Hot New Year

There are many ways to celebrate the New Year. Someone prefers to make snowmen, play snowballs and enjoy the frost. And someone wants a completely different thing - to run away from the cold weather and celebrate  the new year in the warmth of the tropics. If you belong to the second category and think that the best leisure on January 1 is swimming in the warm sea and taking pictures against the backdrop of palm trees, then our today's article is just right for you.


  • Cows and Communists - India

In winter, in the southern states of India, it is dry and relatively not hot - up to +30°C during the day. There are many sunny days, the water is warm - these are perfect conditions for celebrating the New Year in a sun lounger with a cocktail. Many tourists choose Goa for their winter holidays, as it is the most famous state in the country. North Goa is the choice of young people, fans of noisy parties and vivid impressions, and for peace and comfort, it is worth going to the more expensive, but also more respectable northern part of the state.


Not everyone knows that in the vicinity of Goa, there is another state comfortable for tourists - Kerala. The Communist Party rules here, so the order is stricter than that of its neighbors, but it's also cleaner than in Goa, quieter and even cheaper in recent years. Those who are more interested in yoga and Ayurveda than dancing with drums on the beach until the morning fly to Kerala.

Отдых зимой в Индии

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  • Islands for every taste - Thailand

South of Thailand is famous for lush nature, exotic cuisine and many places to spend the winter warm. Fans of parties go to  the town of Ao Nang or neighboring villages in the Krabi province. The peculiarity of this province is the warm shallow sea with rocks sticking vertically out of it. It was here that one of the parts of the Bond movies was filmed, and almost every photo from Krabi can be placed on a postcard.


The second popular place to celebrate the New Year in Thailand is the island of Phuket. There are a lot of Russian and European tourists here, so the holiday, which is not very traditional for Asia, is celebrated on a grand scale. Are you looking not for a big celebration, but for a secluded getaway on December 31? Then you might like the islands of Koh Samui and Koh Phangan in the southeast of the country. Or you can even play Robinson and get to one of the tiny islets on the border with Cambodia, for example, to Tao. True,  you will have to organize the celebration here on your own.

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  • Pyramids and Temples - Egypt

Egypt is a budget option for celebrating the New Year away from the cold. But Egypt is not exactly hot 365 days a year, as they say. In winter, a cold wind can blow here, so take long-sleeved clothes with you, they will definitely come in handy at night. But Egyptian cold is actually +20°C, which is much warmer than in temperate climates anyway.


You can find less wind and more fun in Sharm El Sheikh. You don't even need a visa here, upon arrival you simply get a Sinai stamp in your passport. True, you will not be able to travel with it outside the Sinai Peninsula. Popular resorts in mainland Egypt are Hurghada and Marsa el Alam. From here, it is more convenient to go on excursions to Cairo, Luxor or Aswan.

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  • Skyscrapers and Sheikhs - UAE

The climate in winter in the Emirates has the same nuance as in Egypt - it is mostly warm, but a cold wind can also blow. Therefore, swimming and sunbathing is not always comfortable. But you will not see anywhere else in the world the scale with which the country of oil tycoons celebrates the New Year. Richly decorated Christmas trees are set up in shopping centers, a festive atmosphere reigns everywhere, and a large-scale Shopping Festival is organized in Dubai especially for shopping fans.


In addition to Dubai, the resorts of Sharjah, Fujairah and Ras al-Khaimah are popular in the UAE. They are cheaper, but not as luxurious as in the tourist emirate itself.

Новый год в Дубае

  • Houses on the water - Maldives

There is a stereotype that vacationing in the Maldives is insanely expensive. In fact, the Republic of Maldives includes two hundred inhabited islands, resting on which can vary greatly in cost. There are indeed places where one night will cost you a thousand US dollars or more. But there are also quite budget options. Anyway, bright turquoise water, clean sand and tropical nature are available on each of the islands.


On New Year's Eve, accommodation in the Maldives skyrockets in price, so it is worth booking a hotel in advance, a few months before the trip.

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  • On the other side of the Atlantic - Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic was once a haven for the fearsome pirates of the Caribbean and is now a super-popular country for  celebration of the New Year and, in general, for vacation in the tropics. In winter, both the air and the water are very warm here, cheap tropical fruits are sold on every corner, the locals are friendly and good-natured. Add to that a variety of budget accommodation options - and you've got the perfect country to celebrate the beginning of the new year.

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  • Kilometers of Beaches - Tanzania

Tanzania itself is a very interesting and popular country among tourists. But if the perfect New Year's backdrop for you is a sun-drenched beach all the way to the horizon, then you need one particular place in the country. We are talking about the island of Zanzibar.


In winter, Zanzibar is warm, but there is no sweltering heat, the ocean cools pleasantly, the sand burns your feet, in general, this is nothing but paradise. As a matter of fact, the residents of Tanzania themselves do not celebrate the European New Year, but themed parties are organized especially for guests in hotels for the whole night of December 31.

Новый год на Занзибаре, Рождество на Занзибаре

  • Blessed Land - Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, or the former island of Ceylon, is a lot like India. Experienced travelers even jokingly call it "minimum of India". It is not so crowded, there are almost no large cities, but there are beaches, plenty of them. The most popular ones are in the south of the island, the more secluded ones are in the northeast.

Miracle Island: the best places on the coast of Sri LankaNew Year's Eve in Sri Lanka can be celebrated in a very original way - conquering the ocean waves on a surfboard, swimming underwater with whales or drinking tea on famous tea plantations. It is also very convenient to fly from here to the Maldives for a couple of days, as flights from Colombo are very cheap.

Новый годи Рождество на Шри-Ланке, зима на Шри-Ланке

  • Island of the Gods - Bali

Of all the places listed in this article, it is the longest and most expensive to get to the island of Bali in Indonesia. But it's definitely worth it. Celebrating the New Year surrounded by an overwhelming amount of exoticism is an experience of a lifetime.


Bali is associated with many temples with huge carved gates and active volcanoes, black beaches and green rice terraces, surfing and diving spots, hotels for every taste and budget ... you can endlessly list the advantages of this fabulous island. But, as they say, it is better to see once than to read about it a hundred times on the Internet.

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New Year is a special holiday, so you might also want to celebrate it in a special way. And what could be better than spending January 1 in an exotic country, listening to the sound of the waves and basking in the shade of palm trees?

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