Podgorica, The Underrated Capital Of Montenegro

Montenegro is a country with beautiful nature and hospitable people. The land, warmed by the bright sun, is washed by the Adriatic Sea, where you can bask on the beautiful beaches. But speaking about the capital, Podgorica, you immediately find negative reviews over the Internet. Those few travelers who nevertheless got here and did not find all the secret corners of the city call it “ugly, boring and lifeless”. And the administration is still working to turn Podgorica into a beautiful and attractive tourist destination.


Travellizy Team offers you to figure out together whether it is worth going to the capital of Montenegro and how to enjoy yourself during the trip.

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  • How to get to Podgorica

Podgorica is the young capital of a small country, Montenegro, which was once part of Yugoslavia. The population of the city is only 180,000 people. And it is one of the youngest capitals in Europe.


Tourists get to the city from the international airport, which the local population calls the Heart of Montenegro. It is located 12 km from the capital. The airport receives planes from Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Ukraine, Belarus, Switzerland, Turkey, Great Britain.


By train, the journey to the city takes no more than 10 minutes. The ticket price is € 2. A bus to the capital is organized every 20 minutes from the airport. The ticket price is € 2.5. A taxi will cost € 15 on average.

Подгорица — столица Черногории

  • The best time to visit Podgorica

Tourists say that the capital of Montenegro should be visited for no more than a couple of days. And do it better not in the summer months, as this is the hottest season. It is better to plan your visit for autumn or spring. In the last week of September, the Podgorica Art Festival takes place. The program usually includes film screenings, fairs, exhibitions and concerts.


  • Where to stay in Podgorica

You can stay at a hostel in Podgorica from € 7.5 to € 11. The apartment will cost € 22 per day. And a hotel room - € 35.

Despite the fact that it is already getting warmer in spring, these are still unloaded months of the year. The most expensive month is July. Although it is during this period that it is hottest and most crowded. Housing prices rise 60%.


Accommodation prices vary and depend on many factors. But you will find the best deals on Mondays and Wednesdays. When planning a trip during the high season, you need to book 90 days in advance. Tourists are advised to stay in the city for two to four days.


  • What to eat in Podgorica

The cuisine of Montenegro is often called peasant cuisine. It is simple and satisfying. There are more than a hundred meat dishes. Try cheese-breaded steak, stuffed chops, skewered meat, Cevapcici sausages reminiscent of kebabs. The meal usually begins with cow and sheep cheese. Vegetable dishes and herbs can be always found on the table. Seafood and fish dishes are also popular: goulash made from different types of fish, trout stuffed with prunes, seafood pilaf, baked carp.


Taste local cuisine at  Pod Volat. ЦеныPrices attract both tourists and residents of the capital. The restaurant offers typical meat dishes, homemade cheese and bread, olives, tomatoes and French fries. A bottle of wine will cost € 5.

Lunch at the cafe costs around € 6. A cup of coffee is € 1.3.


  • Activities in Podgorica

Where do Podgorica residents relax? Where to find interesting secret locations? And how to avoid the tourist traps while getting to know the true capital?


Take a look at the PG Beer Academy 

All foam drink fans should visit the Academy to choose one of the local six varieties. Tourists claim that the most delicious is India Pale Ale. But you can also order a tasting-set for only € 6. Tasty food is offered to the drink: sausages, pizza, meat snacks.

The Academy is a popular place in the capital, it is not surprising that it is crowded here. The establishment works daily from 8:00 to midnight. Price per 0.5 l glass is € 1.9.


Plunge into the waters of the Moraca River

The capital is located in the valley of five rivers. The largest of them is Moraca. It was once known for its beautiful beaches. And the most popular of them was Galeb beach, located in the city center. Many people often gathered here to swim in the cold waters of the river. Today, the local population prefers to get out closer to the sea coast, so the beach is no longer popular.


Still, it's a great place to sunbathe, have a picnic, or just relax. It is hot in the capital in summer, and by the water, it is cooler. In addition, the beach offers a wonderful view of the bridges of Podgorica.


Climb the highest hill

Gorica Hill is the highest point of the capital, which got its name only because it is located down the hill - “Pod Gorica”. The hill is a green oasis in the heart of the city. Locals love to spend time here: walking, playing sports, running, cycling.


At the foot of the hill, there is the church of St. George, dating back to the 9th century. The temple was rebuilt many times, but you can still see ancient frescoes by an unknown master.

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Klub Bocara eatery can be found nearby. Guests of the city love to have a meal at the establishment before going up the hill or after a walk.

Чем заняться в Подгорице, столице Черногории

Find Skaline

Skaline is a beautiful medieval atmospheric place in Podgorica. Once upon a time, there was a fortress here. Nowadays, this place attracts with a small stone bridge over the Ribnica River and stone steps leading to it. In summer and spring, this place is popular among jolly companies with a guitar.


Take a walk around the ruins of the city of Doclea

At the mouth of the Moraca and Zeta rivers, you can find the ruins of the Roman city of Doclea. It was once a strong trade hub for the entire region. Today, you can see the bridge, the remains of the walls and 300 different objects: sarcophagi, sculptures, fragments of artifacts, jewelry, handicrafts.


  • What else to do in Podgorica

Get to know the Niagara Falls of Montenegro. It is located 7 km from the capital. It has a restaurant of the same name near the attraction. It should be noted that the name is, of course, a great marketing hook. You can see the waterfall in all its glory only in winter. But even off season, the surrounding landscape seems simply unearthly, resembling moonlit pictures.


Taste local wine. After all, millions of vines ripen near Lake Skadar, giving a rich harvest every year. The favorite cellar of travelers is Šipčanik. It is located 8 km from the capital, and its visit can be combined with a trip to Niagara Falls. Wine cellar tastings and tours start at € 12.

The best local grape variety is Vranac. It is sold both in local bars and in supermarkets. But try to get into a real cellar to feel the real taste of the bouquet.


Go to a soccer and basketball game. Check out the games at the Morača Sports Center. The local basketball team has won 11 national basketball championships. The ticket price is € 2-3.


Walk along the famous Millennium Bridge. Since 2005, when it was opened, it has been one of the main attractions.


Мост Миллениум в Черногории

Let many negative reviews about the capital of Montenegro not discourage you from visiting Podgorica, but motivate to prove to everyone that they should simply look for interesting things more carefully. Travellizy Team is here to help you!