The Hawaii of China, or The Most Important Information About Hainan

The people of China believe that there is no better place on Earth where you can feel the connection with the sky so close than the island of Hainan. After the city noise, you feel here in harmony with the world and fill yourself with silence. Buddhist temples, picturesque landscapes, thermal springs, white beaches with clean sand, ancient volcanoes and warm sun. The popularity of the tropical island is growing every year. Although, many tourists have not yet heard of such a location on the planet.

Travellizy Team will tell you in more detail what is interesting in Hainan, how travelers have fun here, and what you must definitely see.


The location of the island

The island of the same name is located in the South China Sea, in the southeast of the Middle Kingdom, in the province of Hainan. It is separated from the mainland by a strait, up to 30 km wide. It is the largest island in the country. In addition, it’s the world's second island in terms of healthiness and air purity. And all this is due to forests that occupy more than half of the territory.


Resorts of the island

The main resort of Hainan is Sanya. The place attracts visitors with technology, beauty and at the same time a sense of seclusion. Hotels are located across the street from the sea. Unlike Dadonghai Bay, where hotels are located right next to the sea. This resort is very popular with tourists. The swimming areas on public beaches are fenced off by rescue buoys, the sea is shallow and you can walk to the buoys.

VIP holidays are offered at Yalong Bay. And fans of snorkeling and diving will appreciate the resort of Haitang Bay.

Luxury Hotels and Resorts along Haitang Bay



There are so many landmarks on the island that tourists try to create an action plan for themselves in advance, in order not to get lost and miss something very important and unique.


Li and Miao Village

Travelers interested in the culture of the Chinese people will love the Li and Miao Folk Village in the Binglang Valley. Li and Miao are the indigenous people of the island. Residents of the artificial settlement introduce tourists to the customs, traditions and culture that used to rule on the island a couple of centuries ago. Cultural events and holidays are held on the territory of the ethnic village.

You can come to the village by bus from Sanya. The ticket costs € 1.8. Entrance to the territory of the settlement is € 15.5.

Li and Miao

For a leisurely walk, arrive at the opening hours (8:00-18:00). For exploring the village, you need light and comfortable clothing, because the tourist complex is located on a hilly area. Take water and snacks with you, as prices in local stores are much higher.


Park "Edge of the World"

Not far from the resort of Sanya, near the folklore settlement at Maling Mountain, there is a beautiful and romantic place - a park called the Edge of the World. The park's authenticity lies in the fact that instead of plants, people come here to enjoy the huge rocks along the coastline. Many rocks have their own names and stories.

Look for the rock with four hieroglyphs “column of the southern sky”. The legend tells of the fairies who turned into a large rock to help fishermen shelter from storms. But the gods were angry with them, broke the rock into 2 parts and threw one part into the sea.

Nearby you will find a reposing rock with the inscription from 1744 “the edge of the sky and the rim of the sea”. Tianya and Haijiao, a rock with the names of the local Romeo and Juliet, is also of great interest. The parents did not approve their marriage, so they had to flee to the island. The moment the servants surrounded them, thunder came and turned the lovers into 2 huge rocks. Since then, all newlyweds have looked at the rock as a sign of true and eternal love.

Tianya Haijiao

Tourists come here from Yalongwan Bay by bus # 24/29 for € 3. From Sanya - by bus # 16/6 for € 2. From Dadonghai - by bus # 29. The entrance to the park costs € 12.5.


Dongshan Safari Park

On the shores of Lake Dongshan, there is a park of the same name, where cute pandas live. It is divided into 2 areas. In the pedestrian area, animals can be seen in enclosures. And there is a car area, where the natural living conditions have been recreated for animals. Therefore, tigers, panthers, bears and lions walk freely around the territory. If security measures are not followed, there is a possibility of an attack on a person.

The park is mostly covered with tropical forest. Many hiking trails have been developed. It is also possible to visit the dinopark with interactive animal models. The Bird Garden and the Monkey City are also very popular with tourists. Visitors can feed giraffes, elephants, crocodiles and hippos. Food is sold at the cage for € 1.

Hainan Tropical Wildlife Park

At the entrance to the park, it is offered to rent special tablets with a map of the area and an audio guide in 5 languages. During the walk, the device is triggered, informing about the terrain, animals nearby and enclosures.

The easiest way to get to the park is by bus from Haikou City. For example, from Hongchenghu Bus Station. Or take a daily bus from Mingzhu Square, which leaves at 10:00. The natural landmark is open from 8:00 to 17:30. The entrance ticket costs € 16.5.

Comfortable clothes and snacks are required for the walk. And also, we warn you that in the habitat of monkeys, you'd better hide jewelry, bags and smartphones or keep them as tight as possible. Friendly creatures deftly snatch things from tourists' hands.


Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden

One of the largest tropical gardens is Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden. The garden is located near the coast, 32 hectares are picturesquely surrounded by mountains.

Tourists contemplate natural beauty, enjoy the aromas of flowering plants and taste unique local drinks. Only here you can taste and buy green vanilla tea and Xinglong Coffee as a souvenir. The garden is open from 7:30 to 18:00. Entrance costs € 8.

Experienced travelers advise to include a visit to the Nanshan Temple in the island's program. If possible, enhance your health at the thermal springs of the Zhujiang Nantian Resort. Go to Monkey Island. Walk through the rainforest at Yanoda Tropical Rainforest Park. See the legend of Atlantis embodied in the Atlantis Aquarium. Climb the tree houses in Sanya. And don't forget about Ma'an Ridge Volcanic Crater.

Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden


The best time to travel

Due to the fact that the island is located at the same latitude as Hawaii, it has the most wonderful climatic conditions. In winter, the temperature is above +25°C. And the water in the sea is not lower than +23°С all year round.

The high season runs from December to March. During this period, there are many tourists from all over the world and prices for accommodation are the highest. In April, there are noticeably fewer tourists. Prices are dropping although it is still sunny and the beach season continues.

The rainy season falls in May, August and September. It's a great time for excursions. June/July is the hottest season. And the water warms up to +30°С. There is no rain anymore in October and November, but cool winds blow.


How to get there

The most favorite way to travel in the east is by train. Despite the fact that the island is not connected to the mainland by a bridge, you can still reach it by this type of transport. A ferry crossing for the train was created specially for this. The entire train embarks on a ferry, and after the crossing, it continues its route along the coast to the resort of Sanya.

So, from Beijing to the island you can arrive in 35 hours, from Shanghai - in 36 hours, and from Guangzhou - in 15 hours.


Hainan evening

Pandas, volcanoes, and underground shopping await travelers to Hainan Island. Travellizy's experts send everyone to feel the excitement from the Other China.