Escape to Paradise, or Top 10 World's Most Beautiful Beach Islands

Islands are always an escape from hectic days to perfectly sandy beaches lined with rustling palms, serene blue oceans, and postcard photos. But in fact, each island is unique, with its own character and interests. The beauty of some of them is revealed by the surrounding sea. Others are attracted by lush jungle, velvet peaks or cultural treasures.

But all the islands are united by the distance from everyday life, proximity to stunning reliefs and exotic cultures. Travellizy Team will name world's 10 classic islands that are considered to be the best of the best.


1. Maldives

It's a magical archipelago in the Indian Ocean of over 1000 coral islands. There is more ocean than land. A chain of tiny and coral atolls stretches far into the ocean. The beaches, lagoons and marine life of the Maldives are distinctive, making it one of the world's best snorkeling spots.

The most favorite vacation spot in the Maldives is the coastline of Vaadhoo Island. The most breathtaking sunsets are called the archipelago's best attractions.

maldives island

European cities, Singapore, Dubai, Doha offer direct flights to the Maldives, the capital of Male. Domestic seaplane flights provide transfers to the desired island.

Most of the hotels offer overwater accommodation, in a kind of bungalow. Some hotels occupy an entire island, or even two adjacent ones. Some islands have their own specialization: for privacy, family holiday or outdoor activities. In addition to hotels, you can stay in mini-hotels and guest houses. An independent traveler can rent accommodation from € 55.


2. Seychelles

Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 coral islands. They are known for their perfect white sandy coastline and a truly heavenly nature. Each island is unique: with deserted beaches and boulders, coral reefs and rainforests, cultural heritage and endemic species.

Most of the local islands are attractive because they are completely uninhabited.


The most famous Seychelles are Mahe, La Digue and Praslin. Mahe is the largest, most populated and comfortable for tourism. On Praslin, travelers roam the jungle looking for waterfalls. And La Digue is a quiet place with the best natural beaches.

The easiest way to get to the archipelago is air travel through Europe. Air Seychelles flights are operated via London, Frankfurt, Rome, Milan, Zurich. For example, from Paris, the flight takes up to 13 hours. The international airport is located in Mahe. The remaining 9 local airports operate domestic flights.

Port of Victoria

In the hotels of the archipelago, there is a high probability of getting discounts on the 3 above-described islands. The islands are large enough, populous with a well-established tourist infrastructure. The price of accommodation on the island is directly related to its size. The smaller the island, the more expensive the accommodation.

The most expensive accommodation is offered in hotels. But on the island, you can rent both apartments and guest houses. So, for two, you can find accommodation from € 70.


3. Palawan

In the Philippines, there is another heavenly place. Together with the nearby small islands, it is called the province of Palawan. Here, limestone peaks rise from the sea. The water is so clear that you can see the fish smiling.

Marimegmeg beach

Jungles, mangroves, emerald lakes and authentic fishing villages are framed by white sandy beaches with rustling palm trees. And underwater coral reefs with a vibrant variety of underwater inhabitants are one of the best diving spots on the planet.

Most often, travelers get to the island by plane. The main airport is in Puerto Princess. There are daily flights from Manila, the capital of the Philippines, and Cebu. Travel around the island is carried out by buses, jeepneys and tricycles.


Most of the luxury hotels are located in El Nido and Puerto Princess. But the island offers accommodation in guest houses at a price of € 20 per day. The price depends on the distance from the center, the presence of windows in the room and comfort. For independent and experienced tourists, it is best to choose accommodation upon arrival, as you can save a lot by bargaining.


4. Bora Bora

In the South Pacific, there is a lush volcanic island in the shape of a sombrero. It's an elite resort and the star of countless fantasies with palm forests. The island is surrounded by coral reefs, lagoons and many motu (tiny islets). The coastal waters are home to turtles, rays and sharks.

Bora Bora

You can get to Bora Bora only from Tahiti. For example, a flight from Paris to Tahiti takes 20 hours. And it will take 45 minutes to reach the island on a small domestic plane. It is also possible to choose a cruise on the Pacific Ocean on a high-speed catamaran.

The most expensive accommodation on the island is in a bungalow on the water, from € 700 per day. Houses on the shore cost from € 200. The price depends on the view from the window.


