The Bays Of The Magnificent Island Of Hainan

Néi hóu, travelers! Today, Travellizy Team will tell you about the island of Hainan in the south of China. Warm weather prevails here almost all year long, and rains are extremely rare. It is better to come here when a chilly autumn begins in your home country - a vacation in this heavenly place will help you get through the off-season and snowy winter.

The main resort areas are located in the south of the province and are divided into bays: Yalong Bay, Dadonghai, Sanya and Haitang Bay. All beaches on the island are public, so there is no division into types.

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Yalong Bay Beach

Yalong Bay is a picturesque bay with white clean beaches and respectable hotels. This place is chosen by people who prefer quiet rest and high service. This is the most expensive and luxurious bay on the island. People who prefer a quiet and serene beach holiday rest here.


The entire beach line, which is 7 km long, is a delightful beach with very fine white sand. The water is crystal clear, transparent even at high waves.

There is a beautiful sandy entrance to the sea with no pebbles or corals.


It is allowed to swim only in specially fenced small swimming sections. Boats and water scooters go back and forth all the time, the smell of diesel fuel is everywhere. If you go outside the swimming sections, then the employees on the beach will blow the whistle, but most beachgoers do not care.

In public areas, you will have to pay for sun loungers from 4 to 7 dollars (30 to 50 yuan), the cost depends on the proximity to the water: the closer to the sea, the more expensive. Showers and toilets are free. If you live in a different bay, you can get to Yalong Bay Beach for 5-10 yuan by bus # 15, 25 or 29 (they run from Sanya through Dadonghai).


On the beach, everything disposes to complete relaxation: there are no noisy merchants, cafes, fuss and shouts. Local residents practically do not come here.

Ялонг бухта на острове Хайнань, Китай


Sanya Bay Beach

The Sanya resort area is located near the airport and has a wide beach strip. It is the longest beach on the island, with a length of about 11 km. It starts from the End of the World, Sanya Park Natural Sculpture, passes near the airport along residential buildings and hotels, and ends near the artificial island of Phoenix. All beaches in this bay are located across the street from hotels. You can get to the beach from Yalong Bay and Dadonghai by bus # 25, 26. A trip from one bay to another costs about $ 1 (from 5 to 10 yuan, depending on the distance).


Tourists who like leisurely vacation come here more often. Mainly Chinese and Europeans rest in this bay. Sanya has many new mid-range, low-cost five-star hotels, most of which are across the street from the beach.


Speaking about the beach, as a rule, there are no sun loungers, and only few hotels have their own beach umbrellas. Entry into the sea is sandy and gentle. There are fruit and jewelry vendors on the beach, completely unobtrusive. The sand is light gray, almost white, very dense, which is especially good for children, because excellent castles can be built from such sand! And you can also ride a bike and rickshaw on it, and the wheels will not even get stuck. There are a lot of small crabs on the beach that run on the sand, digging burrows in it. The coastal strip is really wide. There is enough space on it for those who like active games, and for those who prefer to lie on the warm sand as well as for those who want to walk along the sea at sunset.


The beach has free showers and toilets. Sometimes you may be asked to pay for beach umbrellas and sun loungers belonging to another hotel, not yours (the price is about $ 3-4 or 20-30 yuan).

Санья, Китай. Отдых в Китае. Авиабилеты в Китай


Dadonghai Beach

The beach in Dadonghai is only 4 km long. It is located between two mountains, so in winter the water here should be slightly warmer than in other bays. The hotels are located on the first line, they have their own territory on the beach, but it is not fenced at all.

It takes about 10-20 minutes to get to the beach of Dadonghai Bay from Sanya Bay by bus #2, 4, 8. From Yalong Bay - by bus #15, 25, 29, 24, travel time will take 40-50 minutes.


Dadonghai is more suitable for active travelers.

The infrastructure of this bay is quite developed: many cafes, shops, and bars are built here. The hotels are mainly of urban type. Of all the beaches, Dadonghai is the most popular one. If you want to combine a beach holiday with shopping and have a wide choice of food, if you like to stroll along the streets in the evenings and get to know the life of the indigenous people, this beach is the best choice for you.


The sand is fine, light, crumbly, and not dense, as in Sanya Bay, you can't ride a bicycle or a rickshaw on it. The entrance to the sea is sandy, and shallow almost everywhere. The water is blue, transparent, with a suspension of sand near the shore. But there are no palm trees on the shore, so you won't be able to hide in their shade. There are a lot of cafes near the beach, mostly with Russian names: "Kievan Rus", "At Lena", "USSR" and others. The cuisine is primarily Russian and European, and only then comes Chinese cuisine. Prices are quite affordable: borscht costs about $ 1.5-2 dollars (10-12 yuan).

Пляжный отдых в Китае


Haitang Bay Beach

Haitang Bay is a new bay with luxury hotels of famous brands. The beaches are sandy and the sea is clean and transparent. It's suitable for those who like good quality hotels and high quality service.

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The 10 best attractions of the island of Hainan 

  • Yalong Bay, located southeast of Sanya City, is a favorite among fans of soft beach sand, warm sea, diving, yachting and golf.
  • Beach and sea sports in the west of Haikou. The hotels offer guests access to thermal pools. In some pools, small fish participate in the fish-spa treatment.
  • Nanshan is a very nice area, home to the Buddhist Center and the statue of Kuan Yin (Goddess of Mercy) in the sea.
  • Yanoda Tropical Rainforest Park offers you to spend a whole day in the jungle with the richest flora, fauna as well as waterfalls.
  • Nanwan Monkey Island is a nature reserve, which is accessed by the longest over-water cable car in China.
  • Dongtian Park is a picturesque place located 40 kilometers west of the city of Sanya with beautiful mountain caves.
  • Ma'anshan, the crater of an extinct volcano, equipped with an observation deck, is located 15-20 km from Haikou.
  • Wuzhi Mountain in the middle south of the island is the highest point in Hainan (1867 m). The trip with the ascent will take less than one day.
  • A park with giant rocks decorated with the inscriptions "End of Heaven" and "Corner of the Sea" near the city of Sanya.
  • Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden, located 120 km from Sanya, next to radon springs, has a collection of rare plants.

Остров Хайнань, Китай


Hainan has a favorable ecological situation. Local residents carefully monitor the environment, take care of the cleanliness of the sea, mountains and forests. Relaxation is easy to combine with treatment, as many treatment centers with traditional Chinese medicine have been built here. Nature reserves, botanical gardens and parks are a real dream for explorers, naturalists and dreamers!

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