Your Flight Is Delayed or Canceled: What to Do and How to Claim Compensation

Not everyone knows how to act, if you are presented with the situation - the flight is canceled. Or it is even worse, when you learn about it only upon arrival at the airport.


According to FlightStats Statistics, about 1.5-2% of the total number of flights is canceled every month, which is 65 thousand flights in the world. Flight cancellation is less common than its delay.

Travellizy is going to tell you, what compensation you can count on in this case.


What Compensation Can Be Expected

In accordance with EU rules, when airlines cancel European flights or delay them for more than 3 hours, you can be compensated for between 250 and 600 €. You can count on the same amount, if you were refused boarding because of overbooking. If you were informed about the cancellation of the flight less than 2 weeks before the departure, you can demand €125–600 from the carrier.


By the way, the ticket price doesn't affect the amount of compensation. Even if you bought a low-cost flight, you can still count on full compensation.


Airport Services at the Aircraft Carrier's Expense

In addition to financial compensation, by law, if your flight is delayed or canceled, or you are denied boarding due to overbooking, you have the right to use the airport services free of charge:

● to receive drinks and meals in 2-4 hours of delay, depending on the distance of the flight;

● to get and check into the hotel, if the flight is delayed for the next day;

● to get on another flight  without extra charge, if it is offered by the airline, or you wait for your flight's departure.


Is your flight canceled or delayed? The airline is obliged to take you to your destination by the nearest flight. Moreover, if your flight connection got mixed up due to the flight delay, the airline will take you to the final destination, under the condition, that a single ticket has been issued. Sometimes they can even put you to the first class, although this is quite rare.

Furthermore, the airline is obliged to pay your additional expenses at the airport. Did you buy a coffee or a bottle of water, while waiting for the solution to the situation? Don't throw away the receipt! The money you spent will be returned to you.


What Documents Are Required for Compensation


First of all, at the check-in counter or at the airline’s ticket office, find a carrier representative. You need to receive a document with a stamp confirming the fact of flight cancellation and / or replacement. This document may be issued to you at the information desk of the airport as well. To claim compensation, you need a written statement stating the following:

●  your flight number,

● the time of expected and actual departure,

● your contact details and bank account details (account number and bank SWIFT code).

A copy of the ticket, boarding pass and insurance should be attached to the statement.

It will not be superfluous to get a photo-proof of the flight cancellation. To do this, it is enough to take of photo of the flight board with this information.

The air carrier is obliged to transfer money to a bank account within 7 days from the moment of statement. Taxes will be withheld from the amount of compensation.

By the way, if the flight is canceled for reasons beyond the airline's control (weather conditions, strikes, armed disorders), you are unlikely to receive compensation.


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