5. Bali

Bali is swept by a tropical wave from the first breath. You will find here incense, rice paddies and traditional food. It's a great place for all kinds of beach activities, walks and spa treatments. And the funny monkey thieves, who are constantly trying to steal something, only add fun to your holiday.

Bali islands

Experienced tourists are advised to avoid the hackneyed tourist areas of Kuta and Denpasar. And they advise you to visit Munduk and Ubud.

Most of the visitors arrive at the only international airport. Flights are carried out from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong. From Kiev, having booked at least 6 months in advance, you can buy tickets to Bali for € 600 in both directions.


Travelers stay on the island in bungalows, guesthouses and villas. For a short vacation (up to 10 days), it's better to choose 3* hotels. It costs from € 40 per day. For a vacation of three weeks or more, it makes sense to stay in a villa or bungalow. The price will start from € 11 per day.


6. Fiji

Fiji is an ideal exotic place, a picturesque archipelago of the South Pacific. Each of the 333 islands is a paradise with many beaches, gorges, waterfalls, mangrove forests and natural pools.

Fiji islands

Tourists get to the islands by plane from New Zealand, Australia, South Korea. But the easiest way to fly here is from Singapore, Dubai and Sydney. Your passport gets stamped with visa upon arrival. You need to present your passport, accommodation reservation and return ticket.

Mana Island, Fiji

Travelers stay not only in luxury hotels. Hostels can be rented on the islands for € 10-12, apartments - from € 20. The price depends on the presence of a shop and cafe nearby and on the possibility to reach the property on foot, because the roads can often be flooded here.


7. Koh Lipe

In the south of Thailand, there is a small island called Koh Lipe. It can be walked around in just 1 hour. It is home to friendly people and 25% tropical fish. The beach holiday is complemented by turquoise water, coconut trees, rainforest and delicious seafood.

White sand beach

Travelers get here from the nearest airports in Thailand and Malaysia. From there, they go to the island by boats or high-speed boats. In Thailand, there are connections from Hat Yao Pier and Pak Bara Pier. In Malaysia, look for piers: Kuah Jetty or Telaga Harbour.

Accommodation at the hotel will cost from € 80 for two. Beach bungalows can be rented from € 25 in high season.


8. Maui, Hawaiian Archipelago

The second largest island in the Hawaiian archipelago is Maui. You can see here almost Martian landscapes. Watch the sunrise from the top of the 3 km volcano. Swim in the waterfalls. Walk along the craters and soak up the white, black and even red sand. In addition, the island will delight fans of surfing and windsurfing.


The island has an airport that accepts flights from other Hawaiian Islands and US cities. Travelers stay in hotels from € 80 for two.


9. Bermuda

Bermuda is not only one of the most beautiful, but also one of the most expensive islands. This is where the best beaches in the Caribbean and North America in general are located. The pink sandy beaches are mostly occupied by wealthy and influential people.

The easiest way for European tourists to get to the islands is by plane from London. After all, the islands belong to Great Britain. Or with a transfer in the USA: New York, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Baltimore, etc.

Horseshoe Bay

You will never make your vacation absolutely cheap. But it can definitely be made less expensive. Experienced travelers advise to book accommodation at least 3 months in advance. At the same time, avoid hotels and resort areas. It will be more profitable for large companies to rent an apartment. It will not be superfluous to know that there is couchsurfing even here.



10. Cook Islands

If you've ever dreamed of getting lost in the South Pacific, then the Cook Islands are just for you. The archipelago consists of 15 islands. The main local attractions are aquamarine lagoons, volcanic peaks and a friendly population.

Renting a bungalow on the water or a rustic hut on the beach couldn't be easier. And also play Robinson Crusoe. What's even more interesting is that the monthly rent for housing is only € 100-130.

Cook Islands

The easiest way to fly to the islands is from Auckland, a city in New Zealand. You will not need to apply for a visa if you do not plan to stay for more than 3 months. But you need a standard package of documents (passport, hotel reservation and return ticket).

Polynesian boats

Of course, someone will say that we forgot to mention Bahamas. Someone will be outraged that Sardinia is not in the list. Others will be saddened by the absence of the Dalmatian Islands. Travellizy experts advise: focusing on the TOP, you still need to find your own Shangri-La. Somewhere from the Seychelles to Santorini and from the Caribbean to Capri.