Revenge Travel: How People Will Take Revenge For A Year Without Travel

This completely new trend that emerged during the coronavirus pandemic continues to gain momentum. In a new article, Travellizy Team will tell you what revenge travel is, how travelers plan to take revenge on COVID-19 for a year of life with constant restrictions, and what travel industry experts predict for 2021.


  • Что такое revenge travel?

The new concept arose from the English words revenge and travel. The global pandemic has dramatically changed the travel industry, many people had to cancel their trips in 2020 and come to terms that they lost this battle with COVID-19. But in 2021, travelers are determined to take revenge on the past year and, despite the fact that there is still no way to move around without restrictions, as before, people are tired of waiting and are ready to plan their trips again.


Revenge for a year without travel means longer and better vacations as well as making up for lost time. That is why the new trend is called revenge travel. 


Путешествия в условиях пандемии

At the beginning of the summer season, the EU countries are planning to introduce a Digital Green Certificate, which will allow people to move around Europe more freely. A number of other countries are gradually lifting entry restrictions for those who have completed the full course of vaccinations, so international travel is expected to return to normal and beyond.


If vaccination rates continue to rise and cases decline significantly, many travel experts predict that people will travel even more often than before the pandemic to see the world and reconnect with friends and family in other cities and countries.


  • Travel industry forecasts for 2021

Travelers tired of the prolonged quarantine start planning longer and more expensive vacations, if possible, even more than once a year. If earlier people were looking for more budget vacation options, now, the priority is trips, which they have long dreamed of, but constantly postponed for later.


In the nearest future, tourism industry experts predict an increase in the number of bookings. Prices will be low, but only as long as airlines and hotels operate in a reduced demand. The more people resume their travel, the faster the flight prices and accommodation cost start to rise. Also, for the first time, many companies will leave flexible rules for canceling bookings.


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Куда можно поехать из Украины


During the pandemic, the hospitality industry competently emphasized the importance of hotel infrastructure and focused on cleanliness standards, so many tourists will initially give preference to proven hotel brands that can provide a high level of safety and hygiene.


Путешествия в 2021 году

Travelers will also deliberately avoid popular destinations and choose a vacation closer to nature, so an increased demand for hotel complexes in the mountains or by the sea with a private beach is expected. Accommodation facilities that can offer various types of outdoor activities will be able to make good money this season, because after a year of being locked up, people have missed vivid emotions and are ready to spend more money on new experiences.


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