How to travel with children without stress. The best tips

The first trip with the whole family can still be easy and wonderful. But you definitely need to prepare and thoroughly learn what you are really getting yourself into.

Travellizy Team sheds light on some important issues. We have collected the best simple tips that save time, money, and hassle. And they don't need a super complex organization.


Where is the best place to travel with children

For your first trip abroad, it's better to choose calm countries with the possibility of both an excursion program and a beach holiday, if the season permits. Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Turkey, Croatia, Italy, Spain, Tunisia, France, Montenegro, Georgia, and Albania are great choices.

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However, keep in mind:

  • It is better to choose a resort with a short flight. Choose direct flights.
  • Quiet resorts are suitable for babies, while older children need a developed infrastructure.
  • Rent housing closer to attractions or the sea, whichever is in priority.
  • Make sure it is possible to organize a children's menu.
  • Children of preschool and primary school age need short fun activities. And schoolchildren will be interested in a rich program.


Where the journey really begins

Preparation of documents

When planning a trip with children, check if there is a need for additional documents for crossing the border. Most often, only the child's passport is sufficient. But in some countries, original birth certificates are required. In addition, when traveling without a second parent, take care of notarized permission to take the child out of the country.

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Most often, at the border, they do not ask about the documents mentioned above, but they are indicated as mandatory. Therefore, you should not neglect the formalities so as not to spoil your mood.


Take your time. Everyone needs time. A lot of time

The first thing to understand when traveling with children is that you need to plan for extra time. When traveling with family, everything takes a long time. Much more than you think. It's a registration and passing the security control at the airport, buying snacks, and boarding the plane. Therefore, arrive at the airport early so that you have enough time in case something goes wrong.

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It is important to understand that while on a vacation with children, it is impossible to squeeze a visit to 5 museums, visiting 3 restaurants, a walking tour, and a bike ride in 1 day. A flexible schedule with sufficient time and the opportunity for quiet adjustments will make your trip more relaxed and happy.


Be prepared for the fact that things go wrong

Even if you have planned your spare time and were able to tune in to a flexible schedule. Anyway, be prepared for the fact that at the last minute your child needs to go to the bathroom and you will miss the bus. Or your child will accidentally leave the phone in a taxi. Or they will pour a glass of juice on themselves and on you just before going out.

Such situations can't be avoided. Accept reality as calmly as possible, and better with humor. Then your adventure will be remembered for funny deviations from plans.


Less bags - better mood

Do not try to pack and take on a trip everything that the child uses at home. Most likely, the child simply doesn't need all the things that you take. Indeed, a trip, new emotions, impressions will take away the desire to play with blocks or read favorite table books in the evenings.


And wherever you go, you will see children. Therefore, at the very least, you can purchase something in place. The less you plan to take with you, the easier it is to pack everything, the easier it is to carry your suitcases, the more room you have for souvenirs!


Advance booking!

Try to think over and book everything you need for your vacation in advance. The advice applies not only to air tickets and accommodation but also to private transport services, excursions, tickets to theme parks, and museums. Anything that might need to be organized, you have to book in advance so that the whole family is happy, well-fed, and joyful on the trip.


Tell the kids about your trip

When children learn too much new information to deal with, they begin to feel uncomfortable. Talk to the children about the trip in advance. Tell them about your plans, what to expect at the airport, on the plane, upon arrival. Explain how they should behave in hotels or during the flight. Thus, the child will have fewer questions and concerns. This means more quiet time for parents.



The most joyful family trip can suddenly turn into complete chaos if someone gets hungry. Capricious hungry children are the worst thing you can imagine on the way. So, always have a snack with you (!). Everything must be done so that no one is hungry.


You never know exactly when your next full meal will be. The flight may be unexpectedly delayed, the traffic to your hotel may be blocked, the walk in the park may go long... The main thing is that at such moments there is a hearty snack at hand, and, if possible, also healthy: marshmallows, fruit, bread.


Ask for discounts for children

Discounts for children will help you save a lot while traveling. Often, tourists simply do not know about the availability of great deals for families with children. Feel free to ask about discounts on transport, museum tickets, and attractions, cafes, and restaurants.


Always keep an eye on your child

It's an obvious tip, and it might even seem a little strange. But regardless of whether the travel goes smoothly or turns into a complete nightmare, you need to make sure you know exactly where your child is. If there are 2 adults traveling, the responsibilities should be shared. One buys tickets. The other watches the children.

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If there is no help, then you need to seriously discuss everything with the children. Give them clear instructions to keep them insight. If a child is careless, then it makes sense to think about a GPS tracker. It can be attached to a belt or shoes.


Provide your child with contact information

If the child gets lost, then the contact information of the parents can save the situation. A listing with name, phone, email, and local address will greatly increase the chances of a quick search. The child must know where the note is, for example, in the pocket.

In this case, it will be easier with a teenager. Just add the local number and residential address to his phone. After all, modern teenagers do not move anywhere without phones.


Basic medicines and acclimatization

Travel can be easily ruined if a child falls ill. Be prepared to deal with major ailments. A frequent companion for trips with children is acclimatization. That is the adaptation of the body to new climatic conditions. If the child is still jet-lagged, then already on day 2, there is overall weakness, followed by dizziness, fever, cough, runny nose, diarrhea, or vomiting. This can last up to 7 days in preschool children and up to 2 weeks in infants.

first aid kit

Your travel first aid kit must consist of medicines for allergies, headaches, prevention of motion sickness, indigestion, antiviral drugs, multivitamins. If any of the family members take special medications, stock up on them for the entire travel period.

Traveling with a child will certainly be great! And every next journey becomes simpler and easier. Drive around the countries! Dream on! And open the world to your children with Travellizy experts.