  the city of Pacheville, the night capital of Malta. At night, the streets of this city are filled with fun and dancing. Discos and clubs are open. If you are interested in a beach holiday, then St. George’s Bay adjoins Paceville. The entrance is free.


We recommend fans of the series “Game of Thrones” to visit Fort Manoel. This place served as a film set for the series. Tourists can stroll around the powerful walls, but so far inside you can only get on free tours of the open doors or festivals.

Fort Manoel


The bus fare is on average 1.70 € per ticket. It is possible to purchase a ticket for a week with unlimited travel for 21 €.

One overnight stay in a cheap hotel will cost from 40 €.

Price for a cup of cappuccino is 1.90 €. Dinner for one will cost 15 €, dinner for two with alcohol - about 50 €.


Do you want to have a great rest and save your budget? October is a perfect time for a holiday. Don't be afraid of cloudy and rainy autumn. Go towards amazing adventures to any part of the world together with Travelllizy.