The most popular mistakes for which you may not be allowed on the plane

Travellizy Team has collected the main mistakes air passengers make, which can cause destroying of your trip.


- Confusion with the months


Tip: If you bought tickets through Travellizy online platform and made a mistake with the month, contact Customer Support. We will make a new booking with minimal loss on the tariff.


- Incorrect spelling of the name and surname on the ticket

Even one mistake can cause an inadmissibility of boarding. The same thing happens if you confuse the first and last name.


Tip: Fill in the passenger data without haste


- If the flight is operated with a connection, and the passenger missed the first segment.

 In this situation, the airline cancels the ticket along the entire route.


Tip: if you didn’t take the first flight, call the airline or the agency where you purchased the ticket and check if you can reissue the ticket, so that you can use the remaining airline segments.


- Incorrect calculation of the flight connecting time for self-planning of the route


Tip: If tickets were purchased from different airlines or a separate ticket was purchased for each flight, the minimum connecting time should be taken into account. The optimal connecting time may vary depending on the airport and even on the airline. Travellizy customers can check the optimal connecting times with Customer Support.


- Incorrect passenger contact details

Because of this, the passenger can't receive up-to-date information about the change in departure time and/or flight cancellation.


Tip: Recheck data when booking tickets. If your email is correct, payment notifications and other clarifying information will be sent to it.


- Confusion with time calculation formats

Passengers often confuse the dates, when they have to fly a night flight, for example, from 07.08. to 08.08, and +01:50 am is stated in the ticket. Certainly, this is a night flight, but people come on a flight in the afternoon.


Tip: Remember that the time format with a.m. and p.m. suggests two 12-hour intervals, where a.m. (lat. ante meridiem, literally - "before noon") is the time from 00:01 to 12:00 in the morning, and p.m. (lat. post meridiem, literally - "in the afternoon") - time from 12:01 to 24:00 in the afternoon.


Try to never make these mistakes, so you don't have to spend a whole vacation at home!