Interesting facts about Poland

This country can surprise everyone. Poland is one of the most popular tourist destinations for Europeans. Interesting ancient architecture, delicious cuisine, well-developed tourist infrastructure and fairly affordable prices are the main advantages of this picturesque country.

Travellizy Team has compiled a small list of the features of Poland and Polish culture.


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  • In Poland there is a tradition to celebrate a wedding for several days in a row. The second day of the solemn event is called "poprawiny", or "dinner with champagne". Although the Poles themselves tell jokes, that nobody actually drinks sparkling wine that day.
  • "Prosto" in Polish means "direct". In this language, there are generally enough words that are consonant with Ukrainian or Russian, but they have a completely different meaning.
  • The most popular sport in Poland is football.
  • Warsaw, the capital of Poland, was almost completely destroyed during the Second World War, after which it was practically rebuilt from scratch.
  • There are more theaters in Poland than cinemas.
  • Almost all Poles speak not only Polish but also English.
  • The most popular dessert in Polish cuisine is gingerbread.
  • There is a street in Warsaw named after Winnie-the-Pooh.
  • About a third of all Polish territory is covered by forests (see interesting facts about forests).
  • Poland is a nuclear-free country, there is not a single nuclear power plant here.
  • About a quarter of all white storks in the world live in Poland.
  • About 35% of Poles live outside their homeland. The second city in the world by the number of Poles living in it is Chicago, USA.
  • Polish cuisine in general is very similar to Ukrainian.
  • The ecology in Poland is at a good level. There are a lot of squirrels in city parks, and you may spot flocks of seagulls flying round in tight circles above the rivers.
  • According to Polish law, no one is obliged to work on Christmas, so everything is usually closed here during the Christmas holidays.
  • Poland opposes Internet censorship laws.
  • There are no stray animals in Poland, just like in New Zealand or Italy.
  • Public transport in Poland is well developed. There are even night bus routes in all cities.
  • Poles are the first to marry in Europe.
  • The traditional song for birthdays, weddings and any other events where you need to express good wishes is “Sto lat!”. When singing it, you wish a person to live one hundred years, respectively.
  • Soups are the starting point for any celebration in Poland. The must-have first course for Christmas is mushroom soup or red borscht. Red borscht is often not eaten, but drunk, so do not be surprised, if you receive a glass of liquid on Christmas Eve that looks like mulled wine.
  • Abortion is prohibited in Poland.
  • Polish astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus was the first to prove that the Earth is not the center of the universe.
  • Polish astronomer Johannes Hevelius was the first to publish a detailed map of the moon.
  • The name "Poland" comes from the Polans, the name of the settlement that inhabited the territory of modern Poland. This word refers to people living in open spaces.
  • The Polish Constitution was adopted first in Europe and second in the world.
  • When films in a foreign language are completely dubbed abroad, in Poland, all dialogues are read by only one actor. Even those played by children or women in the original.
  • The famous Max Factor & Company was founded by a Pole called Maksymilian Faktorowicz.
  • Poland is the world's largest exporter of amber.
  • Poles are proud of the largest number of heroes who saved Jews (about 450,000) during the Holocaust.
  • Poland is one of the few countries in the world where the custom of greeting, when men kiss a woman's hand, has been still preserved.
  • In Poland, it is popular to drink beer with juice and through a straw, and in autumn and winter, they drink it heated with cloves and cinnamon.
  • According to statistics, the average Pole drinks 92-94 liters of beer annually. This is about half a liter bottle every day.
  • Poles call yellow traffic lights orange.
    Did these customs intrigue you? If your answer is positive, feel free to travel to Poland, and Travellizy Team will help you select the most favorable tickets from any city of the world.


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