The world's most beautiful lakes

Some of these places are protected, others are far from civilization, which saves them from human barbarism. Travellizy Team has collected for you five of the most beautiful lakes on the planet. Would you like to visit them?


Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Imagine an endless field of salt, larger than Cyprus or Luxembourg. It may blow your mind, but it exists. In the south of the Altiplano desert plateau, in Bolivia, at an altitude of about 3650 m above sea level, there is a dry salt lake - Salar de Uyuni. Its area is 10,582 km².

This is the world's largest salt marsh. During the rainy season, its salt cells are covered with the thinnest layer of transparent water, and the lake turns into a giant mirror. The surface of the lake merges with the blue sky, and the nearby landscapes acquire unreal beauty. Blue water merges with air, and it is not completely clear, where the horizon begins.

Salar de Uyuni

The lake shines so much and shimmers in the sun that can barely look at it. You better remember to wear sunglasses.

When the salt crust dries up, the water from the bottom rushes out. As a result, cone-shaped volcanoes are formed on the surface.

Salar de Uyuni is characterized by sharp changes in temperature. In the morning and at night, the mark on the thermometer can drop below zero, and during the day, it can heat up to +70°С.

Another attraction of this area is the Valley of the Rocks. It's a very interesting place, as if you are getting inside a painting by Dali. This is a sandy area of ​​the park with bizarre stone sculptures. Desert, sand and huge stones sticking out of it. It's better to visit them at dawn, when the mountains light up like a Roman candle. The famous "tree" "grows" by itself. For shots that can capture the general view of the valley, you need to climb a sandy hill, which is quite difficult. It is very windy here, so we recommend that in addition to proper clothing, you should have sunglasses, with which you can protect your eyes from the sand.

The Valley of Rocks

In the central part of the salt marsh, you will find an island of huge cacti, the height of which reaches 7 meters. Trichocereus cacti have perfectly adapted to the climate of the salt marsh, and look spectacular against the background of the snow-white salt marsh and the blue sky. Some cacti are 1200 years old!


Braies, Dolomites, Italy

The lake in the Italian province of Alto Adige became widely known thanks to the television series "One Step From Heaven", 5 seasons of which were filmed here from 2010 to 2018. But at first glance, it becomes clear why this magical place attracts travelers: the purest emerald-colored water, framed by mountains.

Lake Braies is located in the Fanes-Sennes-Prags Nature Park, in the Val di Braies at an altitude of 1496 m above sea level, about 97 km from Bolzano and 25 km from the border with Austria. The water mirror is surrounded on three sides by the peaks of the Dolomites.

Lake Braies changes its color. The weather helps tourists make sure of this, sending them during their stay on the lake both black clouds with rain and a bright sun. As a result, visitors can admire all shades of gray, blue and emerald! By the way, the air temperature here is relatively low even in summer (on average, about +20°C in summer), in winter, it drops to -10°C, and in summer, the water temperature does not exceed +16°C.

Pragser Wildsee

The best time to visit the lake is at the end of May, as it will be full of water and its mirror will be incredible. In the warm season, the best time to visit is in the morning, as there is no heat and no crowds of people. But in the morning, the photos will not be as great. On weekends, the number of tourists exceeds the capacity, so come either very early or on a weekday.

Boating will cost you € 28 per hour (this time is enough to get to the farthest point and back). On the shore of the lake, there is a hotel with a restaurant and a souvenir shop, as well as a chapel. Parking costs € 6 from morning until 17.00.

You can go around the lake - counterclockwise, the path is very simple and smooth - it is pleasant to walk slowly. Clockwise, you will climb a fairly steep staircase with platforms. But you can pass everything without haste and be in time.

By the way, Braies is a historical place. It was here that Hitler ordered to bring political prisoners from Dachau. The Nazis executed here 136 people.


Lake Tahoe, USA

Lake Tahoe is located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, on the California-Nevada border. The sun shines here 300 days a year, which makes this place perfect for walks in the fresh air at any season. You can go swimming, kayaking, windsurfing in summer. In winter, the majestic snowfall allows you to ski. Come here early in the morning or in the evening to avoid crowds and get the best conditions.

Lake Tahoe is the second deepest in the United States after Crater Lake in Oregon. The water in the reservoir is so clean that you can see the bottom even at a depth of 50 meters.

Mark Twain, who had visited the lake, wrote about it: “The air up there in the clouds is very pure and fine. Bracing and delicious. And why shouldn't it be? It is the same the angels breathe”.

There is no lack of fun on Lake Tahoe. It is so big, and there are so many must-see places that it can be difficult to know where to start.

Lake Tahoe

Rent a mountain bike and tour the Flume Trail, a moderate 14-mile route (not physically challenging, no sharp turns). At the peak of the trail, you will have a unique view of the "double lake", of Lake Marlette and Lake Tahoe, glistening below and in the distance.

On your bike trip, visit Bonsai Rock, a boulder with four small trees growing out of a crevice above. The place is popular among photographers and is also a great opportunity to plunge into the cool water. However, keep in mind that in clear water, the bottom sensation is deceiving. Therefore, we recommend that you first check the depth of the part of the reservoir into which you are going to dive.

In summer, you can rent kayaks, sailboats and surfboards. From Sand Harbor Rentals Bay, you can complete a stunning kayak route. The cost of sports boat rental is € 8 per day. The most convenient way to get to Tahoe is from Reno-Tahoe Airport. The city has an airport connecting the all ends of the United States.


Grüner See, Austria

This place is one of the twenty most unusual places on the planet. The local beauty attracts tourists from all over the world, and Austrians enjoy their holidays here.

Green Lake

Grüner See translates as "Green Lake". And everyone who has ever been here clearly understands why the reservoir is so named.

The lake is unique because of its ability to change completely. In winter, the depth is only 1-2 meters. But in spring, when snow and glaciers descend from the tops of the mountains, the water fills the valley, flooding the local park with paths and benches. The maximum depth of the lake in autumn is 169 meters. The clarity of the water allows divers to explore the bottom. However, its temperature does not rise above +7°C even in summer, so diving should be done in a suit. The diving season starts in March and ends in November. For beginners, local diving instructors organize safe diving drills.

Grüner See is located near Salzburg, the second most visited city in Austria after Vienna.


Lake Retba, Senegal

Pink lakes are rare in the world. Having driven 30 km from Dakar, the capital of Senegal, you find yourself on the shores of the unique Lake Retba (meaning Pink Lake). The area of ​​the reservoir is 3 km², and the water resembles a giant strawberry cream cocktail. Blue skies and white sand add to this landscape even more feeling of being on another planet.

The characteristic pink color of the lake is given by the bacteria Dunaliella salina, which are attracted by the high salt content of the reservoir.

The depth of the lake does not exceed 3 meters, while the concentration of dissolved salt is 380 grams per liter. This allows the water to hold the human body on the surface, even if a person completely exhales air and lies motionless. At the same time, you cannot swim in Lake Retba for more than 10 minutes: the high salt concentration in the lake damages the skin. To protect themselves from damage, tourists and local people are rubbed with oil.

Lake Retba

Depending on the angle of incidence, the color of the water changes from light pink, crimson to brown. Also, the color of the lake depends on the wind and time of day.

Unfortunately, due to too active extraction of salt, the most beautiful lake of the planet is constantly decreasing in size and may soon disappear. Of course, unless, the authorities start taking steps to preserve it.

Nature is the greatest artist. Sometimes it is even difficult to believe that such unusual places are located on our planet. We wish everyone to see for themselves the incredible beauty of these lakes, and Travellizy Team will help make this trip happen. What place would you like to see with your own eyes? Write in the comments below the article!