What you would like to know about Polish city of Wroclaw

It is one of the oldest Polish cities. There is a large number of old buildings that help residents and tourists of the city to mentally travel back in time. Travellizy Team traveled to the ancient city of Wroclaw and presents its readers with very interesting information from its life.


So, here are the most interesting facts about Wroclaw.

  • The Wroclaw Town Hall is one of the oldest in Poland. The oldest clock bell in Poland is located on its tower.
  • The Wroclaw Market Square is the second largest in Poland. In the first place is the Krakow Market Square.
  • The city has the oldest restaurant in Europe called Piwnica Świdnicka. It was founded 730 years ago and hosted Chopin and Goethe.
  • 100? 200? Or maybe 230? Wroclaw is considered to be a city of bridges, but locals believe that there are more than 300 of them. There is no correct answer, it may be you who will find it out and count the exact number of bridges.
  • Wroclaw is sometimes called the "Venice of the North" because it has an extensive network of canals and rivers. According to this indicator, the city ranks fourth in Europe after Venice, Amsterdam and St. Petersburg.
  • In addition to ordinary residents, Wroclaw is a home for 400 gnomes. This is the real capital of little creatures. Walking along the old streets of the charming castle, you will definitely meet them everywhere, because there are about 700 figurines in Wroclaw. During the quest, these gnomes will help you learn interesting facts about the city and have fun.
  • Wroclaw was once called Breslavl - that is how the Slavs who founded this city called it.
  • At one time, Wroclaw was the capital of the state of Silesia, which lost its independence about a thousand years ago. Now Silesia is a part of Poland (see interesting facts about Poland).

10 фактов о польском Вроцлаве

  • One of the asteroids discovered by an American astronomer in 1909 is named in honor of Wroclaw.
  • Unemployment is 2.5% here, with an average rate in Poland - 6.5%, and in the EU - 9.1%
  • Despite the fact that the exact date of the foundation of the city is unknown, the authorities of Wroclaw celebrated its thousandth birthday in 2000.
  • It is interesting that Wroclaw was one of the few cities that put up vigorous resistance to the advancing Soviet troops in the spring of 1945.
  • The earliest records of a settlement at this place date back to 98, but some historians question their reliability.
  • In 1241, Wroclaw was destroyed by the Mongol hordes during their campaigns of conquest.
  • In 1945, during the siege of the city by the Red Army, two thirds of all buildings were destroyed.
  • The Wroclaw climate is quite unpredictable. E.g., in summer, it can be up to +35-37°C during the day, and at night, the temperature can drop to the freezing point, that is, to 0°C.
  • At one time, the city had a chance to be a part of Germany. In those years, it was called Breslau.
  • You will not see a single trolleybus in Wroclaw.
  • In 2016, Wroclaw was awarded the title of the European Capital of Culture.
  • In 2015-2017, Wroclaw was included in the TOP-100 of the world's best cities for living.
  • Neon side is an open-air gallery of old neons. It has a colorful and shiny patio. It is best to go there at dusk or at night. There are several interesting bars nearby.
  • The famous Wroclaw Bermuda Triangle. This is how the city residents name the place where Traugutta, Kościuszki and Pułaskiego streets intersect. Back in the 90s, it was a curse place where cars, wallets and other things disappeared. It’s a creepy place, isn't it?
  • 5 million tourists per year visit this city (+280% over 10 years).


Friends, was it interesting for you? If you know any other interesting facts about Wroclaw, do not hesitate to share them with us!

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