“I'm afraid of flying”: 7 ideas on how to get distracted during a flight

Most fears come from our wild imagination, and fear of flying is no exception. It is known that airplanes are the safest mode of transport, but despite this, thousands of people constantly have pictures of various incidents in their heads. Someone has seen too many films with plane crashes, someone has read about the plane crash in the news, but the result is the same - the fear is so strong that they refuse to fly.

What is aerophobia and what to do on board an airplane to reduce the level of experience? We are answering this question in a new article from Travellizy.


 How to cope with excitement and what to do during the flight?

Almost everyone is worried and uncomfortable during the flight, but if you are able to control emotions, then this is not aerophobia. Usually it’s just a feeling of anxiety that arises from the inability to keep everything under control, because in fact, the fear of flying is not connected with a real danger. Travellizy has 7 ideas on how to distract your attention and spend your flight calmly.


Idea # 1 - Meditation

Many psychologists recommend mastering several breathing exercises and techniques before flying - it really calms you down! Download a playlist with the right music or special mobile applications to your phone in advance, close your eyes and meditate.


Important: do not forget to take headphones, and if you want to relax as much as possible, then take a travel pillow and an eye mask with you.


 Idea # 2 - Sleep

A special music will also help to fall asleep. So neither the sound of turbines, nor children's crying will disturb you during the flight.



Idea # 3 - Find something to do

If you can’t sleep, then get busy. After takeoff, you can use the equipment, and some airlines even have WI-FI on board. Use your time constructively - work, read more about the places you want to visit, plan a route or just chat with friends on the network.



Idea # 4 - Watch a movie

Many airlines have multimedia monitors on the seat backs, or you can pre-upload your favorite movies and TV shows for viewing during the flight.



Idea # 5 - Read a book

A paper or an electronic book, which is difficult to break away from, will also help you to get distracted from thoughts about the flight, and with an interesting plot, you can actually get lost in time.



Idea # 6 - Find someone to talk to

Your neighbor can also be scared, and if you see that he does not know what to do, start a conversation on some general topics. Who knows, maybe you will become important support for each other, find a new client or friend, or maybe even meet your soulmate?



Idea # 7 - Refuse stimulating drinks

A cup of coffee and a glass of wine at the airport or on the plane sounds tempting, but such drinks affect the nervous system and, if you are afraid of flying, it is better to refuse them so as not to increase the excitement. Many people say, that alcohol helps them relax, but this is not the best option. There is even a funny joke on this subject: “Alcohol helps well from fear of flying. Once, I drank everything that was saved up for vacation, and we did not fly anywhere.”


Fear is temporary, and regrets are forever. Think about how many opportunities you can miss by giving up flights, and how much brighter your life will be, if you cope with this fear and begin to realize your travel dreams. The main thing is to occupy yourself with what is interesting for you and what will help you distract from bad thoughts. Enjoy your flights with Travellizy!