Traveling with a baby — madness or reality?

There is an unwritten rule/stereotype/fear/superstition in our culture that small children under the age of 3 are not allowed to travel anywhere. Actually, it’s very possible. But each parent decides whether it is necessary or worth it, what resources will be involved.

Pregnancy is not a disease, childbirth is not pain, motherhood is not a prison, but baby trips are real and quite possible. Are you planning to travel with a baby?

What a great idea! The main thing is to think over everything in advance. We will share useful tips.

After a baby is born, even the most experienced travelers have more than a dozen questions. If this topic is useful for you, you should read this article. Thank you for staying with us! ⠀


  • When to start traveling with a baby

After a baby is born, most young parents refuse to travel for several years, considering the mission impossible. Of course, you should not go on long journeys literally in the first months of a baby's life. It is better to wait until the baby is at least 3-4 months old. Better yet, six months.

  • Rest

Vacations should be nothing but vacations, so don't burden your kids with studying while traveling. Leave all homework for the return, and while traveling, give your child the opportunity to explore this beautiful world on their own.

  • Acclimatization

In order for the child's body not to experience stress, it is necessary to avoid overheating in the sun, especially in the first days of your trip. Visit the sea only in the morning and try to leave the beach before lunch.

  • Accommodation

From our own experience, we can say that it is more comfortable to live  with small children in an apartment than in a hotel. Or you need to carefully choose a hotel, give preference to those establishments that provide everything you need.

  • Food

If possible, try to take with you the foods that your child used to eat in order to avoid sudden gastronomic fluctuations. If you are relaxing with a baby, then be sure to grab the needed formula.

  • Medications

The list of the most important medicines for traveling with a child includes: antipyretics, antibiotics, antispasmodics, enzymes, antiseptics, antivirals.

Путешествие с маленьким ребенком, что нужно знать папе и маме


Peculiarities of the organization of breastfeeding in transport such as plane, bus, car.

  • With a baby on a plane

Some airports have mother-and-child rooms. Check if there is such a room in your departure area. Such rooms are usually quite well equipped, it is more comfortable to spend the time before departure there than in the common room. There may be changing tables, baby beds, toys and a separate toilet where you can wash and feed your baby.  ⠀

On the plane, do not forget to fasten the little ones with a separate belt (it is usually given by flight attendants). It is just as comfortable to breastfeed in it as it is to breastfeed in mommy’s arms.  ⠀

Try to breastfeed your baby during takeoff and landing. Sucking movements will help him to painlessly endure pressure drops and the loud sound of the motors will scare the baby less.  


  • With a baby on a bus

If you need to get to your destination by bus, you can buy an additional ticket so that both mom and baby are more comfortable. An additional place next to the mother will allow both changing the baby's clothes and breastfeeding, if suddenly the child is used to breastfeeding while lying down.  ⠀

The movement with a baby by car is strictly regulated - while driving, he or she must be in a special cradle or chair. To make the trip the most enjoyable for everyone, you can try to plan the time on the road for the time the baby sleeps. Breastfeed them before arriving, you can even put them to sleep and then put them to a chair. Children who are accustomed to traveling in a car may not need special conditions. ⠀


Travel Tips

Experienced travelers believe that the older the child, the more difficult it is for them to get used to the road. This is how we learn from our mistakes and the experience of others. The baby is always comfortable with the mother.

  • Choice of housing. Be sure to let the hotel know that you will be with a baby. Not all hotels accept children, so find out if there is a crib and high chair.
  • Leave at night or in the morning so that the children could sleep, this will save you from jumping and hanging on your heads.
  • Take waterfowl with you - inflatable pools, rings, rafts. But those who prefer natural swimming and diving can do without them.
  • Do not forget about an umbrella, sunscreen, hats, mosquito repellent.
  • Familiar toys for the pool and games on the rug will help the kids adapt faster in the car.
  • Take a light stroller cane with you for walking in the evening.
  • Choose small hotels or recreation centres with park areas. Avoid crowds.
  • Choose hotels near parks, you can find the sea everywhere!
  • Make a couple of stops to rest, stretch, change the scenery, take the child out of the car.
  • Take different sets of things - both light and warm, the weather can change instantly.
  • Take a bathing suit, this will help prevent sand from getting into delicate places and save children's skin from ultraviolet radiation.
  • Put aside all imposed fears. After all, anything can happen anywhere and anytime! Therefore, do not cultivate anxiety in yourself.

 Путешествие с грудничком. Как быть с младенцем в самолете

What to put in a child's suitcase

  • Food. Everything is simple if the child eats breast milk. As for formula-feeding, it is convenient to have a couple of bottles with an already prepared portion of the formula and a thermos with hot water. If you have already introduced complementary foods, then take puree, porridge, juice with you. It is important not to forget baby’s favorite bottle and spoon.
  • Hygiene. You need the required quantity of diapers for the trip (if you are not far from civilization, you can replenish the supply on the spot). Wet wipes, bags for used diapers and wipes, several disposable underpads. An organizer with a waterproof insert (a very handy thing on the road). A full length bib with pocket, diaper cream.
  • Frost cream or sunscreen (according to the season).
  • Clothes. The main thing here is not to take the whole closet. You need underwear at least for the number of days of travel. Two sets of clothing according to the season. Outerwear should be preferably light and compact. In summer, a panama hat and light-colored long-sleeved clothes.
  • A couple of favorite toys.
  • Transport. A sling, an ergo backpack and a lightweight compact stroller. A backpack for children's things that will always be with you.


Rules for road trips with a baby

Passion for travel is very often laid in deep childhood. Some babies begin to overcome considerable distances literally from the very first days of their lives. Most often, the first vehicle for a small person is a car, because almost every family owns it today.

If you want the first long journey of your baby by car to go well, it is important to follow some rules. They will allow both mother and child to feel more comfortable during the trip.

  • First, the child must be in a child seat. Even if you think that your husband is an excellent driver, and you are sure that the baby will feel better in your arms, do not neglect the rules for the safe transportation of children.
  • Second, before starting a journey by car that will last more than 5-6 hours, it is advisable to make a few test drives over short distances. This will let you know how your child feels while driving in a car.
  • Third, luggage taken for traveling with a baby must include all the necessary items and products. Do not rely on the fact that your favorite formula for feeding will be sold in all pharmacies, and there will always be sources of water along the road.

No one knows, if their baby will grow into a great traveler. The impressions received during the trip are not kept in the memory of babies up to one year, but the benefits of the trip are undeniable.


Traveling with a child is always difficult, but if you think through all the details in advance, the rest will give a lot of unforgettable impressions. Well, small trips can still be made and even necessary.  After all, a change of scenery will be useful for both parents and little ones! Tell us how you travel with a baby! Share your secrets in the comments to the article.

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