Holidays with Italian flavor: the best resorts of the island of Sicily

Sicily is one of travelers' favorite islands. People come here for the temperamental hospitality of local residents and the flavor of medieval cities. Gourmets never cease to admire the delicious local cuisine, and they fall in love with the stunning landscapes and magnificent beaches so much that they want to return to this wonderful island again and again.

Sicily is an island of mysteries, amazing history, as well as numerous natural and architectural attractions. Etna, the largest active volcano in Italy, is located here.

etna volcano

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean. It has a triangular shape, for which the ancient Greek colonists called it Trinacria. The island is washed by three seas: the Mediterranean, the Ionian and the Tyrrhenian. Along the entire coast of the island, at a length of 1000 kilometers, there are heavenly beaches and the best resorts in Europe.


How to get to Sicily

You can get to the island by plane or ferry. Passenger ferries depart regularly from the Italian mainland. The nearest port of Sicily is the coast of Messina. However, ferries also run to other ports in the island's major cities.
Sicily has only five airports. International flights are taken by Falcone Borsellino Airport in Palermo and Fontanarossa in Catania. From Palermo Airport, you can get to the center by train, bus or taxi. From Catania Airport - only by bus or taxi.


When is the best time to relax in Sicily

The sunny island is ready to receive tourists all year round. Summers are hot and winters are short and mild. In December, at the foot of Mount Etna, the ski season opens, but it lasts a maximum until March. In March, the snow melts and the air temperature rises to +14°С, at night up to +10°С.


The high season on the island lasts from May to November. Note that in May and November the sea water temperature is also perfect for swimming.


Where is the best place to relax in Sicily

  • Palermo is the capital of Sicily and one of the main resorts of the island. The historic center of Palermo is considered to be one of the largest in Europe. The architecture and true Italian culture are very well preserved here. People visit Palermo for sights and picturesque beaches. The best beaches in Palermo are San Vito Lo Capo and Mondello.


  • Catania is one of the oldest cities in Sicily. It is considered a major metropolis and resort on the island. The city is located dangerously close to the unpredictable Mount Etna. The locals are distinguished by even greater Italian cordiality and goodwill. Many of them know English well. The streets of the city are clean and beautiful, and the houses are made of gray volcanic stone. The city has an equipped sandy beach, and there is a beach with black volcanic sand on the opposite side of the city. 


  • Syracuse is an ancient Greek city on the shores of a quiet bay. It is located near Mount Etna. Syracuse is the only place in Europe where reeds grow, from which papyrus is still made. The city is located on steep cliffs, so the seabed is rocky and not very convenient for families with children. This area is very fond of divers - there are a large number of underwater caves in the bays of the resort.


Beach lovers can go to a small provincial town near Syracuse. We are talking about the Fontana Bianche beach - a beautiful beach with sandy bottom, white sand and clear azure water.

Fontane Bianche

  • Cefalu is a city and commune on the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Near Cefalu, there is a huge rock with a cathedral on its top. There is a large sandy beach along the walls of the Old Town. And next to Cefalu, there is another popular Mazzaforno Beach. Cefalu resort is considered to be the best place for families with children, as the sand on the beach is white and soft like flour. The sea water is turquoise, and the bottom is flat and smooth. 


  •  Taormina is the heart of Sicily and the most popular resort for European travelers with the most luxurious beaches and fashionable hotels. If you want your vacation to be cheap, then this resort is worth coming in the low season, since the prices for accommodation in Taormina are very high in the summer. The city is located on a hilltop next to the Ionian Sea. The city offers just incredible views of the majestic Etna. The main attraction of Taormina is the ancient amphitheater, which hosts the oldest film festival in Italy. Although there is no beach in the city itself, five kilometers from Taormina is one of the best coasts of the island - Giardini Naxos. You can get here by bus or train.


  • Trapani is a small city and medieval pearl of Sicily. Trapani is famous for the amazing windmills that have survived to this day along the coast. There are many medieval castles and villas in the city. Winemaking is well developed in Trapani, and the most famous drink of these places is Marsala, a strong sweet wine.


The beaches in the resort are spacious, but tourists are more attracted by the nearby island of Favignana. You can get to the island by boat. A round-trip ticket will cost you 20 euros. Favignana offers vacationers stunning paradise beaches with completely free admission.


  •  Marina di Ragusa represents 60 km of coastline and is also known as the seaside part of the city of Ragusa. You will find here beautiful Blue Flag beaches, rocky coves, interesting diving spots, dunes and beaches overgrown with tropical vegetation. The city of Ragusa itself is located in the hilly part of the area. It is old with narrow streets, medieval houses and cathedrals.

Marina di Ragusa

  • Agrigento is one of the largest cities in Sicily. It is famous primarily for its extensive archaeological park called the Valley of the Temples. This huge complex of Greek civilization ruins is one of the main attractions not only in Sicily, but also in Italy. The beaches of this province are among the twenty most visited by tourists.


Two of the most unusual local beaches are located on both sides of the rocky snow-white cliff of Scala dei Turchi. The cliff steps descend to the water and looks like a staircase built by giants.

One of the favorite places in the province of Agrigento is the adjacent island of Lampedusa.


  • Messina is the main Sicilian port and the third largest city on the island. The main treasures of Messina are the cathedral with a huge astronomical clock, two fountains created by a student of Michelangelo and the canvases of Caravaggio. The city beach of Messina is covered with small pebbles, the water is clean and warm, as the beach is located on the coast of the Gulf of Messina. Messina offers breathtaking views of the coast of mainland Italy.


Walking along the Sicilian streets, make sure to stop by the courtyards, where a calm home life moves, and freshly washed linen is hung over your heads. Visit small trattorias to taste exquisite Sicilian cuisine accompanied by the famous limoncello liqueur. When sitting on one of the majestic ancient fountains, admire the blooming citrus fruits. And of course, while enjoying the magic of the island and Italian's best ice cream - fall in love with Sicily!