A trip from autumn to summer on a yacht: ideas for sea travel

From the yacht, you can see the beauty of nature and cities from an unusual angle, from the water side. If you have thoughts about a low season and imagine swimming among ice floes and cold winds, we’ll hurry to dispel this myth.

Travellizy has collected travel ideas for sailing in the autumn.


The advantages of renting a yacht in autumn

- Savings on rent

The weather and water are still warm, and most of the tourists have already left. When demand falls, the cost of renting a yacht is 1.5 to 2 times lower than in high season. And if you book for six months, you can save up to 30% of the cost.


The weekly price for using a sailing yacht in the Canary Islands with 3 cabins in November is €2,000. Captain's services will cost another €100 per day. When renting a yacht, you will need to leave a deposit of €1000, this amount will be returned later.

- Lack of queues in ports

In high season, crowds of tourists can cause irritation, adding clutter to your measured sea vacation. Even restaurants are often all crowded, not to mention interesting places. But in the autumn, the best table in the best restaurant will always be at your service!


- The presence of wind

Autumn is a bit more complicated for traveling: the winds are stronger at this time. But this will be a nice bonus for all speed lovers. Only the wind, the sea and the sky, and not the entire summer flotilla will be around you.



The best places for yachting in the autumn

Sicily is perfect for yachting. Comfortable winds blow off the coast almost every day. Due to its convenient location in the center of the Mediterranean Sea, you can sail in any direction from Sicily, and it will be interesting everywhere. The average air temperature is 17 degrees, water temperature is 20 degrees.


In Sicily, you should visit Palermo, the capital of the island, and pay a special attention to the Royal Palace. Don't forget to visit Syracuse with a large abundance of ancient Greek buildings, the city is the birthplace of Archimedes.

The Lipari Islands (known also as Aeolian Islands) are the closest neighbors of Sicily, they are of completely volcanic origin. It's a perfect continuation of yachting from Sicily. Lipari is the largest island with lots of purring cats.

The Lipari Islands

Turkey is an ideal place to travel by sea. Beautiful landscapes, well-developed infrastructure and interesting architectural monuments. The main yachting centers are located in Bodrum, Marmaris, Finike, on the coast of the Aegean Sea. In early November, the thermometer in the resorts of Turkey is at around 21 degrees.


When planning a yacht trip along the coast of Turkey, you should think about a combined trip, and before boarding a yacht, drive in a renting car from Istanbul or Antalya around the country for several days, and then drop off the rental in Marmaris or Bodrum. In this case, you can visit the legendary Troy, Ephesus, Pamukkale and many other attractions of Turkey.


Canary Islands is a popular place for yachting, due to the convenient distance between the islands. Storms are extremely rare here, and warm sunny weather lasts almost all year. In November, the daily temperature is 23 degrees, and the water temperature does not drop below 20 degrees.

Canary Island

Almost all of the famous Canar sailing routes include Tenerife, the home of the active Teide volcano and the eponymous observatory. The list of the main attractions of Tenerife, in addition to the volcano and observatory mentioned, includes a huge water park, a central basilica and a couple of ancient churches. Well, the beaches, of course.


Traveling on a yacht in low season is an opportunity to look at familiar places in a completely different look. As it is impossible to compare the beauty of the seasons, so every yachting season is beautiful in its own way!